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The ordinarity of specialness

If everyone is special, then being special is actually rather ordinary.

Can we thus be contented with this ordinarity of specialness?

Or are we so desperate to make something special of our specialness?


The Fool and the School Hut

Once the Fool’s wiser fans came up to him and asked, “There are so many people looking at you. You have experienced so much in your life. 777 more words

How to be Bored by Eva Hoffman

Instant Review: skip it.

Talk about creating a problem in order to sell the solution; reading this book bored me witless! Add an overreliance on psychoanalysis, tiny print, and flouting the ‘never use a long word when a short word will do’ rule, and you’ve got a fizzer here, folks!

144 pages; ISBN 978-1250078674; Dewey 158.1 HOF, 2016.


Path to mastery: success looks effortless

But there comes a point, when we move from consumers to producers, that we start to pay in heightened currency for our ignorance; the currency of confidence and self-respect. 49 more words


Honesty and courage

A good man or woman will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceit.


So it's nearly spring...

And what a difference that makes! Even though it’s still cold, still rainy, still grey – the blossoms are fully budding now, the magnolias are magnificent and the hint of spring in the air means that we can all start thinking that maybe, just maybe, summer is around the corner. 364 more words

The lure of zero-sum thinking

It is surprisingly hard to find a zero-sum game in the real world. Most commercial transactions offer benefits to both sides, otherwise why would they take place at all? 118 more words