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Snappy as they look, Japanese school uniforms can be an extremely expensive hassle for parents

The annual hit to the family’s finances has certain households dreading the start of each new school year. 748 more words


Biopolitics: Regulation & Discipline in Schools

The following is a short piece I wrote in response to (philosopher) Michel Foucault’s theory of biopower and biopolitics as a form of control and discipline in modern states (for one of my English seminars). 722 more words

Social Issues

No more miniskirts? Changes happening in Japanese schoolgirl uniform fashion trends

New generation shows new tastes in subtly personalizing school uniforms, according to survey. 401 more words


I'm a parent. Let me do my job.

As I stood in the queue outside the school uniform shop this week I realised just how much of my parenting decisions are being taken away from me. 1,394 more words


[Exhibition] Uniformity: Fashion & Textile History Gallery

We encounter uniforms everywhere—on soldiers, school children, flight attendants, and fast-food clerks. According to fashion historian Jennifer Craik, the omnipresence of uniforms has “shaped our ways of seeing.” Uniforms are constant reminders of the social order, so commonplace that they are often overlooked. 852 more words


Royal blue at Loreto Mandeville Hall

Winter at Loreto Mandeville Hall the school is a sea of royal blue from head to toe. Blazer, jumper, skirt and tights – all are in royal blue. 95 more words

T-bar Shoes