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‘Terminator 2′ Gets A 3D Re-Release In 2017

‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to theaters once again in 2017. This time around, fans can see the movie in 3D! 12 more words


The "Angry" Resting Face

My wife: “Your natural face looks so intimidating!” she says, smiling.

Me: “Hmm?”

My wife: “That’s probably why that couple decided to walk around you instead of cutting across in front of you like they were about to do.” 280 more words


Die Hard: Walking On Broken Glass

The action movie hero is a strange beast. These brawny archetypes affect an everyman attitude in the first act, yet by the third have proven to be indestructible superhumans. 557 more words


#26: The Schwarzenegger Special

We all know that if Schwarzenegger shows up in a movie, it’s guaranteed to feature some good science. Or is it? We take a look at the back catalogue of Mia’s favourite action star to see just how good his movie science is. 34 more words


Science Guy Bill Nye's Global Meltdown

The Five Changes of Climate Grief

National Geographic (2015)

Film Review

The Five Changes of Climate Grief is a humorous documentary in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a psychiatrist and Bill Nye the Science Guy plays himself as the latter grapples with climate denial (not the kind Exxon pays for but the personal kind all of us experience). 199 more words