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The Black Box

In 2001, Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam published their seminal article titled Inside the Black Box: raising standards through classroom assessment.  It focuses on formative assessment which according to the authors is at the heart of effective teaching. 404 more words

Contemporary Schooling

Dealing with Diversity and Gender sensitiity

  1. Deal with diversity

My classroom has a positive and inviting atmosphere, I try to keep it tension free by using humour and allowing interplay between the learners. 103 more words

School Improvement

Issues of race relations

I have a multicultural school as we are made up mostly of Tswana and Sesotho speaking learners, but we also have a few Koreans, Indians, Coloureds and white learners, a true rainbow nation. 52 more words

School Improvement

Good to the last...word

Here at ShiftED we’re unofficially competing to set the record for how many times an organization can use the word transform on its social media channels in a week/month/year. 126 more words

21st Century Learning

How can we best support coasting schools?

By Matt Walker

The waiting is finally over, and the government has now set out their definition of what constitutes a ‘coasting school’.  In my… 1,010 more words


Rethinking the beginning

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) CEO Geoff Masters, recently identified some of the challenges we face in closing the achievement gaps in schools. He writes: 319 more words

Contemporary Schooling

Free school effects: an impartial review

Francis Green

Do free schools raise the performance of nearby schools, as Policy Exchange have claimed, or is this a statistical mirage?

There is a plausible argument that the opening of a free school in an area might spur other schools to improve in the long run: it is a basic tenet of market competition that producers – in this case schools – will respond to such pressure. 940 more words

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