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Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild

by Emily Wendling… 3,004 more words


Japan’s new sailor suit-inspired swimsuits bring classroom style to the beach

New design and colors from designer with a knack for mixing sailor suits and swimwear. 315 more words


How to fold an entire origami schoolgirl, sailor suit and all, out of a single piece of paper

Japanese origami master shares folding steps to make something more challenging than a paper crane. 362 more words


Japanese gravure idols and CG schoolgirls named as Miss iD semifinalists for 2018【Video】

Shrine maiden cosplayers and a lifelike doll fashion model also on the list to be crowned “New Generation Girl” of the year. 427 more words


The Swimmers

As new new swimmers,
we splashed the water so hard,
slapped it, really, like its existence offended us.
The older girls took whole lengths without breathing; 36 more words