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Commando (1985)

Before watching Commando I made a list of things that I expected to see; based on the title of the film, the 80’s setting and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 472 more words

2016 Film-A-Day

Stuff in the basement

Over the course of time that I’ve been doing Emerald Aisle Seats, I’ve become very comfortable sitting in cinema screenings that are empty or pretty damn close to it. 862 more words


The Terminator mini-bust for Watsoncon. Based on the T800’s appearance in TERMINATOR 2: Judgment Day, this 1/6th scale mini-bust was sculpted with Sculpey Firm over an aluminum foil and apoxie armature, set on a wood-block based (which has been distressed to look like it’s taken gunfire). Photos by Tony Martins Photography.


Thal (Austria)

Thal is a very small village in Austria, where the bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was born. The village is about 3 km from Graz, so we did a day trip to visit the museum, the lake and the local restaurant. 246 more words


Dear Mr Schwarzenegger

The following post came up on my news feed on Facebook, shared from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s feed yesterday (better late than never) and I think it’s so good that it’s worthy of spreading as far and wide as possible: 612 more words