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Economics in disarray

Economics has problems. Because of Samuelson, it got a half-century case of physics envy. Then people read Schumpeter and McCloskey, and realized economics can’t predict a whit. 213 more words

Economic Thought

Shale, mental models, strategic change, renewal, and railways...

“In other words the problem that is usually being visualised is how capitalism administers existing structures, whereas the relevant problem is how it creates and destroys them………However, it is still competition within a rigid pattern of invariant conditions, methods of production and forms of industrial organization in particular, that practically monopolizes attention.

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Offshore Economics

Innovation activity in Germany is becoming more concentrated

This is an English translation of a column I published together with my colleague Christian Rammer from ZEW on oekonomenstimme.org. A pdf version can be downloaded… 961 more words


My college degree made me less employable

In 1942, Joseph Schumpeter wrote that the expansion of higher education beyond labor market demand creates for white-collar workers “employment in substandard work or at wages below those of the better paid manual workers.” What’s more, “it may create unemployability of a particularly disconcerting type. 39 more words

Imagine there's no nature? It isn't hard to do

In an earlier post I wrote about an article that discussed a Trucost report on natural capital. In this article I wanted to write about the report itself ( 659 more words


Heideggerian Economics

Lately I’ve had the poor judgment to start reading Heidegger’s Being and Time. I’ve been putting it off for years now, largely because it has no connection with the kind of philosophy I’m interested in. 6,539 more words


Trumpistan's Grand Mufti begins his creative destruction in two weeks

By ann summers

February 2014 interview on Fox News:

“You know what solves it?” he said of America’s sorry state. “When the economy crashes, when the country goes to…

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