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Review: This is How You Lose The Time War, Amal El Mohtar, Max Gladstone

Genre: Sci-fi/Romance

Spoiler Free Summary: This novel is about two rival time travellers, fighting in a war. Sending love letters to each other throughout the timeline. 322 more words


Soul Raging - Review

About the Book:

Title: Soul Raging
Series: Book of Wars (Book 3)
Author: Ronie Kendig
Genre: Action, Adventure, Suspense, Sci-fi ish, Christian, Fiction
Synopsis: Sometimes, the only hope is the enemy. 532 more words

Book Review

Games Without Frontiers

Usually, in the blogging circle I frequent, we blame Roger. He’ll make a comment on either on his own blog or on yours, which will set your mind ticking, like a bomb, which usually results in some kind of unusual side project that you really had no intention of getting involved in. 954 more words


Reach Out and Own It

See it and believe it. It’s all right there for you. Thanks for the lovely imagery, lovely D.

Nature / Grokabout

Desensitization and Projection

Just watched a video where visual effects artists critiqued the CG and practical effects on some show called The Boys.

Well. So this is what the kids are watching these days. 1,369 more words

Modern Cluelessness

Novel Collaboration ("Identify"): Chapter 8 Part II.

Chapter 9 is ready to be claimed.

Here are the guidelines and rules if you are interested in participating in this project:

  • Leave a comment expressing direct interest in writing or claiming a chapter.
  • 2,499 more words

Smart cushion

This can’t really be classified as a sci-fi dream since it is entirely plausible in the not-to-distant future, if not already.

The time when technology finally took over the war the world. 369 more words

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