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Freedom within Determinism, or "What exactly are my options here?"

There are only so many ways to leave home………I found myself saying this when trying to think of new routes to take for day rides. I saw it as a metaphor for the limited options for action one has at any given point in life. 362 more words


How to Grieve for a Child: Al-Kindi’s Advice

While philosophers seem to thrive on conflict and would really have nothing to say at all without substantial disagreements, they are remarkably consistent on how to respond to death, dying, and loss. 948 more words


Cavaliers don't wear tweed.

Section 143 is with the DC

The following day Vernon got dressed with a heightened sense of his usual self-consciousness. It was not just a matter of ‘what should he wear?’ but how what he wore, would be perceived. 611 more words

Creative Writing

The Mother and Father of Nations

“Roma,” said the protagonist of Hemingway’s novel A Farewell to Arms, “is the mother and father of nations.” His friends poured him another glass of grappa. 5,519 more words


First Steps (sticky)

STEP 1: Make Yourself Comfortable, prepare yourself an invigorating beverage, and fasten your seat-belt; this trail ain’t paved. Welcome to the newly improved atokenman blog. 1,768 more words

Jérôme Ferrari : Un dieu un animal

Yet another small masterpiece by someone who’s fast becoming one of my favourite contemporary authors. As well as being brilliantly written, this is one of those powerful novels which continue to reverberate in your head long after you’ve put them down. 3,739 more words


Voltaire: Annuities

I advise
living solely
those who are
paying your
annuities. It is the
only pleasure
I have left.


Margarete G. Mueller