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Where Have All The People Gone? Movie Review (1974)

I just finished a review of Where Have All The People Gone?. Click the image or link to read the review. It’s a great post apocalyptic style movie staring the great Peter Graves.


Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C

Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C

So, this is C and the idea behind it is that it’s a sort of mobile station inhabited by a collection of races rather than a single one and away from the laws of any single race. 108 more words


Day428: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial B

Day428: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial B

So the next letter for yesterday which was B gives us this funky looking ship here. Designed as an attempt at an Assault sort of craft (I envisage it as half carrier half destroyer designed to operate alone or as a command ship in a smaller fleet). 92 more words


We have our young Lando Calrissian!

It was announced today, by Lucasfilm, that none other than actor, writer, and Grammy-nominated artist Donald Glover has been cast to play the part of Lando Calrissian – everyone’s favorite Cloud City dwelling charmer – in the yet-untitled Han Solo Star Wars film. 200 more words


In defense of market-friendly writing

I’m participating in a creative writing workshop this semester.
Yesterday, the teacher tried to get us to think outside of the box by proclaiming that he didn’t much care for work that’s market-friendly. 1,054 more words


On High

Jason Metz was sorry they’d all be dead before they were successful but that’s how the cookie of environmental science crumbled. Or maybe not.  Maybe some of the crackpot longevity studies back on Earth would turn up something and they could all get a hundred-year refill and live to see a nice little patch of cool green, thriving and happy on the blistering surface of Venus. 2,452 more words

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The Blackstar Gambit

Imzadi Publishing is proud to share the new cover art for The Blackstar Gambit, the seventh book in Jan Domagala’s thrilling sci-fi Col Sec Series. Now that the art work has been completed the release date won’t be far behind! 25 more words

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