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Contemplation of life

Have you ever sat and contemplated your life and thought if I had done something different in school, such as work harder at coursework, exams or even chosen different options for GCSEs, maybe my life will be completely different? 421 more words

Freedom Rings

Since early in my junior high school career I noticed a struggle that has continued to grow to the present day. The formal education process of all of the schools that I have attened since then has been one that has tormented me. 375 more words


Corona Thoughts: 22nd April 2020

I am sorry this is outdated, the more recent posts will be coming shortly. Thanks.

So I decided to write another article. I’ve kept to my plan and wrote a week later. 437 more words

Quarantime 105 - Theme Parks in Lockdown!

Hi guys and welcome back! Now I can tell you what I was talking about in yesterday’s post! Today, me and my family went to a theme park! 228 more words

Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education is known as an educational procedure / strategy which fuses the perspectives, writings, values, convictions, and viewpoints of people from distinct social foundations. The primary function of putting it into practice in classrooms is to allow educators to adjust or join exercises to highlight diversity and social pluralism. 496 more words


Day 320: Solid Modeling - Week 4

Welcome to week four! For those of us just tuning in, this is a class for solid modeling using FREE software, so if you have internet access, you can do this too! 4,638 more words


Camilo Cienfuegos Elementary School in Florida will meet as a summer school (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 4.- Among the measures implemented by the educational sector of the municipality of Florida for this post-COVID-19 recovery stage is the conditioning of educational institutions to accommodate the child of working mothers. 57 more words