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Coming to Terms With Being Latino

By Conor Sanchez

As a Peace Corps Volunteer living abroad, you’re constantly introducing yourself to people who may be meeting an American for the first time in their life. 1,327 more words


Maggie and Zombies

Hello everyone, watched this last week but haven’t posted about it until I thought about what the movie was to me or in general.

So the jist*, this movie is about what to do with someone you love that’s been bitten by a zombie and will eventually become a zombie. 210 more words


More Thoughts on "Maggie"

My Rating: Worth Seeing Once


(I would recommend watching the movie before reading this unless you don’t mind spoilers)

I’ve been thinking more about this movie and wondering why my last blog felt a little on the blah side. 1,019 more words


Thoughts on "Maggie"

My Rating: Worth Seeing Once


(I recommend watching the movie before reading this unless you don’t mind spoilers)

Not too long ago I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in a zombie movie called “Maggie.” Being Schwarzenegger and zombies, I remember thinking it could be interesting, but somehow never went to see it. 682 more words


Amazing and Inspiring Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivational Speech

Arnie talks about the obstacles he faced in becoming one of the most successful movie stars and body builders of all time. Inspiration video.

ArnoldC: the programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's one liners

Finnish programmer Lauri “lhartikk” Hartikka had the (good?) idea to create a programming language based on the famous one liners from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies, like “talk to the hand”, or the infamous “I’ll be back”. 124 more words


And You Thought Salvation Was Bad

“If you’ve found your way to this article, odds are you remember The Terminator, but let’s refresh some key plot points. In the mysterious and distant future–1997, to be exact–Skynet, a highly-advanced artificial intelligence, is introduced to the world. 27 more words

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