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Student Dress Code/Personal Appearance

Students at SFSPMC may choose their own grooming and clothing styles as long as such apparel does not interfere with schoolwork or create disorder in the learning environment.  860 more words

School Uniforms

Parents 'get into debt' over school costs strain

Primary school education costs 80pc more than parents expect – averaging at €766 a year.

Secondary education is averaging at €1,629 a year and the majority of parents find covering costs a financial burden. 345 more words

Henkei Shoujo "Transforming Girls" is being called the "craziest anime in Japan" 【Videos】

It’s like Transformers with Japanese schoolgirls, only with panties, bras and breasts playing a key role in each transformation. 567 more words


Cry Babies of the Week — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

What a bunch of bloody snowflakes, moaning about wearing shorts to school. A mother has pulled her sons from a school after it refused to provide warmer clothing options as part of its winter uniform.

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Anime artist illustrates the difference between Japanese schoolgirls now and ten years ago

It turns out that high school girls look and act very differently now compared to a decade ago. 572 more words


Japanese School Swimsuits for Adults line releases new design with body-slimming styling

Just in time for summer vacation, the Japanese P.E. uniform gets transformed into something for grown-ups. 319 more words