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Agency vs Experience

The question of animal rights is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but, “Can they suffer?”

– Jeremy Bentham


Descartes believed animals were little automatons that were driven by the biological equivalent of springs and levers; they might cry out in ‘pain’, but that was only because of mechanical linkages, just as your alarm clock might cry out when morning comes.

– Daniel Wegner and Kurt Gray


148. Books Bought & Read, September 2016…

15 more booksworth of information is now rattling around somewhere in my brain, and 62 more booksworth of books is now most definitely not rattling around in our apartment. 1,182 more words



Great teacher, speaker!

posted by Caroline

Tentang Menjadi Termostat, Bukan Termometer - Dan 7 Hal Lain Yang Saya Pelajari dari The Maxwell Daily Reader (Bagian 1)

Apa yang membedakan termostat dan termometer?

Keduanya mampu mengukur suhu, tetapi keduanya sangat berbeda. Termometer bersifat pasif. Alat ini hanya mampu menunjukan suhu lingkungan, tetapi tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa. 

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Contemplation and the Meaning of Life

Earlier this week I was flicking through my Twitter feed and came across a post about the meaning of life. Given my tendency to ponder just this topic, I was intrigued enough to click the link and was taken to the wonderful online  285 more words

Slow Living

Why We Binge on Junk Food & How To Stop Overeating

You’re stressed, worried about something.

You see a pack of chocolate… no.

Ok… maybe just one.

Ok… one more I’ll stop.

Next thing you know you ate it all.

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Booktube Bites: What Is Literature For?

Booktube Bites is a weekly segment in which I spotlight cool bookish videos on the internet. I will discuss some entertaining videos and Booktubers which you can check out. 219 more words

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