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I'm an Apeman!


Director: Matt Reeves

Starring: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell, and Gary Oldman

Plot: Survivors of a cataclysmic plague battle Caesar and his clan of super smart apes for control of the greater San Francisco area. 687 more words


Faster, Stronger, Better - Now!

Credit: Nanotech Magazine, December 2 2014 issue

How can one humble carbon atom change the world?  This mighty element, the giver of life of all that inhabits the universe, never ceases to wonder those who study it, apply it and make good use of its properties.   400 more words

Science Fiction

The Trailer Park: Eva

Hey Gang

Today’s trailer Eva. Eva is one in a many of current films dealing with robots and them getting  emotional intelligence. The next big one coming up is… 177 more words


Ships Of The U.E.G part 95

Added somemore stuff including two shuttlebays.


Was the Blade Runner One of 'Them'?

I have seen Blade Runner again, this one being the Director’s Cut, the 1992 slightly altered version of Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic. It was a midnight showing at the local independent theater. 820 more words


12 Monkeys: Be Still My Beating Heart

So, the other day as I was driving in to work, I heard the trailer for the new SyFy channel series “12 Monkeys.”

If I hadn’t been driving a car, I would have fallen out of my seat. 463 more words

12 Monkeys

Download Ex Machina 2015 Full Movie

Gleeson is Caleb, a jobbing programmer at the most well-known online look for motor . To his satisfaction, he victories an workplace attract to invest per 7 days at the distant house of the organization’s CEO, development expert Nathan , performed by man of when Isaac, wearing a hairs and cups combination that gives him the overall look of an Islamic hipster at the end of Ramadan. 172 more words