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Things I Learned From Going on Exchange

To all the thrill seekers out there – my name is Isabel. A millennial just like you whose goals are to travel the world, be successful in my career, save up money to secure my future but also loves a smashed avo and feta on toast as much as the next hipster. 288 more words

School (of Life)

Making the Nation Great Again...

“How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex? – Julia Child

Yes, Julia, I agree…

I, for one, am done with kleenex tasting bread. 577 more words


Death of the Soda Tax

The great Chicago Soda Tax of 2017 is as dead as the 8-Track.  In what was a stunning turnaround in less than 6 months, Chicagoans are free again to drown on the latest alleged zero sugar sugary drink from Coke, without the undue burden of a penny per ounce tax. 20 more words

In Pursuit Of What You Love

You know those times when you are so sure that what you want is ultimately what’s best for you? When your heart’s desires switch on everything within you to get the prize? 784 more words

School (of Life)

The Secret of a Beautiful Life

“Thanksgiving must be wrought into the life as a habit – before it can become a fixed and permanent quality.

We must persist in being thankful. 633 more words


Here's To New Beginnings

Finally the end is here.

Or almost here for most students around Australia.

While wrapping up the studies, sitting the last of exams and shuffling notes into real or virtual bins, millions of young Australians are trying to figure out what’s next – what big decisions need to be made in the near future for the future. 594 more words

School (of Life)

Gute Neuigkeiten:

Wer das Phänomen des Niesens wegen der ausgelösten Muskelkontraktionen im unteren Körperbereich regelmäßig fürchtet, der wird sich über folgende Meldung freuen:

Das katalysierende Prinzip des Loslassens funktioniert auch in Stuhlsituationen.