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Art Devours Loneliness

I believe that all people are afraid of the same thing: being alone. When we are born, it is already in our genes that command us: Never be alone. 1,668 more words


Note sur l’indonésien

Le texte suivant a été publié dans la défunte revue de l’Association franco-indonésienne Pasar Malam, Le Banian (n°20, décembre 2015), au comité de lecture de laquelle j’appartenais. 4,092 more words


To preach morality is like preaching to a stove

The higher worlds convey to us the impulses and powers for living, and in this way we get a basis for morality. Schopenhauer once said: “To preach morality is easy, to find a foundation for it, difficult.” But without a true foundation we can never make morality our own. 120 more words


Life Is Beautiful (1)

“Life Is Beautiful “(“La vita è bella”) is an Italian comedy-drama film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni.
In Italy, the film was released in 1997. 337 more words

Lesson U3a

A Defense of Meinong

Presently I have several other, larger posts in preparation for this blog. This entry submits a small matter which has occurred to me recently – a response to one of the more overbearing issues within the conflux of analytic and continental philosophy to date. 2,815 more words

Gareth Dickson - "The drone of the pipes is something that's seeped in to my music: I'm aware of it now years after beginning to form my playing style"

Nick Cave, Plastikman and Cocteau Twins: this three LPs one after the other (I suppose by chance) somehow suggest me a connection to your music. When I first discovered you, my mind brought me to some kind of ‘dark and strange’ songwriting, a new wave attitude, but also a structure of sounds that is not far from electronic music, like the minimal beats and melodies of ‘Sheet one’ by Richie Hawtin… 1,256 more words


I should be reading, but it's Christmas and I am writing this instead

“Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them; but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.”

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