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Not as weird as you might think. Kafka and quantum theory.

I am fascinated by the world of quantum physics and I love a good science fiction story so when my friend sent this article to me today I was thrilled to find out that, yeah, reality ain’t nothing until we observe/measure it. 143 more words


Is the universe a hologram?

What if reality is not what it seems?

Everybody knows holograms from credit cards or banknotes. They are two dimensional, but to us they appear three dimensional.

54 more words
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Mapping of universal ideas; Human logic paradigms.

emphasized theme: organized, systematic, corruption.

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. 415 more words


Oil Eating Bacteria: The Answer To Oil Spills?

Oil spills, industrial waste…..such environmental disasters may now have an environmental answer.  Scientists have mapped the enzymatic process by which organisms found far underground and underwater digest these toxic substances. 251 more words

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Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep those cheeses rollin'

Bonkers dare-devils chased Double Gloucester cheeses down the 1 in 4 slope of Cooper’s Hill continuing the ancient Spring Bank Holiday tradition at Brockworth, Gloucestershire on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. 574 more words

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