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Chargers announce joint training camp practices with Saints


August 1st- @RamsNFL
August 15th + 16th – @Saints https://t.co/04uoI9Y9IT

— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) June 18, 2019

The New Orleans Saints will be making a number of long trips to the West Coast this year, but they’re making the most of them.

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New Orleans Saints

New Sciency Science Fiction Book Pick for July

I am straying from my usual picking of a novel this month because there are hardly any new science fiction novels being published in July. Yes, there are some, but they tend to be parts of series or are tie-ins to science fiction films or TV series. 239 more words

Men in Black: International Review

I have very little interest in the Men in Black franchise, to be perfectly honest with you all. The first one is such a product of the nineties that if it were a person it would have Spice Girls posters, and wear hammer pants, and its sequel isn’t much better. 613 more words


Dark Phoenix (2019)

Thanks to everyone’s negativity in regards to Dark Phoenix, I went in with little to no expectations. I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed the movie, compared to the last X-Men movie, Apocolypse. 78 more words


Again Again


I said I was back, and then school started kicking my ass. So I’ve decided to never say those words again because they will make a liar of me. 30 more words


Colorful, dramatic, and large-scale: riffing on several sf/f topics

Epics in Space!

A while ago I was chatting with an acquaintance online, who had asked me what kinds of science fiction I liked. I tried not to ramble too much, so I listed off some sub-genres along with a comment that I like a lot of different things. 2,059 more words

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Episode #24: Sci-Fi Madness

In this episode, we discuss the 7 tips on how to write sci-fi by science fiction author Max Barry. We break down his tips and go over how we would do things. 51 more words