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Karma-Moral-Egoism (4 of 5)

When a process of infection arises in the human organism, the entire organism is seized by fever, by illness. If we translate this into terms applicable to the earth organism we can say that what occultism maintains is true: When something immoral is done anywhere on earth it amounts to the same thing for the whole earth organism as a little festering boil on the human body, which makes the whole organism sick. 267 more words


Kant et Schopenhauer : une bibliographie fasciste

Toute bibliographie sur Kant a ses nationaux-socialistes : Alfred Baeumler, Gottfried Martin, Martin Heidegger (le moins connu d’entre eux)… (Pensées XLIII) (Heidegger est le philosophe des trois cités le plus connu mais le nazi le moins connu des trois, si vous voyez ce que je veux dire.)

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On The Ultimate Act of Excedence

In his essay ‘On Escape’, French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas diagnoses humanity with an insatiable ‘need’ which defines its essential character in relation to the remainder of reality. 3,438 more words


On this, my 38th birthday, I reflect briefly on the nature of tragedy through a consideration of Schopenhauer’s pessimism and its compatibility with Christianity. 

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Date: April 2, 2018
Location: Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin.

Amfortas: Lauri Vasar
Gurnemanz: Rene Pape
Parsifal: Andreas Schager
Klingsor: Falk Struckmann
Kundry: Nina Stemme… 1,107 more words


Schopenhauer and Marketing

In a previous blog I discussed the concept of free will, looking at a few thinkers thoughts on the topic. I looked at the existential view, Foucault’s structuralism and the psychoanalytic thoughts of Freud and Bernays. 504 more words

A Critique of Kantian Ethics

The problem I myself have with Kantian Ethics is the foundation which it is built on: The Categorical Imperative. However to understand the Imperative, we must first take a look at Kant’s Metaphysics. 1,214 more words