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Un momento, un fin.

¨El suicidio es una manera de decirle a Dios, ´No puedes despedirme – Yo renuncio´¨. -Bill Maher.

La mente humana es tan compleja como el Universo, con tanto para descifrar y con tan poco tiempo disponible. 163 more words

The World is my Will

This truth, which must be very serious and grave if not terrible to everyone, is that a man also can say and must say: “The world is my will.” 436 more words


Beautiful inconsistency: Life, death and completeness in "Harold and Maude"

“Harold and Maude” received little acclaim when it was released 1971, both commercially and critically – in his 1972 review of the film, Roger Ebert wrote, “Harold doesn’t even make pallbearer.” Despite Ebert’s reservations about the film, “Harold and Maude” has become a cult classic. 1,070 more words


Arthur Schopenhauer, May 12, 2006

Another article inspired by Freud’s anniversary. The author contends that the German philosopher was a pioneer of introspective thought which influenced many great thinkers. He recalls testimonies by the like of Wagner, Nietszche, Mann and Tolstoy. 149 more words


Philosophische Häppchen #7

“Der allgemeinste Überblick zeigt uns, als die beiden Feinde des menschlichen Glückes, den Schmerz und die Langeweile.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit


Meeting Again in Old Age; Diversions

If two men who were friends in their youth meet again when they are old, after being separated for a life-time, the chief feeling they will have at the sight of each other will be one of complete disappointment at life as a whole; because their thoughts will be carried back to that earlier time when life seemed so fair as it lay spread out before in the rosy light of dawn, promised so much — and then performed so little.

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Are All the "Good Shots" Taken?

Several months ago, I came across this article in my photo magazine. Despite the age of the publication I decided to share it today anyway. 219 more words

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