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NASA Discovers Planet Containing Enough Potential To Keep Them Funded

Scientists from NASA today excitedly announced the discovery of something in space that is hopefully interesting enough to keep them funded for the next ten years. 259 more words

Peter Green

A New Beginning! The Jay Dee Show 21

Things are starting to come together for both of my channels. I only published one video, and it’s a really short one, but I did the largest amount of editing and effects of any videos I’ve done. 193 more words


Stream of Conscience Saturday--How

HOW is this done? I know it isn’t real, at least I hoped not. But still, I posted this on Snopes on FaceBook hoping for and educated answer–where was it filmed, what is that fish? 535 more words


Extinction Level Events -- Celestial Impact

On the topic if extinction level events, the one that comes most often to mind is the risk of an asteroid or comet hitting Earth. There is plenty of evidence that collisions occur. 711 more words

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'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse to Treat Skygazers in South America, Southern Africa

A spectacular “ring of fire” solar eclipse Sunday will regale skygazers in South America and southern Africa, with seafarers in the nearby Atlantic getting a front-row view too, astronomers say. 538 more words


Mildred Dresselhaus, 'Queen of Carbon' and Pioneer of Nanoscience, Dies at 86

From humble origins as the daughter of Eastern European immigrants, raised in the Bronx in the depths of the Great Depression, Mildred Dresselhaus scaled to great heights in the scientific community and attained the status of royalty — even if only in nickname. 326 more words