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Of Noise and Seasickness

At the beginning of his essay “On Noise,” the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer writes:

The super abundant display of vitality, which takes the form of knocking, hammering, and rumbling things about, has proved a daily torment to me all my life long. 905 more words

Know Your Words

Welt am Draht: A Nietzschean Reading of Two Motifs

By Andy Xu

Upon viewing Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s science fiction masterpiece Welt am Draht (1973) for a second time, I realized that it can be seen as an exploration of some of Nietzsche’s central ideas. 1,540 more words



I happened upon this word today: Megalothymia. It was a term coined by the political  philosopher Francis Fukuyama in his 1992 book The End of History and The Last Man. 882 more words

Power And Control

On the Emptiness of Satisfaction

Lucretius (On the Nature of Things, Book 3, 1080-85):

The trouble is that, so long as the object of our desire is wanting, it seems more important than anything else; but later, when it is ours, we covet some other thing; and so an insatiable thirst for life keeps us always open-mouthed.

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2018 Sep 23 ~ 26

“We live in an age when Jews are the wealthiest, safest & most culturally/politically over-represented group in the West – but claim they are the most victimized and we owe them mass civilizational suicide becaue of an event that it is illegal for us to question or investigate.” 5,386 more words

Almost All Of New Books Are Worthless!?

As I read more and more books, I’ve started to notice some books in the categories are saying the same thing but in slightly different words. 216 more words


My Fellow Sufferer: Schopenhauer and Buddhists on the Nature of Suffering

To a blank white fan:
Searching in earnest
Whether deep in my own heart
I have a selfish will; I find my heart wholly blank,

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