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How do you promote Whole School Wellbeing? Part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about leading a table session in a School Improvement Meeting on Staff Wellbeing (Part 1) and I promised to report back. 703 more words

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Annual Paper Toss: Version 2018!

The R-PHS annual senior paper toss was another exciting and memorable event for our seniors.  What a great class!


Protecting the Essential Elements of Teaching

A previous article focused on research, which demonstrates that fewer student hours may result in higher educational value. Traditionally, the amount of contact hours teachers have with their students was viewed as the most critical and essential part of evaluating their work; but those school systems making the greatest contributions in the world have discovered something altogether different. 391 more words

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What About Resilience, Kindness and Courage?

I found the following list of personal traits a while ago while internet surfing at currclick.com.  The traits speak to the ‘human’ part of our existence: 627 more words

How do you promote whole school wellbeing?

This week I will be leading a “topic table” on wellbeing at our annual Staff Meeting focused on School Improvement. We run it a bit like speed dating in that each topic leader sits at a table and groups of staff discuss the “topic of the table” then move on when the Head rings a bell. 655 more words

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Schools that foster and harness staff commitment perform better

Alex Bryson, Lucy Stokes and David Wilkinson. 

There are two things that people think they know about teachers.  One is that they are dedicated to their profession, motivated by a sense of “mission” rather than money.  1,329 more words

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