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Keeping busy

Just a quick note today: I actually have tons of work… phonecalls to make, hundreds of e-mails, urgent files to deal with. My daughter is more active than ever, as she just started to walk this summer, so needs to be watched constantly as she explores her environment. 381 more words

School Of Life

Rest in peace, Oliver Sacks

In December 2014, I completed my memoir, “On the Move,” and gave the manuscript to my publisher, not dreaming that days later I would learn I had metastatic cancer, coming from the melanoma I had in my eye nine years earlier. 220 more words



I keep hearing this word so frequently lately… True, I listen to Aretha Franklin a lot (like right now), so my statistics can be a little skewed :-). 1,083 more words

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Work-life balance

I have always found the expression work-life balance a bit strange. It makes it sound like you are not living while you work… a peculiar idea, as we spend most of our days at work. 1,255 more words

School Of Life

The annoying side of travel

Ok, so I like travelling. Reading this blog, you already know that. And I promise I will not repeat it (too often). :-)

But there are still some things I hate about travelling. 874 more words



The mind naturally predicts and prepares by anticipating.

But don’t let the anticipation become an expectation.
And worse, don’t let the expectation become an entitlement. … 15 more words


Suffering is opportunity

The mind has a narrative layer.
Reframe suffering as opportunity to clear your karma debts.

The more sincere you repay, the more the karma is cleared. 40 more words