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Stronger by working together: Lessons on what makes for effective collaboration between schools in Wales

By Robert Smith

Allowing practitioners to design and lead change in the school system is increasingly the way that successful systems across the world are approaching educational reform. 693 more words


Do You Want to Fight Bullying? Focus on Kindness

Our bullying assemblies are simply lecturing us to not be the bully, when we should be informed about WHAT WE SHOULD DO when we get bullied. 639 more words


The hidden costs of ‘superheads’

Back in 1996, when Tony Blair was leading the Labour party, he made a speech pledging to position successful headteachers in local failing schools, painting a picture of  ‘superheads’ akin to superheroes, swooping in to rescue failing schools. 760 more words


The Growth Mindset Teacher

Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by geography teacher Hannah Townsend.  Last year, Hannah carried out a small scale ‘Practitioner Research Project’  to explore what it means as a teacher to have a growth mindset?  1,099 more words

General Teaching

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Growth Mindset School is made up of a whole school with teachers aiming to lift the standards for all regardless of where their students are starting with their learning base.

On Disneyland and the SAT

My mom and I just took my two boys, ages 6 and 8, to Disneyland. It was their first trip, and we went excited to experience it through them. 1,058 more words

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Another Disneyland learning experience!

Enabling Spontaneous Learning Environments: 5 keys to breaking free of (or within) the 4 walls

Are you comfortable with spontaneity, creating a context for learning that is fluid and able to respond to ideas?

One of the underpinning factors in the design for… 574 more words


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Great article on learning and flexibility of space required to be successful

Visioning Workshop for 69 School Stakeholders in Dolakha

ECCA conducted 3 days long ‘Visioning Workshop for School Stakeholders’ in two VDCs of Dolakha with an objective to bring school stakeholders together for sustainable development of schools. 195 more words

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