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Guilty verdict in elementary school: boy vs girl

Learning that life is not fair is a hard lesson for any kid to face. Hearing mixed messages from educators at school, parents and other well-meaning adults makes it all the more confusing for them. 1,192 more words

Austin Morris J2

I got this from the Internet and it comes courtesy of Ray’s Photo Collection by a gentleman named Raymond Godfrey. It shows the school bus that I used to ride in to school when I was a kid. 71 more words


Why We Chose a School Bus Conversion

After college graduation, stumbling through different jobs, trying to make ends meet, and spending less and less time with each other, we decided we wanted a change. 930 more words


Our Journey

The dreaming all started four years ago in a small, north woods Minnesota town. Two people with wildly passionate souls ended up in the same place, at the right time. 485 more words


#ThursThreads Week 291 : You've Got Him Worried.

Samantha was in tears. Again. On the school bus ride home. Boys and girls were being mean to her. They kicked her shins as they walked past where she sat. 259 more words


In A Bus

Here’s a lil background before you begin: I wrote this poem in winters, two years ago. I was thirteen. And I know this is not one of best poems, but for some reason, I really like this one. 194 more words

Enjoy the Fresh Air

No this isn’t going to be a recollection about how I walked more than a mile to school, in the snow, uphill both ways…… I’m sure you have heard your grandparents or parents tell that tale a time or two. 408 more words

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