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The Martian – Review

I had seen the movie in theater which was released in 2015. This Feb of 2017, when I read the novel, it was double the pleasure. 148 more words

Pen And Paper

Advent of Carcosa - Counter-Memes Part 2

Here are the last of the major groups that oppose the CU and its agenda. This is also the last installment of the introduction to the game, although my designer’s notes will follow next week. 664 more words


Gwendolyn the Demon-Slayer

Wandering the desolate wastelands, she eliminates all the vile scum that gets in her way.

Art by Noah Catan.


Get Out

Usually I put a synopsis first, but I’ll put a trailer here instead – as it captures the intensity and atmosphere of this film much better than I could: 337 more words


Katherine Arden's "The Bear and the Nightingale" - A Review.

Story   ★★★★★ 
Writing ★★★★★  
Cover   ★★★★ 
Mystery ★★★★

PROS: Captivating 
      Well written
      Beautiful characters 
      Vivid imagery and descriptions 

CONS: occasional over-use of adjectives

Well hello there! 749 more words


Book Reviews: Violins, Bricks, and Justice

(Not me. . . overheard)
“I’m wearing sweaty bags. . . what?. . . oh! Baggy sweats! Baggy sweats! LOL!”

A world-class violinist writes about growing up as a Korean prodigy in England, losing control of her life and career to various Svengali types, and most importantly the theft of her Stradivarius. 971 more words


Phobe (1995) - Movie Review

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Public Access Aliens

Phobe is a cheaply made 1995 sci-fi action flick that, like most cheaply made 1990’s sci-fi action flicks, feels so “heavily inspired” by earlier more successful (and higher budgeted) sci-fi action flicks that no one (except maybe the director) will really take much offense in it being called a “rip-off”. 1,756 more words

Movie Review