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History of EXPO to be introduced in schools

“Kazakhstani school students will have an opportunity to know more about the history of the World’s Fair” commented the Kazakh TV in one of their latest news (KazTV, 2014). 416 more words

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Forms of teacher culture.

Schools are unique places, where different cultures exist. While students have their own cultures within the class or school community, there are also several forms of culture among teachers. 344 more words

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Teenage Pregnancy and Access to Education

Argentina is a country with one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. One of the reasons for that is the federal abortion ban. According to official statistics, every five minutes a woman under 18 years old give a birth and most of them come from impoverished families (Reina & Castelo-Branco, 2014). 323 more words

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‘Should a chimpanzee have human rights..?’ or WHY do many top universities use tricky questions to recruit students? And why it matters…

  • “Tell me about a cactus…”
  • “Can machines make decisions?”
  • “How would you break the news to a farmer that his cow has died?”
  • “Who’s the most influential: Obama, Merkel or Adele?”
  • 794 more words
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Tutoring: A Real Profession?

I used to be a student who had a tutor; and later I became a tutor myself. My underachievement in mathematics irritated me from full joy of schooling. 439 more words

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The freedom to make decisions about teaching assistants is nothing new, but now school leaders have the means to unlock their potential

Rob Webster

Over the last five years, schools in England have been granted an unprecedented level of freedom. An increasing number of state schools now decide for themselves which children are admitted, the curriculum they follow, who to appoint to teach it, and how much they will be paid. 639 more words

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Aspiring Charter School Leaders: Are you Ready for Prime Time?

I recently had the opportunity to present at a training for people who were considering starting a Texas charter school. Of the nine people who were in attendance, seven said they intended on being the Superintendent of their school, one was representing a charter management organization, and one stated they would likely be involved only in leadership of instruction. 1,462 more words

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