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The Power of PR in Schools

In an ever-increasing digital world, schools today face more obstacles than ever before.

From reports of disappointing academic performance to shockingly violent acts by a few pupils and parents, schools have had an overabundance of negative publicity in the past several years. 1,221 more words

Measuring the Call to Service

By now, you have probably figured out something about me: I like learning about history. I’ve always enjoyed looking back in time to better understand the context surrounding events. 1,235 more words

COM 6610


Arguably, the most successful three words in the history of athletic PR. It’s easy to remember and speaks to its target audience.

Note: I wear Saucony running shoes so this is not an endorsement for Nike. 347 more words

A Superintendent’s Gift That Keeps on Giving

Every superintendent needs one of these gifts to be successful. In fact, every school board member should make sure they provide the motivation and support to make this gift a reality. 418 more words


Sounding the Alarm

Crisis planning in the middle of a crisis is not a plan. As strategic communicators, we have not only the opportunity but the obligation, to be prepared in the event of a crisis. 1,286 more words

COM 6610

"I'm done with running"

“I’m done with running.” These were the words I told my wife after I crossed the finish line of our fourth half-marathon. Two days later I sent her a text saying “Let’s run our first full marathon.”  Turns out this is a very common transition for runners. 198 more words

Standing Tall for Public Education

In the past year, I noticed a few instances of people making a difference by standing up for public education.

No, I’m not talking about the campaigns to rally support because we need to wake up legislators at all levels so that they seriously look at how some of their initiatives harm our school children in local communities. 510 more words

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