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Wouldn't you like to be Hufflepuff, too?

I’m a fan of the Harry Potter universe, and like many others, when Pottermore was relaunched, I took the Sorting Quiz and like every other time I’ve done it, I was sorted into Hufflepuff. 368 more words


A Tale of Two Weeks

After nearly 9 years of parenting, you would think I would be used to the rollercoaster-style ups and downs. Well, if anything was still needed to bring those highs and lows home to me, the last two weeks have done just that. 1,345 more words




I mean, HELLO, my lovely invisible readers! I’M BACK!

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Well, it’s been, like, two weeks or so. 275 more words

Homework can ruin your weekend

Homework sucks! It is the bane of our lives and can absolutely ruin everyone’s weekend. There could be battles, sulks and tears. And for what? Is there any point….. 354 more words


Grateful for An Entertaining Show, A Delicious Lunch, and Papa's Progress, and an Afternoon Nap

I am grateful for the Foundation Day show that we attended yesterday. It was in celebration of Lance’s School’s 15th anniversary, and the school really pulled out all the stops and went all out on this one! 251 more words



Today I’m working on a writing lesson plan for an ESL class. The first activity I chose for it is called Free Writing. The idea is that for a predetermined amount of the time, the students write about a specific topic, and keep writing about it, until the time is up. 429 more words


Does the Classroom Really Prepare Kids for Real Life?

This week an interesting article came to my attention. Written by an American school teacher in North Carolina, Anthony Johnson, it details how he creates a year long real world simulation for his fifth grade students. 1,378 more words