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Do Better Schools Lead to Higher Home Prices?

As your candidate for the Richmond County Board of Education, District 10, I am deeply concerned about the state of our schools. As a Richmond County resident and a homeowner, I am concerned about the value of my home. 275 more words


School should be a place...

Going to school should be about much more than getting into a university. It should be the way to access a multitude of pathways for your future… university is just one of them. 210 more words


Primary School National Offer Day 2016

More than 97% per cent of children have received a place at one of their top three choices of primary school, Somerset’s National Offer Day figures have revealed. 378 more words

Press Releases

Metro Schools receives four charter school applications in 2016

On Friday, April 1, Metro Schools received four (4) complete applications to operate charter schools.  All four applications seek to open elementary schools. 

Each application will go through a thorough review process with carefully trained reviewers who will examine each application according to a detailed scoring rubric before offering recommendations to the Board of Education.  276 more words

Metro Nashville Public Schools

10 Ways You Know You're an English Teacher

A bit of froth for the holidays. I found myself having the same thoughts I have every Easter break and realised that being an English teacher is part of my DNA now. 599 more words


What it Means to be an Ed Tech Coach

We interviewed Gillian Gouws, a well-experienced ed-tech coach, to find out what being an EdTech coach means?

What is an Ed Tech coach?     
An Educational Technology Coach is someone who assists teachers with technology integration into their lessons. 454 more words


Living History

The new national curriculum expects children as young as six to successfully tackle prehistory, but if you ask them what life was like in prehistoric Britain you’d think they gained most of their knowledge from cartoons. 1,237 more words