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New Anime Releases: March 24, 2015

Here are the new anime releases for March 24, 2015. If you see any errors or omissions in this listing, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. 80 more words


School Rumble! – 1st season, 2nd Semester and 3rd Semester OVA

As a fan of You Tube reviewer Black Critic guy, I had heard about School Rumble numerous times from him. After all, it is apparently his favourite show. 1,107 more words

Character Review: Karen Ichijou

Character: Karen Ichijou

Nickname: Ichi and Karolyn

Anime: School Rumble

Manga: School Rumble

Voice Actress/CV:

Japanese: Mako

English: Carrie Savage

Karen is a sweet and kind character who happens to have a crush on the school’s biggest player, Imadori. 332 more words


Character Review: Kenji Harima

Character: Kenji Harima

Anime: School Rumble

Manga: School Rumble

Voice Actress/CV: Hiroki Takahashi

Kenji Harima is a rugged ex-dilinquent who has a huge crush on Tenma Tsukamoto. 275 more words


Top 7: Anime Couples I Don't Care For


Whenever watching a romance anime, the goal is to bring the couple together and while the development is happening you have to ship the two. 842 more words


12 Days of Christmas Anime, Day 3: School Rumble

In this Christmas episode, Harima’s quest for Tenma’s heart, the central theme of the majority of the School Rumble series, continues on. He starts off the holidays with his own personal style, dressed as Santa in a jail cell lying among a pile of manga pages he just finished. 660 more words