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5 things we could do without

You know, we all have ‘ways of doing stuff’. When practiced by society as a whole, these little quirks and habits become cultural norms which define who we are. 924 more words

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Dressing Up the University Dress Code

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be bland just because of school dress codes.

Yes, school uniforms and fashion can co-exist! Follow the rules and still create a customized look for your campus #OOTD with the addition of a few modern, yet subtle accessories. 280 more words

Girls Knee High Navy (Ages 3-6) (Back to School, Uniform)‏

Girls Knee High Navy (Ages 3-6) (Back to School, Uniform) ‏

Socks with Stay On Technology

Our oldest daughter will begin her primary school education at the end of July at a Charter school where she will wear uniforms.  358 more words

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the cardi (Back to School, Uniform)‏

the cardi (Back to School, Uniform)‏

Once upon a time, there was a perfect cardi that looked great with everything. The end.

Primary.com is a really awesome online children’s clothing store that makes sense.   331 more words

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Why We Got a New School Sweatshirt: Part 1 - A Prologue about Tznius

Tznius is the most important thing for a bais Yaakov girl to learn. Tznius is a woman’s second most important tafkid in life. The most important thing in the world for a man is Torah study, and the most important thing for a woman is to support a man. 968 more words