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RSO Physics 06 - Friction

We started this week’s class by talking about Newton’s law (again) and how objects in motion continue in motion, as I gave a block on the table a push and we watched it come to a stop. 479 more words


NASA images capture the the Sun's biggest solar flares since April | Daily Mail Online

Although the sun is in a period of low activity, it isn’t staying quiet. Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured three M-level flares over the weekend that are the strongest this year. 199 more words


Origins of Transgender Orientation

What causes some individual humans to identify with and emulate members of the opposite sex? These individuals appear to have strong emotion-driven preferences for adopting these socially-defined roles, and even, in a few cases, the physical characteristics of a different sex. 1,166 more words


Special Interest: #AlternateHistory via #TimeTravel #TimeParadoxes Participate in Comments under posting via this link

At Twitter as Jim Lantern @TimeglassZone

Special Interest: #AlternateHistory via #TimeTravel #TimeParadoxes – Twitter Hashtags.

This may include the science of the subject as well as how it is presented as science fiction in movies and novels, as well as TV shows – for example… 200 more words

Science Fiction

Lots of talk about Science at day 1 of the DNC #ImWithHer #DemsLoveScience #Proscience

So overjoyed to hear so many comments about science at the first day of the DNC! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the speeches from science supporters Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders! 679 more words


Trump and Clinton- VERY different opinions on science #ImWithHer

This comes as a surprise to NO ONE, but Clinton and Trump are worlds apart on their views of basically anything, but especially science. Also not a huge surprise, but Clinton is very pro-science whereas Trump is… well… Trump.  876 more words