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A Great TV Show... Lost On Our Generation

This show endured 3 separate network runs and countless attempts at censorship. It’s the subject of a movie, several novels, a thrill ride, and even a pinball game. 799 more words

TV Series

Guest Post by Author Sechin Tower

My guest blogger today is Sechin Tower (SechinTower.com).  He is the author of Mad Science Institute: A Novel of Creatures, Calamities, and College Matriculation.   548 more words


Alcatraz finale (spoilers)

Alcatraz completed its first season on March 26, and while the finale didn’t make me an all-out supporter of the show, it did offer up a few elements that may bring me back for a second season should the show be renewed. 563 more words



Admittedly it really has taken me quite a while to get around to letting myself watch FRINGE proper, without holding back. I do get continually put off by huge hype of shows, but I think with this one it was initially the visual look of the show and of course the basic ‘X-Files’ copy tag that it was gaining unfairly. 297 more words

Caprica - Pilot

Written by Remi Aubuchon and Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Jeffrey Reiner

After his daughter Zoe is killed in a terrorist bombing by a rogue monotheistic group, Daniel Greystone discovers a virtual club in the holoband with a hidden, self-aware copy of Zoe. 739 more words


LOST Chapter Ten: Raised By Another

Written By Lynne E. Litt
Directed By Marita Grabiak

Believing herself to be attacked in the caves, Claire begins to panic.  Hurley decides to take a census. 2,185 more words

Lost TV Series

Need help identifying old TV sci-fi series

Mum and I have just started watching season 1 of Primeval and it reminded her of an older series she used to watch.

The basic premise was each week a group of tourists were taken to a point in history.  71 more words