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Narrative Techniques

For the Steampunk home project, we decided to focus heavily on narrative that is told via letters that Harriet Danvers, the player receives during snapshots of different days in Harriet’s life over a month period. 298 more words

School Project

Space Racer Post Mortem

Bit late to post the post mortem for the music video game, but I figured better late then never, right?

For the music video project, we essentially had to create a game for a student client whom was an audio student in this case. 460 more words

School Project

Storytelling Research

For story-telling research, I used the game Gone Home as it is the game that is most similar to the storytelling/narrative experience we want to utilize within our game.  892 more words

School Project

Ringkasan Materi Filsafat 15 Agustus 2017

A. Pengertian & Definisi

Kata ‘filsafat’ berasal dari bahasa yunani ‘Philosophia’ yang berarti,

  • philos   : kekasih, sahabat
  • sophia  : kebijaksanaan

secara harafiah filsafat berarti mencintai kebijaksanaan/sahabat pengetahuan… 271 more words

Daily Post


One of the ‘polishes’ we are adding to the game is both aesthetic and practical. Since we needed a way for the player to invert the mouse-axis and change their interact button, we decided to add a pause menu that has these options (and a quit game function). 200 more words

School Project

Updated Letters

So it’s been a while since my last post, figured I would give a very brief update on everything going on. This coming Monday is Week 12 which is the official due date for the project, so crunch time to get everything finish before then. 274 more words

School Project

Post Mortem- World builders project

The world builders project had reached an end. It have been 7 and half weeks of hard work to have it done.


That’s the end result, presented on week 8. 755 more words

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