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Founder of Reform Judaism v. Evolution, pt. II

For it is not alone nature around him that he (Man) must explain, — he himself must be explained together with it; he is part and parcel of nature, and to search himself is a task which he cannot avoid.

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Mussar (Ethics)

Science books for the younger crowd

Here are some books for elementary kids that my kids liked and we still have on our shelves because they won’t let me get rid of them! 356 more words


A Small Improvement in Technology Means a Great Change in Society

Wow! That’s quite a statement to make! It has shades of that famous quote: That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. 837 more words

Science Fiction

The Nature of Physical Existence by Ivor Leclerc--Philosophical and Pertinent

When I checked, Amazon interestingly classifies The Nature of Physical Existence (now retitled to omit the “The”) by Ivor Leclerc in “Math & Science > Astronomy & … 444 more words


Science books for strewing

What would be called the formal living room in our house is called the library, for good reason.  I had one person comment on how I decorate with legos, but there are more books than legos on the shelves… I think.     495 more words



By Paul M. Lewis

You know you’re getting old when… I suppose there’s an endless string of completions that could be made to that sad beginning. 1,431 more words


Daily Mail Corrects Another Cannabis Article In Response To CLEAR Complaint.

On 24th June 2015, a Daily Mail headline screamed:

“Medicinal cannabis DOESN’T ease pain, nausea, vomiting,

MS muscle contractions, sleep disorders or Tourette’s”

In fact the study reported on, … 265 more words