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Voidnich | Liafnaki | Tape 3

Pailoni System, BX-156-3

“We catched a signal!”, said Commander Peringar towards the rest of the crew. “It came from the the second moon of BX-156-3. A strange message I couldn’t reckognize as any we have ever received previously. 884 more words

The Almanac


I wonder
About the stuff

In nooks of Stephen’s mind

That he’ll enjoy alone in private

But not allow himself
To write


Minor Premise

Ego and personal demons come into play with Eric Schultz’s sci-fi noir thriller Minor Premise.

Ethan Kochar (Sathya Sridharan) is the son of a neuroscientist who recently passed away. 371 more words


Hugh Likes Fiction: Finna

Written by Nino Cipri
Published by Tor.Com

The Skinny: A broken-up couple adventures through a muliversal furniture store on a desperate rescue mission.

Imagine an IKEA that goes on forever. 223 more words


One YA a Day - Day 339

Day 339

Cast of Wonders 435: Volumes by Laura Duerr

A lone older woman in the post apocalypse, she keeps cats, and protects a library, and she can’t abide loud noises lest her refuge is given away. 230 more words


Organizing more mechs

And now I have finished organizing the mechs for the 5th McCarron’s Armored Cavalry and 1st Aragon Borderers.

1st Aragon Borderers

Recon Lance


A Listener Reviews: Forgotten SciFi

Forgotten SciFi

Episodes: 10 so far

Length: 30 – 90 minutes

I’ve listened to… 4 episodes – working my way through more!

The Premise: Forgotten SciFi is an anthology podcast focused on reading the original, as-written foundations of modern sci-fi. 557 more words

Podcast Review