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Jaded and Slightly Bitter

This blog is for anyone who entered the field of education believing that they would make a difference. I’ll call you “The Dreamers”. Dreamers majored in liberal arts, English and education.   207 more words

School Improvement

Poetry, toxic cultures, being true, and YOU

The following is sort of an open letter to schools in transition and teachers so tired of constant improvement talk…so tired of it that they nod “yes” in meetings with no intention of contributing. 1,429 more words

Complete Idiots Guide to the Book of Education -Part 1

Education is full of words and phrases that beam an afterglow of pompous certainty. They create and promote their own myths and so many of us accept them as though they are gospel – the truth of some deranged and lonely god with nothing better to do than make up some old tosh. 473 more words


The ultimate oxymoron

There is no such thing as rapid improvement. The two words simply don’t belong together. Rapid alterations, yes. I can live with that. Rapid change, possibly. 825 more words


Choose your school . . .as long as you can get yourself there

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about expanding school choice, from Betsy Devos through her ongoing confirmation process to our state’s legislature and governor.   929 more words

Metro Atlanta Schools

Stalham Academy, What Went Right? Lesson#2: Dive in head first.

This is the second instalment of the Stalham Academy series, which investigates how a reeling Norfolk primary in special measures could reach UK top-500 in two years – for a £900 CPD investment. 952 more words

Cooperative Learning

School improvement 

While working on our School improvement strategy I had a few challenges to face. Our school decided to go back to our traditions and we started in the hostel by reapplying stricter rules and guidelines, while establishing trusted routines. 172 more words

School Improvement