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School Shootings, Mass Killings are 'Contagious,' Study Finds

Mass killings and school shootings spread “contagiously,” a new study found, where one killing or shooting increases the chances that others will occur within about two weeks. 752 more words


Rihanna Under Fire For 'School Kills' Fashion Line

Rihanna is actually delaying her new album R8 to concentrate on her new fashion line ‘$CHOOL KIlls’

$CHOOL KIlls will include leather products, tote bags and purses and eventually clothing. 36 more words


Better Living Through Chemistry

Whenever gun crimes are perpetrated, liberals love to point the finger of blame at law-abiding gun owners, but a list of mass shooters from the past 20 years proves that they all had one thing in common – and it wasn’t the weapons used.

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Empathy is more valuable than critical thinking on people issues

Whenever something like the Charleston shooting happens, there’s a million and one narratives that pop up all over the place (thank you, social media and ease of e-mail) related to  893 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Literary School Bullies- He Was Weird, My Bullies Will Finally Be Named!

Now we are at the meat of the series about literary school bullies. Not only do you get to read about the many bullies who terrorize Mark throughout the entire story of “He Was Weird” and the possibility of them being given their retribution when Mark finally snaps, you get a more personal look into the bullies who plagued my life between the ages of ten and thirteen. 362 more words

School Shootings about Loneliness? Can We Help?

I recall hearing ages ago that rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. At first it seems counter-intuitive, but then quickly makes sense. The horrible people committing these acts are attempting to gain something they lack – power. 437 more words

Simon Sinek

Out with a bang 

What really makes someone tick.. Is it something as simple as a dirty look or does it really take sticks and stones to break a bone. 468 more words