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The School Of Life: Why Small Pleasures Are a Big Deal

Beauty In Overlooked Things

We’re surrounded by some powerful ideas about the sort of things that will make us happy. We think that really to deliver satisfaction, the pleasures we should aim for need to be: 681 more words

Health & Wellbeing


I am eating a croissant in Sospel.

I’m writing a short story.

I just finished my first gelato in Rome.

I am writing the third chapter of my novel. 155 more words

Embracing My Life

Uni Life As Told By Franchesca

The First Year Experience… While many of us have been there and done that, there are thousands of new high school graduates who await their HSC results and have yet to embark upon that awesome adventure known as ‘uni life’. 949 more words


THE SCHOOL OF LIFE :: JACQUES DERRIDA (an 'idiots guide' to poststructuralist thought)

An enjoyable and surprisingly succinct summation of Jacques Derrida’s key concepts, albeit highly reductive.  The School of Life Series is a wonderful “idiots guide”to the history of ideas.   25 more words


Sounds of Science: Meet Caitlin Fisher

As the HSC comes to a close and young students anxiously wait for their results to take on a new challenge, SO has the pleasure of introducing you to Caitlin Fisher – a USYD Science (Honours) graduate who has recently completed her PhD in optical physics. 1,100 more words


Night goblins

A pair of fellow travellers lost their way and became separated deep in the mountains. One of them wandered aimlessly until overtaken by darkness. He approached a small lonely cottage and asked the householder for lodging. 101 more words


Buddhism's most important concern

Dogen Zenji said, “The clarification of life and death – this is Buddhism’s most important concern.”

‘Clarification’ differs from belief. It refers to seeing things clearly for what they are. 42 more words