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Einstein on Religion and Science: Part One

A complete version of this article appeared in The New York Times Magazine on November 9, 1930. It was reprinted in Ideas and Opinions, Crown Publishers, Inc., 1954. 553 more words


When I was young and studying philosophy at Edinburgh University I remember becoming excited about the figurative use of prepositions; they seemed to crop up everywhere, openly and in disguise as Latin prefixes, in uses that clearly were not literal. 2,775 more words


Arthur Schopenhauer

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) tumbuh dalam keluarga yang tidak harmonis. Ayahnya meninggal karena bunuh diri dan meninggalkan bisnis keluarga yang harus diteruskan oleh Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer adalah seorang yang unik dan kekaguman Schopenhauer pada Buddha dan Immanuel Kant membuat Schopenhauer memilih untuk mendalami filsafat dan meninggalkan bisnis keluarganya. 539 more words


Intelligence and consciousness. Artifical intelligence and conscious robots? Soul and immortality.

Much recent attention has been given to studies of the brain and questions of artificial intelligence and consciousness. Here I discuss some relevant aspects from a philosophical point of view. 1,466 more words


The Metaphysics of World as Will

An Essay on Schopenhauer’s Justification for the Identification of the World with Will

by Steven de Ciantis


“Every glance at the world, to explain which is the task of the philosopher, confirms and establishes that the… 7,361 more words