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“The man who sees two or three generations is like someone who sits in a conjurer’s booth at a fair, and sees the tricks two or three times. 12 more words

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There is only one inborn error, and that is the notion that we exist in order to be happy. 



Superar una crisis con Schopenhauer

Tuvieron que pasar por una vida miserable para llegar a ser iluminados. Así que si estás pasando por un mal momento y si está analizando y procesando ese sufrimiento con la intención de solucionarlo, entonces, vas por buen camino. 797 more words


Free Will(y) by Schopenhauer

I thought I might try something different today. Usually I explain scientific, physical concepts, but lately I’ve been getting into some very fun and happy philosophical reading (Schopenhauer), and I thought to myself: why not try myself at explaining metaphysical concepts for a change? 616 more words

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Genius as the faculty of pure perception

Brainpickings.org published a nice little post on Schopenhauer’s concept of genius.

For Schopenhauer, genius is the faculty of pure perception and the post focusses on Schopenhauer’s concept of the relation between genius and imagination: 189 more words


On the Subject of Literature, Our Time and Life Today

I do not claim any superior knowledge of the subject of literature, but would like here to discuss the methods or means one can take when trying to develop his or her own literary career. 2,346 more words