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Hikmah mempelajari perkembangan Hindu Buddha di Indonesia

Setelah mempelajari perkembangan Hindu Buddha di Indonesia, saya jadi tahu asal mula adanya agama Hindu dan Buddha, beserta beberapa hikmah yang saya dapatkan.
Salah satunya, saya mengetahui adanya sistem kasta. 185 more words

All About Indonesian History

The Ghana Education System-Elidior The Poet

Elidior The Poet is a remarkable poet with interesting views on everyday issues. I met Elidior in January 2015 at the first round of the Ehalakasa Slam. 116 more words



School House Rock – Conjunction Junction…

We’ell take the Train, luvy.

Daily Report: Animation Transfer Script

For this assignment, we were instructed to create a keyframe transfer script in Python in which the two different joint hierarchies had different orientations. While gathering the keys for the two skeletons, there is a bit of challenging math behind the transition of rotation values as we step out of the SOURCE joint’s coordinate system into the world in order to be able to step into the TARGET joint’s coordinate system. 447 more words


深水「埔」the chinese character of “po” in sham shui po

2017.2.5 | sham shui po kaifong welfare association primary school, yu chau street  汝州街 深水埔街坊福利會小學


深水埔街坊福利會小學創立於 1964 年,跟隨街坊福利會沿用上世紀地區習慣所用的「埔」字。

this post discusses the chinese character of “po” in sham shui po. 132 more words

Public Facilities 公用設施

The Killer and the Killed

Thursday the 23rd of February started for me like any other day. I woke up at 6, got dressed and headed down for breakfast – only to find out there was none. 981 more words


My Everyday (School) Makeup

Hi sweet peas!! :)

So today I wanted to share with you what I generally wear make-up wise to school. Usually when I am at home I just don’t wear makeup, but if I go out I will put a light amount on, depending on who I’m with/ what I’m doing :) 282 more words

Lui Maria