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7 lessons travel taught me that a degree did not

1. Never in a digital era has it been more imperative to be outward looking and forward thinking.

The digital era has brought about emojis as a substitute for words in trying to express how we feel (whatever happened to Shakespeare?) and time consumption spent tapping away on social media as subjects of mass data-collection. 931 more words


Silent Heroes.

Unique. If ever a word was used to describe all six billion of us, that would be unique. No two people, sisters, brothers or friends will ever be the same. 976 more words

School Of Life

Soul Grabbers

We are unschoolers. Simply put, we learn by doing what we love. Every single day.

And for the past six months, a very large part of that learning, albeit not always out of love but neccesity, has been centered around raising four Nubian goat kids and a livestock guardian pup. 369 more words


Listening to her as she is

“On that afternoon I finally learned that when any of us is in pain, the greatest gift you can give is to listen, patiently and purely.” 8 more words


The Parable of the Pea Patch

We planted a pea patch this year.

On a piece of land that belongs to our elderly neighbors, with an old 8N Ford tractor that belonged to my husband’s father, and a John Deere planter that’s every bit as old as I am. 913 more words


Farm Livin' - June

Wow. June is gone? Half the year is gone?

How is that possible??

Those of you who follow along with our adventures via Facebook and Instagram may have already seen some of these photos! 37 more words


We live in the era of the curated life

Social media gives us an unprecedented ability to craft and present a happy front. This shifts the business of bliss away from how happy we feel, to the perhaps more culturally urgent matter of how happy we look. 20 more words