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The known secret of trouble

It is a known secret which few believes but every trouble you meet along the path is meant to help you further along.

For when your heart is sincere, everything on the path tries to help you and tries to teach you. 11 more words


Recreational Sunday Chill.

“In my body you search the mountain
for the sun buried in its forest.
In your body I search for the boat
adrift in the middle of the night.”

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Words can’t hurt until we add meaning and allow them to.

When we are sleeping, whatever is said to us can’t hurt because no permission is given (we are asleep). 40 more words


Continuing Education

It’s true that school is great for teaching gerunds, nouns and clauses.
Also for the how-to-do’s, the whens and the becauses.
And so I don’t regret my years in university…

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The Importance Of First World Problems

There’s an old Irish saying: There’s no sore arse like your own sore arse.” Apart from being an amusing phrase there’s something wise about this observation. 75 more words


Ready, Set, Move.

I’m half way through packing up my old life, ready for a new adventure. That’s right, I dragged myself away from staying in the gorgeous new place my boyfriend and I are sharing and decided to get on with packing up and clearing out the hovel I spent the last couple of years in. 1,116 more words