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Manga-inspired sailor-style school uniforms now redesigned as dresses for everyday wear

School uniforms inspired by Japanese manga have come to life as dresses designed for everyday wear by women of all ages. 315 more words


School Uniforms

No doubt they are necessary. Despite what some people might think, there truly is no doubt that the world needs school uniforms. That they can bring nothing but good to us. 394 more words


Peel District School Board to vote on uniforms for its public schools

TORONTO — The Peel District School Board is considering making uniforms mandatory for students in its public schools.

Uniforms have already been tested as part of a pilot project at Central Peel Secondary School. 281 more words


10 Funky-Fresh Benefits Of Wearing School Uniforms

1. Everyone likes to express themselves through fashion.

What better way to challenge your inner self-reflection with a twist and more competitive. Ever since I was able to dress myself. 1,027 more words

Sailor-style school uniform outfits for men are warm, fleecy and said to reduce stress

Watch out sailor sisters! There’s a new line of sailor-themed clothing on sale and this time it’s the boys’ turn to come out and play. There won’t be any trousers or navy hats here though, because… 570 more words


Uniforms and identity

During the Civil War, it was possible for a conscript to avoid serving in uniform by paying a substitute to serve in his place, or by simply paying the government $300. 875 more words


Uniforms Create Positive Code Of Conducts

Schools have a huge problem that brings in bullies, negative esteem, etc. Boys and girls dressing like if they were in the street or at home are a bad combination. 189 more words

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