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Doctor Who S10E07 "The Pyramid at the End of the World" Review

It is often agreed among many writers that the middle chapter of a trilogy is the most difficult. Even filmmakers agree about this. Peter Jackson has often called… 1,399 more words

Race day race games

Today is, of course, the day of the Indianapolis 500. The race should be well under way by the time that I finish this post. 1,540 more words

Video Games

Strawberries and Writing & 037 Pivotal Point

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The bottom, quite literally, is falling out of strawberries. The bottom is coming off the hanging plant hanger in which I put the strawberries. 880 more words


Human Instinct

    My fingers trembled and twitched, as my body seemed to sink into a vulnerable feeling of no control. I’ve been poisoned again, with an unknown substance running its course through my fragile veins. 3,147 more words


The Joneses #5

A Hot Time in the Old Town

Luna sat in the cockpit of The Starcrossed, staring out the window into empty space, trying to ignore the commotion in the back. 2,403 more words


Written and illustrated by Alex Kirkpatrick

Story by Alex Kirkpatrick and Jordan Collver

Science Communication


As Purshga closed the door the detection system started beeping erratically, signalling impending doom. Vector and Purshga strapped themselves in all while Vector set their escape speed at Mach ten.

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