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Why are they so darn good?

I am yet to encounter a human being who doesn’t like cookies. I’m a big fan. Apparently, cookie manufacturers have discovered the secret formula that gives the perfect ratio of saltiness to sweetness that is so irresistible to our taste buds. 323 more words

Don't Believe in Climate Change? Then Take a Look

Don’t take my word for it, though — take the 97% of climate scientists’ who believe climate change is not, um, voodoo 979 more words

Getting connected!

We have been investigating which materials make good conductors and which do not. We created a Carroll diagram to show our results. The school bell did conduct electricity depending on where the wires were placed. 26 more words

Shadow Investigation

Today we worked in groups to plan and carry out a science investigation.

We talked about the importance of making sure our test was fair and we identified the variables. 15 more words

Class Five

There is no tribe!

David Rose has a new article about Judith Curry called I was tossed out of the tribe. Well, here’s problem number one. There is no tribe. 608 more words

Climate Change

#Thankful for #Science and "Sciencers" #Thanksgiving

I am thankful for science and people who science. Not just because I have epilepsy and without pharmacology I would sporadically behave like an alien breakdancer. 220 more words