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Medical Trek in Nepal

Healthcare professionals are in a really great position to be leaders in this ego-centric world. – Steph

Some people love to travel, explore new places, experience different cultures and meet new people. 

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Mustard seeds.

I was raised Roman Catholic and, although I don’t currently consider myself particularly religious or feel the need to attend mass, I can still relate to concepts that I learned having been exposed to… 1,051 more words


Wabi Sabi

I am not much of a YouTuber, but over the last few months I have really gotten hooked on a few channels. In particular, School of Life… 226 more words


The Cry of a Realist

“There’s much of an amusement out there, but the consciousness says it’s nothing but the vice awaiting and people suffering nipping themselves in the bud“. … 373 more words


Did it just dawn on me?

I have recently been reading the Psychology Today journal as I have been wanting to learn more about mental health issues and how people develop and interact with themselves and others. 1,656 more words


Is it? Yes, it is!

I’m more like a coming on straight to issues that pushes us back a lot, diminishes ourselves and let’s us feel bad about ourselves in often times. 595 more words


how to remain calm

‘never say that people are evil, you just need to look for the pin’

Try to understand that someone else may be experiencing pain beneath the surface, and that is why they treat you in a certain way. 9 more words

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