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Alaska's Students Will Be Taught How to Evade a School Shooter

Schools in Alaska will implement an active training approach to teach teachers and students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, how to evade a school shooter. 209 more words

"Get Down!" Active shooter training

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year; I am dealing with a crowded shopping mall just like everyone else. Stresses from last minute deals the store has on gifts with the family. 1,102 more words



Both of the sprouts start their junior year today, the oldest in college, the youngest in high school. It seems appropriate to pray today.

Great and mighty Lord, let me start my prayer off with the big stuff.

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Sensationalized Pulp Fiction Horror!

What is pulp fiction? There’s the insanely popular Tarantino movie, with its famous lines and scenes that have become culturally fossilized, but what is pulp fiction exactly? 338 more words


Gun-free zones

-The gay nightclub in Orlando was a gun free zone

-The place in San Bernadino was a gun free zone.

-The section of Fort Hood was a gun free zone. 79 more words

1 Reason Not to Live in Michigan

About a year ago I moved back to my home state of Michigan to be closer to family while I battle The Big C (cancer, not career failure). 1,097 more words

The Public

United States Election Special: Why Clinton is Best for Gun Control

This blog is a United States Election special, documenting the reasons why I favour Hillary Clinton over the other presidential candidates. The release of this post is timed to coincide with the ongoing Republican and the upcoming Democratic conventions. 827 more words

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