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6 'P' words for every meeting

As averse as I usually am to ‘top x lists’ (‘top 10’, etc.) because they tend to be simplistic, and lead to superficial understanding or practice, I think this one has merit – not just because it’s mine. 695 more words


Academic freedom: from higher professionalism to recklessness

On the Kazakhstan Educational Research Association (KERA) conference speakers of the panel discussion consider the thought-provoking theme “academic freedom”. One of the speakers expressed own opinion that “it is not possible to control the way how professors can use this unique right; they may promote the terrorism or the suicide”. 583 more words

Mentor Corner: James Medina in Miami-Dade School District, Florida

This month’s Mentor’s Corner bring us to James Medina in Miami-Dade School District. Mr. Medina is an EBD program clinician or school counselor, and began working with Check & Connect last school year as part of the Florida’s statewide C&C implementation (link) where existing staff serve as mentors. 1,500 more words


Two years spent putting my own advice into action.

It has been a long time since I have had the time to write about shaping places where we work, live and learn. Why the long silence? 462 more words

Design Of School Environments

You've got a friend in me, or building trust with your students.

Do you trust your friends? If you answered “no” to this question, you might want to rethink your choices in people you befriend, because most of the time, trust is a vital factor in any productive communication between two human beings. 399 more words

Multilingual Education

Why Can't Teachers be Leaders?

“We have administrators, teachers, and teachers who think they are administrators.”

I heard a colleague say this and it made me think about how, in our education system, we have many people who believe that there is a clear difference between what teachers and administrators are able to do on a school campus. 472 more words

21st Century Classroom

Build it and They Will Come

The connection between school attendance and student success seems very simple – if students are at school, they will have better learning outcomes. Conversely, if students are chronically absent from our buildings, their success will be limited. 608 more words

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