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A Question of Balance

I have a friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been thinking of him lately and about a curious incident that happened a few years back. 576 more words

Music for Writing

Hey! I finally found a picture of my doppelgänger! Except I have a mullet of curly hair that men are jealous of and women swoon over. 511 more words

On what matters

In his introduction to The Essential Schopenhauer, Wolfgang Schirmacher writes that “a philosopher’s power lies not in discovering the new, as do scientists, or offering the unexpected, as artists do. 3,356 more words


that time when Schopenhauer was almost right

Meet Arthur Schopenhauer.

Schopenhauer was, by most accounts, a sad dude who couldn’t get his rocks off.

Basic thesis: all willing inevitably leads to suffering. Sure, that’s a bastardization: he distinguishes between the will – a synthetically-individualized conception of the will as something singular ( 423 more words


Live Life

 “For I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”
-Bob Dylan (My Back Pages) 622 more words

Eclipse Elevation

Many women I know online and in real life are answering the call of this eclipse… They are doing exactly what Schopenhauer mentions in this quote, withdrawing/elevating themselves above the mass. 477 more words