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Jen Air: The Little Queen on Smashwords

I’ve decided not to remain just exclusive to Kindle, and opt out of the KDP Select thingy.  So now, The Little Queen and future novels will be available on Smashwords (who will I hope eventually distribute it on other major ebook stores… I’ll keep you posted when I know more). 165 more words


Captain's Log

Captain’s Log Earthdate 201605.04:

The ship is out of danger for the time being. I was able to divert enough power from primary systems to the warp core to provide a temporary boost in warp capacity. 197 more words


A Thousand Pieces of You Book Review

Oh my God. OH MY GOD. HOLY HELL. That was just … overwhelming, to say the least. The whole concept was literally breathtaking and astounding. I’ve never felt this way towards any sci-fi/fantasy book, and no, I’m not comparing this to any of the books I’ve previously read. 427 more words

Young Adult

Thank You Recent Echo Purchasers!!!

Aaaaaannnnnnnddd  It’s UP-AND-AT’-EM!!!  Two Awesome Peoples have done me the honor of purchasing Echo Volume 2 as of this morning!!!  Woohoo!!!  Thank You you two fountains of Awesomeness!!!   64 more words


The Empire Strikes Back Review

Happy International Star Wars Day! In celebration, I am reviewing this movie, along with other originals.No, I am not naming it Episode V, because I am reviewing the unaltered edition which was still called the Empire Strikes Back. 754 more words

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

A new adventure begins…it has been thirty years since the defeat of Darth Vader and the Empire. A new threat arises from the First Order and it is up to the resistance along with a group of ragtag heroes to stop them. 232 more words