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The Misanthropy List

You shouldn’t be reading this, because this shouldn’t have been published. The truth is I have been more associal than usual and then I decided to do a conscience analysis to try to find out the reasons for it. 1,417 more words

Thoughts From The Abyss

Cutting the Grass...

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone…if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer (1818). 139 more words

A Note on the Will of Animals

There is a look in the eyes of animals, one that I was ignorant of before Nova became a part of my life. It has elements of aloofness, but also has a jarring pointedness. 310 more words


ah mine'l-aşk ve mine'l-garaib

âh mine’l ışkı ve hâlâtihî
ahraka kalbî bi harârâtihî

âh aşkın elinden ve onun (türlü) hallerinden (çektiklerim)…
(ki) hararetiyle kalbimi yakıp kavurdu.

Şeyh Galib

bir ah min el aşk…

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history has its place

His legs and feet ache,  having  served him well on his odyssey from the train station to more lucrative parts of the city.  Seeking to sell some  old books selected from his cherished collection  he negotiates with the  book exchange proprietor who rains further gloom by unceremoniously rejecting the smoke permeated novels. 207 more words


Schopenhauer’s wisdom: Not mistaking oneself for oneself

Rudiger Safranski’s following observation about Schopenhauer is one of the acutest insights on the topic I have read:

‘Arthur Schopenhauer was no Buddha, and fortunately for him he didn’t force himself to be one.

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The Untimely Meditations - Review

Last time we met Nietzsche, he wrote The Birth of Tragedy, which was a striking unique book but one that toasted his career as a philologist. 2,228 more words