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Beyond ConTact

I used to think contacting books – the application of a sticky sheet of protective plastic – was a punishment parents put themselves through, but now I realise it’s the school. 1,075 more words

How to: Dressing for the Swimming Carnival

That time of Term 1 has come around when most schools are conducting their annual Swimming Carnival. If your school is anything like mine all teachers attend and it is usually a fun (long) day in the sun. 320 more words


Shocking - Two in One Week!

In between the stress of my full time day job and a 16 hour course load via SIU online, I am still plugging away at Fig and Rue’s story. 906 more words

Pilot Day

It’s typically an odd surprise when I discover something new about myself. You think you know yourself perfectly and totally, but that’s rarely the case. As an aspiring anthropologist, learning new things about people- particularly myself- is always interesting. 564 more words


Classes for Junior Year + Etc.

My mind is screaming right now. Registration for my classes for next year is this month, or on February 19th to be exact. I will be a junior (11th grade) in the upcoming 2016-17 year, and I hope to make the best of it. 972 more words


My Secret Story Written in Blood

It began with a bracelet that had lost its end and had a spiky point sticking out. I was in the back of a car on a road trip home from Christmas break. 438 more words


Through reading James Herrick’s “The History and Theory of Rhetoric: An Introduction,” I was educated on the origins of rhetoric and the role it has played in shaping modern day society. 646 more words