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“Two men and a woman were moving toward them, in a V formation, the woman at the point. She was neither chubby nor cute. She was athletic, and the three moved in a way that you might expect a school of sharks to move.”
~John Sandford; Ctein (Saturn Run)

This Brought a Big Smile to my Face

By Bob Brody:

This brought a big smile to my face: A petition I was so happy to sign. Click on this link to see the pictures. 44 more words

Is it Possible to Graduate College Debt Free?

College is a terrifying, unpredictable creature. It creeps up on you out of nowhere. One minute you’re sitting in your room playing barbies (or legos), the next you’re about to graduate high school. 1,018 more words


Reminder: Clocks go forward!

A wise man once said “late is the enemy of time. And time is the enemy of all.” These are words I bellow to students when they miss the first bell of school. 144 more words


Mum's the Word

My Aunt Sally always picks me up, but today my mum is at the school gate instead. I view her in the half-world of sideways glances; she’s a stranger with a title that she doesn’t deserve, my mum. 502 more words


Kindergarten girl punished for drawing anatomically accurate male human being

Kindergarten was a strange experience for me. I remember lining up in the schoolyard, and being forced to drink a glass of hot milk before entering the classroom. 506 more words

You wrote that where?

Do you have so much homework you feel like you can’t do anything else? Are you stressed out of your mind because every thought is consumed by upcoming deadlines? 658 more words