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For months we've been waiting the arrival of The Princes school photos and I couldn't even remember what he had worn that day, but again they did not disappoint. 22 more words

I FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!

By gum I found it ! I have been looking for my son’s School photo from last year for the past 4 months, looked high and low, everywhere I thought I may have stashed it. 171 more words

Should I Reinstall My Bangs?

I was bald for the first year of my life.

I went that entire year having to rely on my large eyes, easy smile, and rolls of fat to get people’s attention. 474 more words

Same Old Same Old

I always reserved a day of my time in October and a day in November each year for a group of children from Sri Pintar Subang Jaya school’s class photo and their convocation day. 174 more words

90s School Photo

“What no laser background?! I demand a reshoot!”

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