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School Project: Pillowcase

Fold your fabric in half so that the selvage edges meet. The cut edge sides may not line up straight and that is okay!  We are looking to fold it on the grain of the fabric so there are no wrinkles on the fold. 524 more words

Codename: Little Venice - A Simulation of Misery

What is Little Venice?
Little Venice is a resource management game that takes place in a fictional city of the same name. In it, you control the father figure of a family of four after the government took away your business. 193 more words

School Project

'Anna' Moments

Hello reader,

I know I’m not the only one. Right? I definitely cannot be the only one who has moments where you are so stupidly naive and you wish you can forget about – but oh no it’s so completely hilarious that it becomes a permanent ‘inside joke’ between you and those who witnessed it. 1,138 more words

Life As Anna

Being Creative Vs. Being a Consumer

When thinking about the internet, it almost feels as though it has always been in existence. It’s become an invisible extension of our lives, something we use so naturally. 329 more words

How Blogging has Changed Journalism

It is an undeniable fact that being able to post (your own) news or reactions online as part of a blog has changed journalism. Now my opinion is that it hasn’t changed journalism all that much, the internet being so readily available has made journalism “better” in fact. 392 more words

Travel fair day 19.1.2018

We went to a travel fair with our MovementJapan-team 19.1.2018. Our bus was at Pasila on time. After that, we went straight to the exhibition center. 208 more words