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On The Ultimate Act of Excedence

In his essay ‘On Escape’, French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas diagnoses humanity with an insatiable ‘need’ which defines its essential character in relation to the remainder of reality. 3,438 more words


On this, my 38th birthday, I reflect briefly on the nature of tragedy through a consideration of Schopenhauer’s pessimism and its compatibility with Christianity. 

In his book… 1,697 more words



Date: April 2, 2018
Location: Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin.

Amfortas: Lauri Vasar
Gurnemanz: Rene Pape
Parsifal: Andreas Schager
Klingsor: Falk Struckmann
Kundry: Nina Stemme… 1,107 more words


Schopenhauer and Marketing

In a previous blog I discussed the concept of free will, looking at a few thinkers thoughts on the topic. I looked at the existential view, Foucault’s structuralism and the psychoanalytic thoughts of Freud and Bernays. 504 more words

A Critique of Kantian Ethics

The problem I myself have with Kantian Ethics is the foundation which it is built on: The Categorical Imperative. However to understand the Imperative, we must first take a look at Kant’s Metaphysics. 1,214 more words

Peeping through the veil of Maya

Why have I made a blog – something that by definition has to be shared publicly – when I am a massive introvert and extremely reluctant to let people know too much about me. 141 more words

"The world is my representation"* -- Arthur Schopenhauer

Rather coincidentally, through a friend I recently came to read a bit about German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. There are many interesting points in his philosophy. His starting point is the sentence in the title, that we cannot see the things how they really are, but only have a subjective idea of them, the way we see them. 622 more words