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But on the Other Hand...

This photograph is of me working on my balance on a slack line. To accomplish this level of balance, you must have a strong core and foundation in your lower half, while being free flowing on top. 335 more words

Arts Entrepreneurship Theory

Schumpeter v. Kirzner: a discussion wherein Sam blogs about the wrong articles

NOTE: As I’m uploading my post, I’ve noticed that everyone else commented on last week’s readings, while I wrote mine about this week’s. Clearly I’ve misinterpreted the prompt to reflect on the reading materials for the week. 522 more words

Arts Entrepreneurship Theory

Disrupting the existing paradigm

Linda Essig’s 2015 article, “Means and Ends: A Theory Framework for Understanding Entrepreneurship in the US Arts and Culture Sector,” presents an overview of creative and traditional entrepreneurship theories by reputed scholars in the last century. 387 more words

Arts Entrepreneurship Theory

Political Theory 1 Final Essay: The Friedman Solution: Eliminating Political Inequality by Eliminating Politics

This is the final paper I wrote for my political theory class that I took this fall at Columbia University. The paper explores the new Republican tax code and examines some of the theory that supports economic inequality and also that supports government action to reduce economic inequality. 25 more words

Econ Red Pill 3: Welcome to Post-economics

When I was an undergrad student more than 15 years ago I was fascinated by the works of futurists like Daniel Bell and Alvin Toffler… 1,059 more words


Economics in disarray

Economics has problems. Because of Samuelson, it got a half-century case of physics envy. Then people read Schumpeter and McCloskey, and realized economics can’t predict a whit. 213 more words

Economic Thought

Shale, mental models, strategic change, renewal, and railways...

“In other words the problem that is usually being visualised is how capitalism administers existing structures, whereas the relevant problem is how it creates and destroys them………However, it is still competition within a rigid pattern of invariant conditions, methods of production and forms of industrial organization in particular, that practically monopolizes attention.

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