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Eddington and the first test of General Relativity

Thanks to Steven Mosher on Twitter, I came across an article that discusses Arthur Eddington’s attempt to test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The basic story is that Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation assumed that gravity was a force that acted between two masses and that this force acted instantaneously. 1,150 more words


Science H.W. (20/01/17)

Dear Learners,

Textual Task: Complete Q 8 and 9 in NB.


700 #Scientists urge Trump to make #ClimateChange an "Urgent Priority" #auspol 

Maine professors recruit 700 colleagues to sign on to climate change letter to Trump
More than 700 physics and astronomy professors from across the country signed onto a letter written by three Maine professors urging President-elect Donald Trump to make tackling climate change an “urgent priority.” 371 more words

Climate Change

Yes, climate change is real

Myths and Misconceptions – Part 1

I recently wrote about the perils of politicizing science. It’s legitimately harmful for accepted scientific principles to be treated as hoaxes due to political, religious, or business reasons. 2,222 more words


AAAS helps us with the transition

AAAS has a nice website detailing information on the president-elect’s transition into the White house:

The 45th President of the United States will confront a broad range of global challenges, including addressing climate change, securing our energy future, and sustaining investments in scientific research efforts.

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How to look an albatross in the eye (Part 2)

Here’s a treat for you; I have written about horses arses, and Donald Trump all in the same post, but it’s not what you think… 1,087 more words