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Hypomanic Rollercoaster Ride

2016 has been one of the worst years I have seen in a while… Two people I knew committed suicide, I had a car accident (which resulted in my car been written off and a near death experience for me), we had a shooting in one of the local suburbs in my city, a lady in my city committed suicide on a train track… I had several falling outs with some colleagues, I found out 90% of my blood relatives have been stabbing me in the back (despite the fact I haven’t even met any of them ever in my life) and one of my coworkers I’m close (and occasionally had problems with) was recently diagnosed with cancer. 921 more words


Beautiful simplicity

Our challenge is to integrate the wisdom of emptiness, the fullness of love and the stillness of peace into a beautiful simplicity that flows through every moment of our lives.


Desiring and renouncing

It is possible to understand renunciation in a way that resonates more deeply within us. We can begin to see that addiction is the burden, and that not buying into it is the freedom. 123 more words


261. puissant

Just came from an encouraging session with my therapist.

I’m often left a bit dubious or even suspicious whenever things go positively. Maybe I’m carrying around the notion that therapy must be fraught with powerful emotion, or the measure of work in therapy including profound revelations, breakthroughs into the nature of what brought one to therapy in the first place. 965 more words



To realize that boredom does not come from the object of our attention but rather from the quality of our attention is truly a transforming insight.

– Joseph Goldstein



Honesty needs no defending, because it is true within the limits of your knowledge. You just speak it, and with no guilt.


Como los viajes cambió mi vida

Ytzi, originaria de México, ha viajado por todo el mundo, incluyendo norte america. Ahora vive en Portugal con su marido, a quien conoció en el extranjero! 140 more words