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Review: Cress

Because if there was one thing Cress knew about heroes, it was that they could not resist a damsel in distress.
And she was nothing if not in distress. 377 more words


Geek Words : Ready Player One

So I gave Ernest Cline ‘s 2011 Sci-Fi, geek love -in novel a read.

I heard the cries of ‘Willy Wonka for the digital generation!’, ‘The ultimate geek fantasy’, and other similar shouty buzz – phrases designed to appeal to a specific and rapidly expanding subculture, and sourced an ebook (Wade inspired) and devoured my through it. 546 more words

Cool Stuff

B.O.S.S. -- Game of Life, Part 17

It’s been a while since I’ve written Game of Life.   Shortly after taking refuge in an abandoned mansion, Jeff and Harriet were contacted by a Government official, who told them they’re both infected.   1,710 more words


Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun Complete Season One Collection

A few episodes into A Certain Scientific Railgun, you realise that it’s filling the gaps between the action that went on in A Certain Magical Index… 483 more words


Duality-52 : Queen's Hat

Named first by a British explorer. According to her, the large, flourishing fungi fruiting bodies that always accompanied this species resembled the outstanding hats always worn by one of her nation’s past monarchs. 96 more words


Overplaying the Whitewashing Card with The Martian

Back in June, our NOC mastermind Keith Chow wrote a probing article about how a Korean American character was being whitewashed in the film adaptation of the Andy Weir novel  1,111 more words