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Scientific low points: (1)

A question that should be asked more often is, do scientists make mistakes? Of course they do. The good news, however, is that when it comes to measuring something, they tend to be meticulous, and published measurements are usually correct, or, if they matter, they are soon found out if they are wrong. 965 more words

Scientists recreate ‘diamond rain’ of Uranus and Neptune in Laboratory | Cosmos

Scientists recreate ‘diamond rain’ of Uranus and Neptune in | Cosmos

A medieval alchemist’s dream. “Forget gold… In the future, we’ll be able to make it rain diamonds!” And De Beers’ nightmare.


Texas A&M Student Designs Educational Tool to Teach Kids About Agriculture

Alfredo Costilla had a vision: He wanted to provide an educational tool for teachers and parents to educate kids about the world of agriculture.

The Texas A&M Ph.D. 313 more words


Love Science: here's some fun with James Corden & Prof Robert Winston

It’s all fire and ice with this bit of unnecessary science. I hope you enjoy! :)

Miss Lionheart approves :)

Miss Lionheart

Science Reminder (20/09/17)

Dear Learners,

Revision Task: There will be a test on Friday (22/09/17) based on CH-5 and 6. Prepare well.


Want To Innovate? Science Says, Be Curious! | The Creativity Post

This is a BIG piece on curiosity. Give yourself 20 minutes to read this. It is worth the time.

I’m serious, I’ve read this three or four times looking to summarise or paraphrase the material but there is so much here. 120 more words