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People with guns don't shoot people?

My adversarial friend and colleague Alan Korwin writes in his latest (Gunlaws #157) newsletter:

a novel new way of understanding the gun issue:

People with guns don’t shoot people.

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End the ban on federal gun violence research!

Recently, 141 medical associations and four former surgeons general submitted letters to the Senate and House Appropriations Committees urging Congress to rescind the ban and restore funding for gun violence prevention research. 34 more words

Man booked for making terroristic threats due to tweets about Springville High School

SPRINGVILLE, Utah — A man was booked into jail on a charge of making a terroristic threat Friday after he allegedly made several posts online referencing an AK-47, Springville High School and Columbine High School. 152 more words


Reducing Gun Violence: The Importance of Interest Groups

The last two blog posts documented some of the ways in which interest groups can frame gun violence for it to gain traction in the policy sphere. 652 more words

School Shootings

School Shootings: What if Canada had the same population as the United States?

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The Humanisation of Gun Violence Victims

The statement that gun violence is a problem within the United States is irrefutable. The statistic of thirty-two deaths every day from gun violence — the equivalent of an incident like the Virginia Tech University shooting occurring three hundred and sixty-five times — provides evidence of its prevalence. 619 more words

School Shootings

School Shooting

Shots were fired. The teacher was on the floor bleeding before anyone knew what had happened. Then kids scrambled, some under their desks, some out the door to the other classroom. 278 more words