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School Leaders Revival Chat with Steve Backlund

Establishing a kingdom culture amongst believers is one of the main goals of a supernatural school of ministry. As school leaders, we must realize that in order to shift culture within the community we serve, we must first establish trust. 516 more words

School Leadership

Optimization of school subjects

Recently the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his speech supported the transition to five-day week in schools and suggested to combine some subjects. Earlier it was told that due to 5-day week transition school year will be extended by ten days. 278 more words

School Leadership

It's All Good: A Career In Education

It’s finally here! It is with great pleasure and relief that I can finally announce the publication of my first book. The purpose of the book and the reason for all of this effort is to help others be successful.   267 more words

This much I know about how our colleagues are first and foremost people

I have been a teacher for 27 years, a Headteacher for 12 years and, at the age of 51, this much I know about how our colleagues are first and foremost… 383 more words

School Leadership

In the age of blended classrooms and digital learning, the popularity of student portfolios has exponentially increased. Digital student portfolios can continue to be used for their original purpose of highlighting work that the teacher or student is particularly proud. 469 more words

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A long way of research mastery is so close...

When we started our Educational Leadership Program in August 2014 it seemed so long to complete our program in  June 2016… Time flies so fast that now I  realise even these two years were not easy, sometimes overwhelming, but  it was the most memorable experience in my professional and self-development. 222 more words

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No gain without pain

There is an old adage “Practice makes perfect”. It has acquired a special importance for me during the last two years of my study at Graduate School of Education here at NU. 526 more words

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