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This year we started with our campus-wide adoption of Enterprise Level Schoology. We’ve done a great job at providing our teachers with a wide range of professional development options–both during the school day through department and faculty meetings, as well as after school trainings–to get the basics of how to operate the Schoology platform. 1,200 more words


Revision - Unit 1 Revision guide

Hopefully you have all been making good use of your Unit 1 revision guide. If any of you happen to have lost it or left it at school by mistake – I have uploaded an electronic .pdf copy to your Year 11 Schoology course – simply log in and click on the ‘Updates’ section.


Revision - Unit 1 Exam.

If any of you can’t find your Year 11 Revision booklets – there is a .pdf version available on the Schoology course – just login and click on Updates and look for the updates regarding this. 19 more words


Revision Session Materials Updated

Missed any revision sessions so far? Want to go back over what we did and look at example questions? Log into your Schoology account as all booklets and presentations have now been uploaded. 11 more words


Teacher Tools - Day 3

Today my picks for useful teacher tools are both related. HTML stands for Hyper-text Markup Language. It is the code used to create web pages, among other things. 397 more words


Add Video Conferencing to Your Schoology Classroom

Obviously, Google Hangouts seems to get most of the attention when it comes to video conferencing and for good reason. “Hangouts” is a great platform to host an online meeting or webinar, especially when you want to record the session and have it available to a wider audience after the meeting has ended. 498 more words

From 44,000+ Pages to (Almost) Paperless

For years, students were provided with thick application and information packets, which were frequently lost or misplaced even before the actual packets were needed. I did some quick calculations and found that between the combined programs, over 44,000 sheets of paper were being printed per semester. 181 more words

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