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Patents and Innovation

There has been much debate in the past and today about whether patents impede innovation. Some think we should abolish patents, some disagree. One can research perspectives from both sides themselves. 713 more words


In Praise of Israel Kirzner

Over the holiday weekend, I stumbled across, to my pleasant surprise, the lecture given just a week ago by Israel Kirzner on being awarded the 2015 Hayek medal by the Hayek Gesellschaft in Berlin. 2,630 more words


Technological change, culture, and a "social license to operate"

Technological change is disruptive, and in the long sweep of human history, that disruption is one of the fundamental sources of economic growth and what… 1,283 more words


Aghion's new Growth Pact for Europe

Philippe Aghion and Ufuk Akcigit have a brand-new draft of a survey* about innovation and growth from a Schumpeterian perspective which they will present on a conference in Brussels next week. 1,087 more words


Summer Project Overview: The Great Economists

Economics has a rich tradition with implicit and explicit views of what it means to be human, and how people should engage with the world and each other. 102 more words


Can Bernie Sanders Succeed? No. I Do Not Think He Can.

Bernie Sanders has garnered a lot of enthusiasm among socialists (and even some anarchists, from what I’ve seen) over the past few months, and I still can’t figure out why. 908 more words

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