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Standardizing = Equal Standards? (by Jasmine Bahramian)

The way education and testing standards should be approached is not an easy matter. There is not only plenty of variety across various states and locations, but each individual child is unique in their path towards academic success. 261 more words

Student Voices

The Good and the Bad of Testing Standards (by Jessica Urbina)

We all know that testing makes up a big part of how a public school are funded and at times the testing difficulty can impact the average scores of each school. 381 more words

Student Behaviour and Discipline: Where's the School Leadership?

School systems tend to be leery of trailbrazers, especially when it comes to instilling rigour and improved student behaviour.

One U.K. school head, Katharine Birbalsingh… 1,113 more words

Higher Standards

School Education in India - A view

Most important requirement in India is the School Education for children. Often parents face a situation of sending children to schools and have a desire to get the best facility to be made available for their children. 142 more words