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Why Most Things Fail


“Gales of creative destruction” – Schumpeter

World Book Day today. And I have no shortage of books on failure. They are a regular gift item and recommendation from friends and fans of this blog. 151 more words

Turning Adversity To Advantage

Book Excerpt

Eine angeblich “fruchtlose”, “graue” Theorie ist unerläßlich, um das bunte Bild der Wirklichkeit verstehen zu können. Ohne sie ist es nicht möglich, Ursache und Wirkung in der Mannigfaltigkeit der empirischen Wirtschaft einwandfrei zu erkennen.

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Economy Absurd

Coming to grips with super specialisation

This article appeared originally in Gulf News: link to original article

We have come a long way since the first time labour specialisation was ever mentioned. 640 more words

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The sunk-cost fallacy

JDN 2457075 EST 14:46.

I am back on Eastern Time once again, because we just finished our 3600-km road trek from Long Beach to Ann Arbor. 1,997 more words

Heuristics And Biases

Worth Reading: Commas and Copyediting

The newest issue of The New Yorker has a wonderful article about commas and copyediting by the magazine’s own copyeditor, Mary Norris. “Holy Writ: Learning to Love the House Style… 68 more words

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