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Deep Blue and Dirty - CD Release

The Southern Cross Soloists, Stephen Emmerson and Lucinda Collins are the outstanding performers on a newly released CD of recent chamber and vocal music by Andrew Schultz. 238 more words


Django Unchained - Story Analysis (Part III)

Arrival at Candyland


  • In the lion’s den, and the complications stack up. Now our heroes must contend with another rock in their shoes, the head slave, Stephen.
  • 1,563 more words
A Pair Of Tools

Starbucks Baristas Talking Race Relations: The Worst Idea Since Pajama Boy

Remember the launch of Healthcare.gov?

It failed spectacularly.

So much so, that the Liberal Brain-trust (now, there’s an Oxymoron for you) decided that what they needed to smooth things over was a snappy advertisement, featuring a stereotypical 20-something year old nebbish, up in the living room from his Mom’s basement, sitting around in his footie pajamas, sipping hot chocolate, and talking about Obamacare. 867 more words


The New Age of Racial Discourse: Where are We Going?

It’s easily one of the most sensitive topics in the political arena in almost any developed country. Social traditionalists and reformers alike use it to attack one another through the media-verse almost every day. 386 more words


springtime and sculpture in Copenhagen

Yesterday I went on a ‘photowalk’ with a good friend of mine. The sun is shining these days, so it was kind of the perfect circumstances for showing Copenhagen from its best sight. 327 more words


Django Unchained - Story Analysis (Part II)

Dealing with the Brittle Brothers


  • Now, remember one thing. Finding the Brittle Brothers is a mini-goal in this story. It’s a stepping stone to the more important…
  • 1,685 more words
A Pair Of Tools