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Free school effects: an impartial review

Francis Green

Do free schools raise the performance of nearby schools, as Policy Exchange have claimed, or is this a statistical mirage?

There is a plausible argument that the opening of a free school in an area might spur other schools to improve in the long run: it is a basic tenet of market competition that producers – in this case schools – will respond to such pressure. 940 more words

Education Policy

Eyebrows Prove It or Lose It #ResearchEd

Importing ex-army personnel into schools is in vogue with politicians, at the moment, with talk of improved discipline and building character.  I actually wonder whether it’s more of a navy import we require. 670 more words

Redesigning Schools

Coasting Schools Or the Hard Improvement Miles

If I ever come across a school where the governors and head teacher can’t be bothered, the senior leaders are bone idle, lazy and ineffective and the teachers couldn’t give a monkey then close it, academise it, sack the lot.  1,349 more words


Watching the clouds go by.

Over the past six months I have been conducting unscientific polls of how many primary schools currently set homework. Of around 300 school leaders that I have asked, around 70% do so. 692 more words


Change for the Better

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love sharing school success stories! Being a catalyst of change is an overwhelming task, and taking on a failing school system is no exception. 65 more words

Dropout Rates

School Improvement

School Principals reflect on benefits of using ACER’s National School Improvement Tool.

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End of Year Reflection

It is hard to believe that I have completed my first academic year at Dar Al Marefa. It feels like yesterday that I arrived in the Dubai to take on a new leadership position in a new country. 510 more words

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