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Metro Schools' First Choice Festival - Sept. 20 at the Music City Center

No matter what your child needs or where you live, there is a public school that is right for you. Metro schools offer children advanced academics, personalized learning, music, arts, access to technology and much, much more! 142 more words


Can YOU do this Naplan Maths Problem?

Well, teachers, parents, educators . . . can YOU solve this one?

It caused a stir in the newspapers this week. And it’s a NAPLAN maths problem, so it MUST be easy! 226 more words


Why are my students off task so much?!

Providing Students with Clear Directions

Early in my teaching career I found myself struggling with classroom management. I found my students often talking and otherwise being off task during independent work. 326 more words


As we prepare for the new school year............... #PostAPositive

It is inevitable that at the end of August, our thoughts have been increasingly turning to the start of the new school year. indeed some colleagues have already returned. 1,139 more words


A common curriculum? School textbooks in early nineteenth-century Scotland


How and what children are taught in school continues to be a key societal concern, with debates around national curricula and exam results never far from the headlines. 1,324 more words


The Messy Tidbits of a Picture-Perfect Life: Questions

The older my boys get, the more exposed to the world they become. The more exposed to the world they become, the more they hear and pick up things that I cannot control. 307 more words


JeffCo MAP Scores 2015

The 2015 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) scores are in for Missouri school districts. We are told by the Post-Dispatch that the English and math tests were different this year, based on Common Core expectations. 322 more words

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