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Enjoying happiness

Happiness is not so much about what you have, but the capacity to enjoy what you have.


The funny thing is

You can’t control the controlling.

(on free will)

– Yuttadhammo


Can’t lose

While farmers farmed, the priests prayed and worked out a fantastic calendar so everyone would know when to sow their seeds and when to expect the rain. 47 more words


Securing by not securing it

There’s a peace that unfolds with released openness. And the way to secure this peace is by not trying to secure it.

Because whenever we tighten to grasp onto this peace, it is gone.


Essayer - but Yoda says there is no 'try'...

The first books of my massive pile that drew my attention were Barthes’ “Mythologies”, Bakewell’s “A Life of Montaigne”, and de Botton’s “The Consolations of Philosophy”. 542 more words


System 1 fast heuristic and System 2 slow reasoning

When we encounter severe difficulties that require fast solutions, such as a complicated traffic situation. We immediately call on a large repertoire of escape strategies that we have… 153 more words