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A Trip To Unity high school, Kajola-Iboore, Ogun State

About a year ago, I found myself on the community development team of my school’s convocation planning committee. The broader committee was put together to create events and activities for the graduating class. 232 more words



The language I would like to learn would be Japanese or French because it would help me when I go to different countries like France, Japan, and more.

2017 New Life:)

•2017 what is mean to me? hurm….i dont know what to do 😂~.What about people surrounding me try to be serius whenever i make a decision bcoz some people they thought whenever i said no to something they thought i make fun with that 😑 seriusly it’s make me feel like a little kid . 132 more words

SEW Through the Looking Glass: Sing, Engage, & Wonder

By Stephanie Shim, Yejoo Kang, Sonya Kim

SEWin’ in the Heart by Stephanie Shim

It’s a frigid day in winter, bone-chilling winds swirling about and biting at walkers who were too negligent to bundle themselves with proper coats and jackets. 1,101 more words


Tribute to Old School Racing Games

For the games without amazing intros I linked to gameplay instead. All of these games are amazing.

School Goals

I honestly don’t know what my school goals are for this year.  I mean other for staying on top of things.  (Which is actually VERY difficult for me, and I don’t have a clue why.)  So, if I could manage to do that, then I would consider the year highly successful. 714 more words


I Will Miss Campus Life

Last weekend, I met up with my university friends, both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday our meeting point was at the campus itself. And after spending such enjoyable days with them, I realised that I will miss this after I graduate. 292 more words