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Top 5 Homeschool Equipment Buys

I have to confess I am a lover of school supplies and furniture! Odd I know but I wanted to share with you the top equipment that we purchased once we had commandeered one of our rooms as a homeschool room. 495 more words


School equipment

These objects from our collections are old school equipment; slate pencils, a slate and school desk.  A writing slate is a thin piece of flat material used as a medium for writing.  175 more words

Composter for autumn leaves (how do I compost great piles of dead leaves?)

Dead leaves are mainly rich in ‘carbon’. So, to get a pile of leaves to heat up and make compost, you need to add some ‘greens’ which contain available ‘nitrogen’. 87 more words


Children Amazing Time With Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment in School is one of the best ways to make happy to every kid. In school environment, The Playground equipment can bring and develop imagination into the kids. 563 more words

Children Play Slide

A little recent history

My name is Gemma. I’m a graduate from the University of Edinburgh, where I am currently working. In September 2012, I set off on an adventure around the world. 684 more words


Books are Bad for Your Back

Student’s bags stuffed full of books seem to  be a concern globally. Of course, it seems only to be books that are bad as often the heaviest and bulkiest bags are ones crammed full of sporting equipment. 181 more words