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The Unspecified Threat

“I was kind of scared to come to class.”

“I won’t lie, I debated not coming.”

“I wasn’t going to show up tonight.”

These are some of the phrases that I heard whispered as students trickled into my graduate seminar last night. 287 more words

The New Martyrdom

Everyone knows about the old martyrdom, when Roman emperors and angry mobs of pagan citizens put Christians to death by the thousands for their faith. It lives on in the memory of all Christians and helped form the identity of the Church for hundreds of years. 387 more words


Laws or No Laws, Gun Violence is Real

By Daylin Delgado 

According to Mass Shooting Tracker, there have been 296 known mass shootings in 2015 as of October 3rd. The recent nationally known shooting in Oregon is number 294 on the list followed by two shootings that took place the next day – one in Maryland and one in Florida. 400 more words


A School in Roseburg, a Hospital in Kunduz

What’s the difference between a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, and a Doctors Without Borders trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan? Sounds like the first line of a joke, but it’s serious. 415 more words


Literary Bullies- He Was Weird: Damon Bates

One type of bully which I will go into more detail about in a later post is the one who feeds off the bullying by others. 491 more words

Loving Your Enemy or Arming Yourself?

As the details of the mass-shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, we learned that the killer was targeting Christians. This comes only a few month removed from another mass-shooting where the killer targeted Black Christians at an AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, though racism was the motive in this mass-shooting. 1,044 more words


Oregon Shooter's Writings Reveal Anger Over Love Life

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — The gunman who executed nine people at an Oregon community college before killing himself ranted in writings he left behind about not having a girlfriend and thinking everyone else was crazy, a law enforcement official said Monday. 574 more words

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