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Madras Lane: Hu Yew Seah

This Hu Yew Seah old heritage building is located at Madras Lane, George Town. Hu Yew Seah is an institution founded in 1914 that promotes Chinese language education to the English speaking Chinese in Penang.


Last First Day Back

In the first day halls arise slight scents

Of layered floor wax, student nervousness

Static new shirts, cotton combed jeans

And hair blended with

The rising cost of chemicals. 120 more words


Just A Little Break

I seriously forgot for a few months that I had started a blog. I mean seriously, who does that?? (Well maybe my mom, considering that her blog is only a few posts and she’s ignored since… well… a year ago maybe.) I took a break from my blog since school has restarted, and I haven’t exactly had the time. 215 more words


Self-Directed Learning

Today the little kids are off from school.  About an hour ago, Mack asked me where a poster was.  At first I didn’t think we had any.   512 more words


Flashback Friday - Preschool

My first memories of attending preschool are disjointed, as should be expected. I believe, based on the houses in which we lived at the time, that my preschool memories are mainly from when I was 3 through 5 years old. 692 more words


What does it mean to 'Be Bethany'?

Development Manager, Louise Dean, celebrates our alumni with the phrase “Let’s Be Bethany”. Bethany is so diverse and has so much to celebrate that there is no single thing that makes somebody ‘Bethany’. 490 more words


A Balancing Act

In which our reluctant hero learns something new.

They say that you learn something new each day. It’s true that. Take this morning for example where I, and three fellow commuters, learned not to assume that a BMW driver, who was not indicating, wouldn’t be turning right as we fled for safety like proverbial bunnies in the headlights while attempting to cross the road to the station. 624 more words