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School Photo

Pattie was in the sixth grade and she wanted to have two long twists. One on each side of her face that swung with lotsa body like Kathy Woulard’s did. 349 more words

Bad Hair

Day 18: Primary school days

Today, I learned that this photo still exists, in someone’s draw, somewhere:

It’s a photo from when I was in primary school. Well, it’s a photo of a photo from when I was in primary school to be exact. 541 more words


Lavington School – 1973

Do you remember those whole school photographs? Ages was spent in preparation. It was essential to have everything right. Chairs were needed for some. Items to stand on were needed for others. 235 more words


Woman Sues Over Use of Her School Photo on Novelty Flask

A New Mexico woman is suing a novelty products maker over a flask that includes her likeness and the phrase, “I’m going to be the most popular girl in rehab.” 63 more words


Do you remember your classmates from primary school?

I love this photo of class 3, Dinas Primary School c 1953, and can give you the names of everyone in the class, including the four children who were absent on the day. 299 more words

Dinas Cross