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Joy and woe are woven fine

Once upon a time, an old farmer lived in a poor country village. His neighbours considered him well-to-do because he owned a horse, which he used for many years to work his crops. 148 more words


Productivity or Procrastination

You sit down on your chair with your laptop open in front of you. You stare at the screen determined to complete the big project ahead. 512 more words

School (of Life)

Personal wisdom

Study the world and you gain worldly knowledge.
Study yourself and you gain personal wisdom.

Most people study the world and use their worldly knowledge to strive to become rich, to become popular, to attain higher-status. 166 more words


How to Make an Attractive City

We do often talk and discuss what good design principles for cities should look like. But we often get lost in details and visions. Maybe we are feeding more our brains instead of the needs of people which are living in those places. 40 more words

Urban News

School of yourself

Where you are your own teacher.
And the only subject to study is yourself.

Where every moment is an examination.
And lessons are repeated until learnt.


via The School of Life:

“Literature is the greatest ‘reality simulator,’ a machine that puts you through infinitely more situations than you could ever directly¬†witness… It lets you speed up time, in order to see the arc of a life from childhood to old age…Literature cures you of provincialism and, at almost no cost, turns us into citizens of the world…” 13 more words


I am a little more of...

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The words ‘Romantic’ and ‘Classical’ usefully bring into focus important themes in our personalities. We’re all both, but which are you a little more of? 77 more words