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Tuesday Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is a quick one, some no sandwich inspiration for you in the planetbox!

For my sons main today he has roast chicken in the Big Dipper and peas in the square compartment. 95 more words


Monday Planetbox Lunch

There’s only 3 weeks of school left now, the countdown to Christmas Holidays is on! The weather has turned already and the days are getting hotter so I’ve packed a nice cold lunch for a hot day in the Planetbox. 73 more words


Friday Fun Planetbox

It’s the end of the week, yay! It’s been a rough one here so I’m glad there’s no school tomorrow.

Friday’s Lunch is packed in the Planetbox, today is usually the hardest day for my son at school. 114 more words


Leftover Curry

Today’s lunch was an easy one as I thought ahead and cooked plenty the night before. This supper is one of our favorites and the kids were excited to have it for lunch. 126 more words


Space Planetbox Lunch

Themed lunches entice my son much more and yesterday was a success so I’ll get back into it! We received our order from Biome yesterday which had the planetbox pods and two more magnet sets: Dinosaur and Rockets. 162 more words


Burger King rules in New Brunswick schools

A few weeks ago it hit the news that Burger King has the contract to provide hot lunches for the Anglophone East School District in New Brunswick. 413 more words

Batman Planetbox Lunch

Today’s lunch is packed in the Planetbox. I went with a Batman theme to try and encourage my son to eat as the plainer lunches weren’t working as well as I’d hoped. 159 more words