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017 - Using Ginger Ale to Settle an Upset Stomach

We’ve all been there. Whatever the reason, your stomach just isn’t feeling quite right. Maybe you’re nervous or maybe you went on a roller coaster or maybe you’re hungry or maybe you’re just gonna barf – no matter what, you need relief. 688 more words


Schweppes mete a los madrileños en una bola de nieve gigante

Schweppes y Platea han querido ofrecer una experiencia única y diferente a los madrileños estas navidades. Han creado una Bola de Nieve gigante  en la entrada de Platea Madrid, que mide cinco metros de altura y cuenta con nieve e iluminación que se activan con  un brindi

What's In Your Kitchen?

I baked banana bread the other day for a friend and was able to set aside a small amount for my housemate and I to share. 746 more words



The Capitol Building, also known as the Carrión building or the most popular “the one with the Schwepps sign”, is one of the most emblematic of Madrid’s architecture. 116 more words


Gin and Tonic Club

Gin and Tonic Club

I have been trying to get this post done for ages.  Like ages.  It has been months since we spoke to Fever Tree and started working together (they came us some free stock). 845 more words