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The role of loneliness

I was introduced to this video by The School of Life.

Its about why we are “fated to be lonely.” Basically, the more aware of ourselves we are, the lonelier we become. 843 more words


Why the Underdog Wins

At the top of a water park slide, you bristle with fear, despite clear knowledge that the slide having been operational for years without an accident. 1,020 more words

School Of Life

Know Yourself

Know Thyself” is one the most ancient and relevant adages for people to contemplate and act upon in the age we live. Multiple sources indicate that ancient Egyptians originated the concept. 1,114 more words

Learning how to be content

I pull my hair in what’s a combination of stress and frenzy. It’s dry and frazzled. I’ve been expecting it to fall off this winter. A winter that has been too long and cold. 227 more words


How to be a good teacher

Like dancing, being a good teacher is a skill that can be honed…neuroplasticity b-i-a-t-c-h-e-s :D


A reminder

My daughter is already fourteen months old and still not walking, but she is super active! She crawls aggressively everywhere, climbs things I had no idea she could climb, has gotten sick three times over the past three months from said aggressive crawling and then putting her hands in her mouth, has gotten everyone else in the house sick those three times from said sicknesses, and she gets bored – really bored. 426 more words


Happiness from within

Happiness that comes from within does not take away anything from anyone.

– adapted from something Thanissaro Bikkhu wrote