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School shooting must end and bullying must stop!

School shootings has been around for decades. When someone mentions school shootings, you probably think of Columbine. However, a shooting took place in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky. 392 more words


Lawmakers' School Shootings Task Force Has First Meeting

CHICAGO (CBS) – State lawmakers have begun a new effort to figure out strategies for heading off school shootings, like the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, when a gunman killed 20 students and 6 staff. 322 more words


Abby Martin: How Exceptionalism Fuels America’s Gun Massacres

We recently passed the second anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where twenty helpless children and six staff members were gunned down in cold blood. 602 more words

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Columbine High School shooting

I’m going to start out with what I know best. I’ve researched and studied the shooting at Columbine high school for over a decade now and I know just about everything there is to know on a public level. 3,147 more words


Managing the Risks of School Shootings: Flaws to Avoid

Continuing the theme of the last two blogs of emergency management plans and training — something which is crucial to managing something as deadly as a school shooting — this post elucidates what to avoid when planning for and responding to acts of violence. 579 more words

School Shootings

On Gun Violence and the Second Amendment

America has a problem with violence, and specifically gun violence. This is a fact, not an opinion, and is confirmed with a glance at the statistics, backed up as well by abundant anecdotal evidence. 2,832 more words