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Project Management Assessment System Brochure

Introducing the Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. Project Management Assessment System; a customized, comprehensive, and multi-layered system which will add real value to any project. Our holistic, tailored approach to assessing project management skills is what creates a unique and superior value offered by Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. 7 more words

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Managing ERP

Published in Waste Edge, May 2012

With the widespread adoption of Extended Producer Responsibility as the dominant waste management model across Canada, the need to manage large and complex supply chains and multiple stakeholders is bringing new types of challenges to the waste diversion sector.  43 more words

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Sustainability as Good Business: Avoiding the Pitfalls through Art and Science

Published in The Corporate Call, May 2012

No longer is sustainability an optional add-on to core business strategy. In order to remain competitive, attract investment and maintain a positive brand image, companies are now expected to demonstrate responsible social and environmental behaviour and to demand no less from their suppliers, Astute business leaders are turning this to their advantage, by wholeheartedly embracing sustainability and making “green marketing” a central aspect of their PR and brand promotion activities. 14 more words

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A Business Transformation Approach to Sustainability: The Role of Art and Science

Published in EHS Journal, March 2012

According to the Third Annual Sustainability Global Executive Survey, more organizations than ever before are putting sustainability on their business agendas, and businesses recognize the need to do so in order to remain competitive. 73 more words

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Getting sustainability right in Canadian health care

Published by The Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare; May 2012

Although Canadian health care leaders are gradually responding to the need to focus more on sustainability, the sector is lagging in the implementation of strategic sustainability programs that offer organisational as well as environmental benefits. 221 more words

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Project Manager Recruitment in the New Business Environment

Published on HR.com , October 12, 2011

One recent article reported evidence that among the most successful companies, up to four fifths of employees in total are now working on projects rather than traditional routine tasks (Morley, 2011). 258 more words

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After the Crisis - Project Management in the New Business Environment

Published in PM World Today, August 2011 (Vol. XIII, Issue VIII)

In what has often been referred to as the “new normal”, the predictable economic cycles which could formerly be relied upon are not predicted to reappear any time soon, and business growth is generally slow. 186 more words

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