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The Running Man

In 2019, Ben Richards, a scapegoat to a corrupt authority, fights for his life as part of the ultimate game show, The Running Man.

Based on the Richard Bachman novel (a pseudonym of Stephen King), Arnold Schwarzenegger was riding the crest of a wave of popularity and cuts a striking, if awkward, figure as Ben Richards, the military man who finds himself trying to overthrow a media obsessed dictatorship, whilst battling to survive The Running Man game show. 260 more words


The Reason Why You Should Find A Mentor, Starting Today

Think big.

After reading a book called Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger I got myself thinking about all the life lessons he shared in the book. 606 more words

Personal Development

The Media: Incremental Progress

When Donald Trump first started running for president, the media treated it like a joke. The prevailing tone was, “Can you believe this guy? I mean, really, he is so crude!” It was pretty much the same way the US political media covered other candidates from world of show business like Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger: incredulity and a touch of condescension. 168 more words


100% Badass

This entry is going to be a little on the serious side, so I’m going to lead in with a video of my cat being extra special cute because he’s the best little marshmallow there is yes he is yes he is. 855 more words

Daily Blog

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Fool of our “Fool-in-Chief”

When “Celebrity Apprentice” was canceled recently, Trump immediately blamed its failure on Arnold Schwarzenegger for its low ratings. In his tweets, he made a sad attempt to make fun of the movie star. 144 more words