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Perspective studies

Size: A3

Time taken: around 4 hours

This drawing is a part of my school project ‘observational drawing’. I was originally decide to do 6 thumbnail sketches of different buildings in Kingston, but then I give up after 2, in my original plan, the 3rd one was going to be a bar located opposite Kingston train station, but when I started to sketch it, I realized beside the 2 perspective points outside the building, the bar itself have at least 3 more different perspective points for the decoration. 80 more words


Anchors Away

The History

The U.S. Navy from the Revolutionary War until 1898

   Years after the revolutionary war, in 1793, America had no Navy. Federalists pushed for Naval expansion feeling that being without a Navy left them weak and vulnerable to attack. 1,560 more words


Magazine Collage

In this assignment, I need to make 6 magazine collages with 6 color themes: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple.In addition to the 6 color theme, I was also searching for an animal theme. 89 more words


Radio Podcast

In our podcast, we did a short interview about an audience that aliens are roaming around us. We had two interviewers who had a scientist from Area 51 to explain the sounds the news media captured. 452 more words


Since this blog is technically a school project first an foremost I wanted to make sure all of my citations were correct.

Here are the links for the articles and websites sourced throughout this blog: 98 more words

Why I am Standing with Standing Rock.

Throughout the history of The United States, Native American’s have not been treated as equals compare to the rest of the country. What is happening in North Dakota proves this once more. 154 more words

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