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Today I only left the house to grab some food and somehow I’m pretty okay with that. The guy I’ve been meaning to interview delayed me ’til 2pm which was annoying but when he finally came and I smashed it out it ended up being a really rewarding conversation now I’m just hoping my story can do it justice. 140 more words

Hard Lessons

One of the first targets in a culture war is education. I have actually witnessed this back when I was still attending evangelical church services. Churches in my rural township were always on the brink of financial disaster, but there was one segment that ALWAYS got a huge chunk of change: the youth ministry. 377 more words


How to Have a Good Conversation

Your mind goes blank when you talk to people? School of Life shows you the techniques to have deeper and meaningful conversation.


Sanctuary Scutwork

A repost from a few years back. Sometimes, old words are the best motivators for new words…

Happy Friday, ya’ll. :)

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden to work it and take care of it.” – Genesis 2:15… 330 more words


The art of helpful pointers

If the person is not asking questions, answers are pretty much pointless to him.

And so, 42.


Skill vs knowledge

A man is struck in the chest with a poison arrow. A surgeon rushes to his side to begin the work of saving his life, but the man resists these ministrations. 71 more words