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If you eat food, read newspapers, watch television or surf the internet, it is likely that you have heard about genetically modified organisms.  It is also likely that the media has instilled some… 975 more words

Farm Life

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This is an excellent article on GMO's. Before people jump on the trendy bandwagon of hating and bashing food with GMO's ... I think it's important that they read articles and facts from both sides. Very interesting.

We’re very interested in purchasing more swag. We have bought some for ourselves,but want to know, would our other friends and family be interested in purchasing them? 11 more words


Working out


So true to form….long time no blog…yeah yeah. I decided about 2 months ago that I had had enough with my unhealthy lifestyle. With my wedding day barreling towards me only 4 months away I knew I needed to change something if I didn’t want to look back every day of my life and think…dammit if I would’ve just worked out more, I’d look better in these wedding pics. 734 more words


Explain the web address?

This is a song that has put inspiration and worship into the hearts of our family.  It speaks great truths about how and why we worship our God.   186 more words

Simple Little Things. Handmade Baby Items

The day has finally come…I am now at the age where everyone is having kids. A lot of my friends are getting pregnant and I couldn’t be happier for them! 367 more words

Just My Thoughts!

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This is my friend Maria's beauty page. Please check her out. This particular entry is dedicated to a small business that her and her close friend started up. They make headbands, hair ties, and bibs, etc. for babies, and they're just adorable, reasonably priced, and personalized. I recommend checking it out if you know someone who's pregnant or just had a baby. They can be for toddlers, or adults too! Please also peruse her entire blog, as she's a true professional. She gives excellent no Bullshit advice. Which I very much like about her. If the hairstyle you picked out just isn't going to work with your hair...she'll straight up tell you. Not because she's one of those people who's controlling and just wants to do it "her way" (because she's not like that)...but because she genuinely looks out for her clients, and cares about her works of art...i.e. your head/face. She's doing the hair/makeup for my entire wedding party (with most likely some additional help). She's in the Hartland, Michigan area, and her contact info is on her blog. Please let me know if you have any questions I'd love to field them to her, or put you into contact with her directly. ciao!

Makin' Music Schtuff

I gots the music bug lately and rediscovered the “lost tracks” for my CD release Professional Gypsy. I am thrilled to announced that I will officially release the disk for digital distribution on April 21, 2014. 254 more words


Days 7 through 21- 3/16/14 - 3/30/14

Okay, so I got a cheap phone and the pictures are horribly out of focus! In the future, I will employ my husband to take some studio quality photos with his new Nikon DSLR. 222 more words