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Trump Demands Germany Repay Cost of Making "Hogan's Heroes"

Angela Merkel has rejected claims from Donald Trump that Germany owes the US vast sums of money to cover the costs of producing the TV show “Hogan’s Heroes”. 207 more words


Blood & Holy water by Joynell Schultz

Blood & Holy Water by Joynell Schultz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I read the story’s short. I was interested. The cover only made me want to read more. 110 more words

Obama Digs a Deeper Hole For Democrats

At his year end press conference, Obama said he wanted to take an active role in the future of his party.  But, Obama is if anything, an ideologue and is blind to how his latest action has put his party in a deep hole to start off the era of Trump. 798 more words

Gabe Iacoboni

Leadership Lesson I Learned from Reading Peanuts-Lesson # 2 Linus

by Lena Arnold

Day 2-Lessons I learned from LINUS-Enter Linus, the super intelligent kid who could quote scripture like an old country pastor. Who dispensed wisdom like a sage, and who dragged around a blanket while sucking his thumb.  158 more words


Leadership Lessons I Learned from Reading Peanuts Lesson # 1

by  Lena Arnold

November 22, 2016

Like most Americans my age I grew up reading Peanuts and watching every Peanuts special that came on TV.  On a recent library trip with my family I rediscovered the world of Peanuts and came to understand just how much of a genius Charles Shultz was. 226 more words


The Tuba Tooter

Directors: John Foster & George Stallings
Release Date:
 June 4, 1932
Stars: Tom and Jerry
Rating: ★★★

In ‘The Tuba Tooter’ Schultz, a tuba player, returns to his homeland Germany, accompanied by his yodeling Dachshund Fritz. 147 more words

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