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13 ways your classroom sabotages learning

You work hard on your classroom environment. You spend hours making displays, arranging desks, making and distributing resources and tidying – failure to do so leaves you at the mercy of senior leaders, policymakers and parents who insist it’s vital for learning. 2,428 more words

Classroom Management

Be Brave Part 2: Lead with Kindness

They say you need to truly know a man you need to walk a mile in his shoes. To truly know a woman you have to do a whole lot more than that and she certainly won’t let you walk in her shoes; do you know how quickly stiletto heels wear out? 705 more words


The Role of Diversity in Recruitment & Retention

Surface level and deep level diversity both play integral roles in successful recruitment and retention processes.  Cultural mastery provides a road map for application.

I have been pondering this idea of surface level diversity vs. 584 more words

Educational Leadership



‘The force or energy with which a body moves’

‘Something that makes a process or activity happen, or happen more quickly’

In leadership, when we know that change is needed, sometimes we have to create an impetus for change. 437 more words

No Graded Lesson Obs, No EM Grades; New Hope? #rEDYork

The presentation for ResearchEd in York was about key priorities; what’s your 9 or 10/10 and Why? Sitting behind this idea about key priorities was the need to fundamentally re-culture our schools and how our priorities, what we spend our time on, had changed. 841 more words


Tip #16: Are your high expectations vague and valueless?

‘High expectations’ is a buzz phrase used so often it’s rendered valueless. Bring context to the vagueness and make it mean something in your school. 908 more words

Learning Environment

Taking time to take stock

It is the last day of term. The last day of first semester in Australia. And for me the last day of the first semester of full-time work in seven years, since the birth of my first child. 523 more words