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Guns and Heroes

“You know what they call a hero who doesn’t have people to lead or protect?” I ask her.
“What?” says Kyle.
“A villain.” –  Anne  from… 935 more words

America's Problem: Powerless People

I have long hesitated to write this particular blog entry because it is a hard message. My conviction about it’s truthfulness, however, grows stronger every day. 416 more words

The Wild West in Detroit - Mom shot and killed at gunpoint

Now, a mom on her way to pick up her 11-year old son from basketball practice (ironically, wanting to keep him on the right path) is shot and killed at gunpoint. 6 more words

School Shootings, No Longer an American Problem: Update

Shortly after  I posted about the school shooting in Saskatchewan, Canada, I read an online news release about the alleged shooter. The report said that the seventeen year old boy was bullied, quite extensively and considered an outcast and a loner. 64 more words

Children, Gun Policy and School Shootings: A Lack of Action

In order to assess the linkage between news media coverage and subsequent policy proposals, the ‘CNN model’ is a useful starting point, allowing for the identification of “instances when media coverage comes to play a significant role in persuading policy-makers to pursue a particular policy” (Robinson, 2002: 37). 590 more words

School Shootings

Trader Joe's just stood up for gun sense by asking their customers NOT to shop in their Texas stores while openly carrying loaded weapons.

People are allowed to carry “loaded” weapons in public places … I mean, what planet are we living on?! Well, Trader Joe’s believes we can do better. 42 more words

Gun Control

School Shootings, No Longer Just an American Problem

Last week, there was a school shooting that left four people dead and seven people wounded. At the time, some may have asked, “Where in America now?” or “What state did it happen?” As most North Americans already know by now, the school shooting didn’t take place anywhere in the US, it happened in Saskatchewan, Canada. 455 more words