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Justified to demand for condemnation?

It happened in history class. Heraa Hashmi, a 19-year-old American Muslim student at the University of Colorado, was supposed to be discussing the Crusades with the man sitting next to her. 310 more words


Who is the enemy?

Viewed objectively, enemies can only be of two kinds:

Either they are intrinsically hostile, in which case to resent their behavior is as absurd as to resent fire for being hot; or they are fundamentally well disposed but have momentarily succumbed to a crisis of defilement. 92 more words


Double-headed snake

When a consultant proposes a remedy and predicts – ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ – the consultant would win both ways.

If it gets worse, his prediction is right. 8 more words


Illusion of control

Every day, shortly before nine o’clock, a man with a red hat stands in a square and begins to wave his cap around wildly. After five minutes he disappears. 47 more words


There's no 300 taels of silver in this piece of land 此地无银三百两

There once was a man called Zhang San. He was happy that he managed to earn 300 taels of silver after much hardwork but he kept worrying someone would steal them. 156 more words



We are jut starting this collection of links and names that we believe are well worth exploring. They will include organizations, thinkers, scientists, writers, poets and religious figures. 1,098 more words


10 Virtues For the Modern Age

Well worth 4 minutes of anyone's time. Striving for these ten virtues enables us to be a better person - and that's likely to be in our best interest as well as everyone else's.