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Part 1 - Breswana

It has been a year since I went to Breswana. One year since my first glimpse of the village and the beautiful school. In a matter of weeks, the routine was down and I got used to the idea of waking up to the gorgeous sight of mountains and the kids screaming and rushing to school. 293 more words


Carmelite Sisters Become Key Allies for Transgender Youth in India

In January, Bondings 2.0 reported about Indian Catholics’ involvement in starting the country’s first school inclusive of trans youth. This week, The Atlantic posted a more in-depth look at the women religious who helped make the school a reality, and who have remained involved as key allies. 1,112 more words


If I could go back in time...

P.S. “If I could go back in time…” is an article I initially wrote on LinkedIn and if you want to read the original post, click…

672 more words
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Let’s be real. Everyone procrastinates and that’s exactly what I am doing right now by writing this post and making this website. So I am a full week + 1 day away from finishing my first year classes. 341 more words


Apoorva's Fat Diary (Nandini Nayar) - Enormously Funny!

Is Apoorva’s Fat Diary an Indian retort to the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series? A fat girl struggling to survive in a malicious, non-forgiving school world? 414 more words


Is the Freshman 15 a Myth or a Reality?

Kendal Sienon, Staff Writer

Wingate, N.C. — Going into college, people are warned relentlessly about the potential of the dreaded freshman 15. During freshman orientation, they bring up the possibility of weight gain and how to combat it. 425 more words

Wingate University

Top Eight Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Yep, sometimes you gotta go with the double whammy: alcohol and caffeine. Which, I have to guess, doesn’t sound too bad to you, right?

It sure doesn’t for me. 225 more words