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Are observations out of date?

The one thing you can always be sure of in teaching is change.  The utterance, ‘but that’s the way we’ve always done it,’ seems futile at the best of times. 1,843 more words

Breaking the Cycle

It took me a while to recognize this dangerous cycle that existed in my school but it became so clear one day when I walked through all 8 of our language arts classrooms– every single teacher was playing a book on tape or reading aloud to students.   931 more words

Katie Martin

New publication: A Quick Guide to School Funding

28 July 2016

National Assembly for Wales Research Service

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This Research briefing explains how funding is allocated to schools. 299 more words

Education And Skills

Emotional Honesty in the Soap Opera of School Leadership: Part 1

The further you are away from something the harder it is to understand what you are observing. That dark spec on the horizon could be many things and as it gets closer you may still find yourself squinting with a perplexed frown. 1,039 more words


Executive Headteachers: What’s in a Name?

By Karen Wespieser

The naming of reports can be a tricky affair. Try to be too witty and the meaning becomes obtuse. Try to be too literal and it sounds boring. 671 more words

Education Policy

Engineering the Future School

The responsibility for improving learning opportunities lies in the hands of all educators, teachers and school leaders together. With input from the plethora of opportunities from social networking the information shared delves deep into the world of online learning as a key vehicle for engaging students in their learning. 235 more words


10 Steps for Building Whole School Learning Culture

Last night I watched #4Corners program detailing the jobs of the future and one of the questions the host asked at the beginning was: 1,190 more words

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