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Parent Story: Feeling for the Teachers

Reflecting on all that has been written on this blog, there is a theme which parallels my experiences at Maharishi School.  The issues at the school are the result of poor leadership, failure of governance and misguided management.  137 more words

EDU 6134: Reflection

7. Families and Community 

One of the challenges for educators we discussed in our Professional Issues course is promoting effective relationships with parents or guardians of our students. 428 more words


Grad School

I Really Hate This

Choosing a grad school is roughly the same as choosing who is going to blackmail you for the rest of your life. 21 more words


Getting ready for Christmas!

Seasons greetings Jaguars!

Next week it will be the beginning of December which is the last month of the year! It is also the month in which Christmas happens and it is when we shall be having our Winter Festival! 82 more words


Schedule Nightmare

HA. Remember when I said I 100% sorted my classes and everything was looking a-okay? Yeah, I lied.

I’ve been awaiting an e-mail from a graphic engraving teacher here at the university (it’s 12 of my credits so for me… 170 more words


Photo Op 27

Dear World,

Happy Wednesday! This short week has been filled with lots of quizzes and laughs. Yesterday’s word problems quiz consisted of a hilarious and tragic love story in which we had to find the time when a certain tragedy between the lovers happened (“please no crying on the test”, they said) 😂 Anyways, I am SO happy because Thursday is the start of our four-day Thanksgiving weekend! 190 more words


English Rose Thanksgiving

All the classes at the English Rose Day School in Washingtonville celebrated Thanksgiving on November 22 with special homemade luncheons of authentic food the Pilgrims and Indians would have eaten, prepared by the parents. 43 more words