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Golden Lamp-stands and Stars

“Then opened he(the Risen Christ) their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,…(Lk.24:45)”
From whence came all these sects and heresies? In the time of Jesus there were sects who disputed with him. 693 more words

Bible Study

Fish Oil or Snake Oil? [via natashanaturale.com]

By the 1800’s snake oil had been used for centuries by the Chinese as an anti-inflammatory. This oil was derived from the Erabu Sea Snake, which modern studies are proving to be a potent source of omega-3s. 450 more words


Economic School of Thought

Year Major events School of thought Sub-schools Thinkers/ Philosophers/ Economists 1710 Age of Reason 2,518 more words

10 Quotes by Actual Black Panthers to Get Your Mind Ready for Revolution [The S.O.T. Project]

Seeing Chadwick Boseman run around the silver screen as the Black Panther was a reminder that black Americans still yearn for heros that look like us. 587 more words


Four ‘isms’ to embrace in life

Interesting, how school of thoughts evolved and it is all the more fascinating how each school came into existence and why it sustained. A school of thought (or intellectual tradition) is a collection or group of people who share common characteristics of opinion or outlook of a philosophy/ discipline/ belief/ social movement/ economics/ cultural movement, or art movement. 753 more words