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Our Greatest Gift as Teachers

Students of the 21st century are constantly defined as being techno savvy and engaged in the digital world. Perhaps as Vicktor Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist explains in a 1972 presentation, our greatest gift as a teacher is to not only recognise the student’s search for meaning but help them become who they want to be. 105 more words


The Evolving Classroom

Through Our Students’ Eyes

If we as teachers begin to view the world from behind our learners’ eyes we will be able to build future learning environments. 216 more words


Innovation and Creativity

In recent times the push towards innovation and creativity as a vehicle to both lift educational standards as well as meet the future skills required of the knowledge economy workforce, is an admirable stance. 193 more words


State Supt. Evers Schedules ESSA Listening Sessions, Appoints Equity Council

State Superintendent Tony Evers has scheduled listening sessions to gather input on implementation of the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and is inviting stakeholders from across the public and private education spectrum to participate. 503 more words

State Issue

Affordable leadership for a small secondary school by Melanie Saunders

Does size matter?

Having spent some time looking at how a small secondary school can afford to deliver a curriculum which is both compliant and engaging in the current trying financial conditions, the thing that becomes most apparent isn’t the cost of staffing the curriculum. 1,175 more words


Summative Season and the Self-Directed Learner

It is summative season once again. IB Exams are in progress. Summative teacher evaluations are due. Report cards are on the horizon, and schools are scrambling to get the last bits of data that will inform the next academic year’s instructional goals, both for children and adults. 567 more words

Approaches To Teaching And Learning

How Effective is Your Tutoring Program?

Decades of research focusing on the effectiveness of education, in both public and private schools, has proven that our top performing schools consistently demonstrate common practices that lead to academic success. 838 more words

Every Student Succeeds