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Phoenix is proud to announce another new innovation! We are adding a cool new LMS – Learning management System to our toolbox! Schoology is a mobile learning platform that will make staying in touch easy and worry free! 43 more words

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The PikToChart Syllabus

You remember the syllabi of old…the three to five pages of Times New Roman, 12 pt. font rules and regulations? I am as guilty as the next person, of creating such a syllabus. 480 more words


The Many Uses of the Schoology "Page"

I think at this point, it’s pretty clear that I am a fan of all things Schoology. One of the many tools that I found to be incredibly beneficial last school year, and in which I will continue to find new ways to utilize this school year, is that of the Schoology “page.” A Schoology page is basically a blank slate, allowing the teacher to build content to be used by students. 528 more words


Schoology Brings More Technology to the Classroom

By Kenny Brenizer

The Periscope (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Schoology is a successful resource for both students and teachers in the classroom. It was created as an online website for teachers to easily manage class work and assignments. 334 more words


June 27th - Schoology

As we’ve finished looking at a few of the free blog options – let shift our focus to educational focused ways to connect with your classroom.   143 more words


Thinking about that sunset ride

At 57, I’m realising that the majority of my classroom days are likely behind me. The lovely thing about growing older is that time can give one a clearer perspective on the road ahead. 482 more words


Taking It With You

If you are leaving Spartanburg District Five and want to take your digital items (Google Drive & Schoology content), there are a few things you need to know. 366 more words