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SHORT STORIES IN FOCUS - In The Penal Colony (Franz Kafka)

Of all the totemic figures in modernist literature, Kafka is the easiest to read and the hardest to write about. Easy because his novels and stories, no matter what they are supposed to “mean” in a strict thematic sense, are always masterpieces of clarity, still irresistible a century on for their eerie intelligence, for the unflinching seriousness and rigour of their operating logic, and for what George Steiner once called their “exact light”, the careful attention paid to bodies and landscapes, voices and silences, dust-laden rooms and garrets and the nightmare scenarios which take place inside of them. 1,873 more words


Thank You, Miss Anglobitch

I’d like to take the time to write a short thank you note to all the Anglobitches out there. The ones who used and abused me from adolescence through the first half of my life. 858 more words

Editorials And Rants

The Plight of Solitude

I often do things alone. I tell everyone who asked ‘why’ that I love my own company, and I do. I enjoy the freedom of ‘not minding’ and ‘not caring’ of another. 902 more words

Living Life

News from the dreaming spires....take 2

A while ago I posted the following spoof on the loopiness of our current generation of students and academia in general. I thought it an amusing way to present what various big brains of the past made of Islam but then decided to take it down because it seemed just too wacky. 830 more words

notas & noções 1 (2ª série)

notas & noções 1 (2ªsérie)

sobre o “sentido” da vida

»»»»» As nossas vidas individuais são partículas ínfimas de matéria soltas no cosmos: expansão e deriva cósmicas. 408 more words

The Odd Couple: Hallmark and Schopenhauer

I am in the process of downsizing. As I have told just about anyone who will listen (my attempt to build in accountability), I am in the process of divesting myself of much of the paper I have collected over the past five decades. 261 more words

The Childfree Revolt Against Life

“I refused to acknowledge the idea of suffering inflicted by a God, I deluded myself that pessimism could be a solace of superior minds. What stupidity!

982 more words