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67. Total Recall

Total Recall goes beyond foreshadowing. “You get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the entire planet,” a memory salesman tells Doug Quaid, a working everyman of the future, who dreams of travelling to Mars but can only afford to trick himself with memory implants. 313 more words


Terminator to Trump

Arnie’s got a message for you, Mr Trump . . .


A bodybuilder gave me life direction

The person who motivated me to do it and dive into business is a bodybuilder. He is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger has been a household name long before; but I never really bothered to Google his life, let alone know how to pronounce his name. 987 more words


Gold's Gym

Baptiste Ostertag, Switzerland

Niklas Wykrota, Germany

Hey, Niklas and me decided to talk about the Gold’s Gym, because it’s one of the most famous Gym in the world. 41 more words

I Love To Get Ripped For The 4th Of July...

July 4th is a great holiday.

Not only is it the biggest American holiday over the summer, but it is also a patriotic and symbolic occasion. 234 more words

64. The Terminator

Lovers fight a cyborg. Behold elegance, as The Superauteur┬áJames Cameron turns grandest sci-fi stakes (“war to exterminate mankind”) into an essential conflict, a triangle of flesh, metal, and weaponry. 328 more words