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The Humanisation of Gun Violence Victims

The statement that gun violence is a problem within the United States is irrefutable. The statistic of thirty-two deaths every day from gun violence — the equivalent of an incident like the Virginia Tech University shooting occurring three hundred and sixty-five times — provides evidence of its prevalence. 619 more words

School Shootings

School Shooting

Shots were fired. The teacher was on the floor bleeding before anyone knew what had happened. Then kids scrambled, some under their desks, some out the door to the other classroom. 278 more words


Researchers Discover Why White Males Shoot Up Schools

BY Radio Raheem
Does the Right Thing

PISCATAWAY—In a new, groundbreaking study, researchers at Rutgers have revealed a shocking correlation between the recent increase in mass shootings in America and the simple fact that white men don’t use lotion. 386 more words

Rutgers University

A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy - Sue Klebold

I still remember the day Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into Columbine High School in Colorado, killed twelve students, a teacher and wounded twenty-four others before committing suicide. 142 more words

Best Books Of All Time

Evangelicals and Toxic Masculinity

One of the worst trends in our culture today is the dominance of identity politics. Now by “identity politics” I am not trying to signal an oncoming conservative diatribe about social progressivism and liberal politicians. 1,115 more words


Its Just a Drill

Lights out, lock the door and hide in the corner. This is the drill that students learn when the unthinkable happens. In 2015 there was over of 60 school shootings creating more then one shooting per week. 449 more words

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Gunfight at the Blog Post Corral

10 months ago my television burned out.

It had a good run.  And of course I’ve had a computer to watch Netflix, or rent the occasional movie on iTunes, so it hasn’t been a complete disaster.   1,316 more words

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