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On worldbuilding: The Nihilistic Architect and the Negligent Gardener

George R R Martin’s now famous analogy of the architect and the gardener distilled the craft of novel-writing into two distinct creative approaches. I would suggest this is a particularly useful analogy when thinking specifically about worldbuilding – the manner in which writers go about creating a fictional universe for their story to live within. 1,233 more words


Cloak and Dagger!

Written by Gavin

Marvel and Freeform premiered the new Cloak and Dagger trailer Tuesday morning with a theme of discovery and struggle. The trailer examines the different backgrounds of Cloak and Dagger and their struggles to manage their new-found abilities. 142 more words


Science Fiction vs. Literary Fiction

In this article on literary definitions, Bristish novelist Juliet McKenna argues that far from being inferior to literary fiction, science fiction and fantasy can create debate around the most complex political issues. 1,221 more words


Greetings and Salutations kind readers! This blog is dedicated to housing and archiving the writing of Cultural Enthusiast Reginald Rose. I will be updating monthly, sometimes bi-weekly and will be posting a series of on going stories and one shot shorts. 102 more words

Spaceship Nordri Chapter 22

“So, should we find the package or clean up this mess first?” I asked finally.

He just nodded, his hands still covering his bright red face. 882 more words