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BMC Mass Retractions #Scandal #WTF

We’ve talked about retractions and fraud in the past (and the role that peer review has in these cases), but this is extreme.  From The Scientist… 393 more words


Biofuel, good for the environment if you're eating less

When the government first changed policy to require ethanol in gasoline, we were told it would reduce our carbon footprint. Then food prices rose significantly and corn in particular saw the largest price rise. 524 more words


The week of my first lecture

This week I filled in for a professor and gave my first ever lecture as a professional scientist to undergraduate students. Two hours of talking at second-year geography students about the climate of Australia. 941 more words


Special Days in April, 2015

April’s special days list is bursting with holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , historic figures and authors birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries,  and more!  1,261 more words

Our Homeschool

Athlete Collapses - Paying The Price For a Rampant Id Or An Incomplete Ego

A few days ago, I read of a veteran athlete who collapsed and died during an endurance event. Last weekend I watched the highlights of an epic six day off-road cycle event around the beautiful Cape Town countryside, and noted that a number of competitors were ‘veteran’ folk whose best athletic days were perhaps past, but were still pushing their physical limits to their utmost as part of the event. 1,614 more words


Science and caution

‘Ignorance is not an option’ declared the title of a recent Editorial in the journal, Science.  The Editorial starts with a hypothetical scenario where one country’s action, implemented in the face of seemingly insurmountable crises, puts other countries’ people and economies in jeopardy.  474 more words


Blogging for reals

On a whim I entered a blogging competition for PhD students: write about anything related to your PhD in accessible language for a lay audience. 25 more words