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A Letter to Paul

To Paul at The Captain’s Speech

Dear Paul,

Hi it’s your little blogger sister. I don’t even know where to begin!!!

Let’s begin with September 8th, 2013. 587 more words

For All My Readers

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Last year, I started a "thing" where I wrote letters to bloggers who requested one. Now, my first blog friend from four years ago is writing letters, too. This is Shaz and this is her incredible letter (I'm biased) to me. Please read it, she makes me sound great.

Advice | College

As I am laying here in bed looking back at pictures from my time at Ohio University, there are so many emotions rushing through my head. 1,935 more words

My Group Work Revelation: Best Advice for Working in Online Teams

I recently took an online course where my professor wanted us to work in groups. I thought about how much I loathe group assignments and would prefer working alone any day. 403 more words


The huge owl blinked in wonder at these young owls. They seemed to know nothing. And yet…He let the thought trail off. Certainly their survival skills must be pretty good if they got out of St.

111 more words

Prozac vs. Xanax: An underfunded University of California research study

By Josie Clerfond with contributions from Natalie Silver

If you are at the point where you can hardly write a professional email without 4 shots of espresso, a 2-hour nap, and a tearful phone call with your mom, you may be experiencing what us college students call “burnout.” 1,116 more words

Commentary: How should Singapore teachers manage issues of race in the classroom?

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Jul 21 each year marks Racial Harmony Day. Ho Li-Ching explores whether students should be encouraged to discuss controversial issues related to race in the classroom and what’s stopping teachers from doing so. 900 more words

Current Affairs

Its Okay

I’m going to keep it real. Recently i have done things i never thought i would do. Life is full of opportunities that we may take for granted every day. 376 more words