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99 Gründe glücklich zu sein - Nr. 38

Blättert man als Übergangshandlung so ein bisschen in Schopenhauers »Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit«, findet man folgenden Satz: »Der allgemeinste Überblick zeigt uns, als die beiden Feinde des menschlichen Glückes den Schmerz und die Langeweile.« 477 more words

99 Gründe Glücklich Zu Sein

Putting Philosophy to Work

The unimaginable – certainly the unpredictable – just happened in American politics. Strong feelings swirl across the political and cultural spectrum. Families, friends, co-workers, partners are embattled, angry, anxious; exhausted. 1,294 more words


Big Blue Books: Bring Them Back!

W.J. Astore

Long ago in a used bookstore, I came across a “Big Blue Book” featuring the counsels and maxims of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.  My dad liked philosophy and was a fan of Schopenhauer, so I picked it up, I think for one dollar.   643 more words


Schopenhauer on the Power of Music – Brain Pickings

More from Great Philosophers on the Power of Music:

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          I sometimes think that we could fill a small library with the commentaries on music by philosophers, scientists, and other great thinkers. 124 more words


The ethnocentric portion of the neoreaction seems to have taken two different strategies comparable to the means of warfare represented by the two Indo-European sovereignty deities, known from the Vedas as Mitra and Varuna, Germanic myth as Tiwaz and Wodanaz, and Roman religion as Dius Fidius and Iuppiter (Jupiter). 262 more words

Spinoza on Descartes

The mind has greater power over the emotions and is less subject thereto, in so far as it understands all things as necessary.

Spinoza, Ethics, V…

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Theology And Philosophy

Forma Lógica

Se puede aceptar que la realidad se representa mediante el pensamiento, es decir que uno se puede formar una imagen de esta. Sin embargo para que el pensamiento pueda representar la realidad, puesto que puede no hacerlo, es necesario que la imagen comparta con la realidad cierta estructura. 931 more words

Forma Lógica