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Then, Now, and Thinking Ahead

After graduating from UC Irvine in 2015, I had been given the opportunity to be in the job market right after walking the stage. As I finished my last class during the summer for my minor, psychology, I had always thought about what I was going to achieve in the next 12 months. 782 more words

Business Analytics

Life took over.

So life can throw you a bowl of cherries and it can throw you lemons and sometimes you can get both!

Since the kids started school in August my life has been super crazy! 959 more words

A Love (and Hate) Story

there’s more going on in this video than is first apparent !


How far back can you remember?

31 day Blog Challenge – day 4 – “earliest childhood memory”

Before I retired, I used to be 506 more words

Back stories

As a teacher, my path crosses with people experiencing deep pain. Sometimes it comes across as withdrawn kids, screaming parents or irate staff.
Whenever I am privy to the story behind the hiding, anger or screams it often makes immediate sense and my compassion kicks in. 39 more words

16-49 Segment 1: Does Where You Go To College Matter?


High school graduates who plan to go on with their education are making plans to head off to college this fall. Not all of them were accepted to the college that was their first choice, and many are disappointed about it. 2,377 more words

Viewpoints Podcasts

Grades are not the only pathway to success, says community group

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

With every release of major examination results here comes much talk of grades and top scorers.

Increasingly, there are appeals to parents to look beyond results – on social media and, recently, from a community group called 100 Voices. 2,256 more words

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