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Surviving Lunch 101

Once you reach middle school, there are little to no recesses anymore. Now, being social is pretty important if you want to have friends, and it all comes down to who you sit with at lunch. 279 more words

Middle School

2019 Directions

2018 was a year about change. I got a job, got a driver’s license, got a cat, and got an idea of where I want my career to take me. 268 more words

General Musings

I'm right where I belong.

I have to admit that it feels nice to be back in classes after winter break, I know that might sound crazy coming from someone who had previously dropped out of college, but I’m in love with my school. 722 more words

Personal Experiences

Tip Tuesday!

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Get the kids up. Get dressed. Fix breakfast. Daycare drop-off. Work. Get the kids from school. Get the kids from daycare. 393 more words

Internship: Saved a Client

Today one of my clients told me that I talked her out of committing suicide, but I didn’t know she had those thoughts until she told me. 19 more words

I'm Terrible At This

So I’m sure you noticed by now that I am terrible at keeping track of my blog but I am really trying to work on it but anyways let’s get to it. 967 more words


the second

Gracious, doing a weekly recap may have been a bit ambitious! I thought it would be easy to sit down on a Sunday and give a summary of the previous week, but alas, I seem to be a bit preoccupied with a gazillion other things. 528 more words

Day To Day