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"Get Down!" Active shooter training

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year; I am dealing with a crowded shopping mall just like everyone else. Stresses from last minute deals the store has on gifts with the family. 1,102 more words


Are You Forgiving?

This one is going to be similar to the one about praying, but I really hope this hits closer to home than that one, because this Christian concept should be taken a lot more seriously than anything else. 248 more words

Christian Lifestyle

Was It All Worth It?

Over the past four months or so, I have posted about most of the bullies from those three horrible years of my life who influenced me in writing “He Was Weird.” Now that it’s all over, I sit back and now ask myself if it was all worth it. 510 more words

Rapture and Mass Consiousness

Question:     I have more Biblical related questions. A certain subject that is talked about in the Church popped into my head when reading the last entry on your site. 402 more words

Kindness Paradigm

8 Ways to Defuse Terrorism Non-Violently: In light of Paris, Beirut, Nigeria, Turkey, Chad and the world...

Strategies for defusing potential violence/terrorism, applicable to terrorism, police violence, racism, and school shooters.

1) Befriend people different than you, and work to make sure everyone has enough. 162 more words


Are we really prepared?

One of the most common things people think about preparedness is surviving the outdoors or maybe a natural disaster!  But what kind of other disasters are there we need to be prepared for?  61 more words


Literary Bullies- He Was Weird: David Fitzpatrick

Hooray! This is the final chapter in my accounts of the bullies who appeared in “He Was Weird” to cause so much pain and misery to the main character Mark. 731 more words