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A Test of Leadership

What is leadership? There isn’t a universal answer to this question; however, leadership is not something that is easily defined or emulated. I believe leadership reveals itself in unique ways in individual people; no two leaders are exactly alike. 22 more words

All is well that ends well

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Now we are nearly finishing one more challenging course of our Master program. The word “challenging” has more positive meaning in relation to English for Thesis writing. 322 more words

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Are you writing your thesis?

Let’s play a word-association game. Choosing a topic, problem statement, “How to write a thesis tips”, despair, changing the topic, panic, central phenomena, litreview, panic, procrastination, APA, interview, academic writing, inspiration, findings… Yes, all of these things and even more are about a journey that every graduate student has to go through. 594 more words

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Whatever happens, happens for the better...

That is my last post in this year there was a great opportunity to improve different skills through blog post writing. This semester have remembered with tremendous number of assignments and thesis writing process as well. 577 more words

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Skillful leadership

Early in my professional development career I spent a great deal of time talking with teachers about teaching. I enjoyed those conversations except when…

• Teachers were angry, cynical, or otherwise emotionally unsuited to have such conversations. 133 more words

Dennis Sparks

Report: Georgia State students paid nearly $90 million in fees over past 5 years to prop up sports

If you wonder about high student fees at Georgia public colleges, look to sports programs and empty seats

A new in-depth investigation by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Huffington Post reveals many public college students are subsidizing sports at their schools. 428 more words


This much I know about...the impact of poverty-inducing cuts upon our children's education

I have been a teacher for 27 years, a Headteacher for 12 years and, at the age of 51, this much I know about the impact of poverty-inducing cuts upon our children’s education. 647 more words

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