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Everything You Need To Know About The New Medicare Cards (But Beware Of Scams)

In April, the government will start sending out new Medicare cards, launching a massive, yearlong effort to alter how 59 million people enrolled in the federal health insurance program are identified. 1,017 more words


Lifting Therapy Caps Is A Load Off Medicare Patients’ Shoulders

Physical therapy helps Leon Beers, 73, get out of bed in the morning and maneuver around his home using his walker. Other treatment strengthens his throat muscles so that he can communicate and swallow food, said his sister Karen Morse. 865 more words


New Technologies Help Seniors Age In Place — And Not Feel Alone

Nancy Delano, 80, of Denver has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She still drives to movies, plays and dinners out with friends. A retired elder care nurse who lives alone, she also knows that “when you reach a certain age, emergencies can happen fast.” So, when her son, Tom Rogers, talked to her about installing a remote monitoring system, she didn’t hesitate. 1,086 more words


Mind Over Body: A Psychiatrist Tells How To Tap Into Wisdom And Grow With Age

We’ve all seen it happen: An older friend or family member retires, is diagnosed with a serious illness or loses a spouse. Suddenly, this individual’s world is altered, sometimes seemingly beyond recognition. 1,193 more words


Oregon Couple’s Final Days Captured In Intimate Aid-In-Dying Video

On the last morning of their lives, Charlie and Francie Emerick held hands.

The Portland, Ore., couple, married for 66 years and both terminally ill, died together in their bed on April 20, 2017, after taking lethal doses of medication obtained under the state’s… 1,435 more words

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Manga Reading Challenge 2018 - Weeks 8 & 9

Weeks 8 and 9 of Manga Hoarder’s Manga Reading Challenge 2018!

Super short reviews included:

Even though I read 8 volumes I was only able to complete 2 new challenges. 488 more words


State Pay Cut For Dental Hygienists Who Serve The Poor Was Illegal, Court Finds

California officials illegally slashed payments to dental hygienists who treat some of the state’s most fragile residents, including the elderly and people with developmental disabilities who are too frail to visit the dentist’s office, … 585 more words