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Here comes the science: family days out for October half-term

Create your own slime, find out how stars are born, fly a drone and experiment galore at these fun half-term activities at science centres around the UK


Science and God's Kids--Some Thoughts by Donna Fujimoto

God created this amazing world. It is only natural that we should be curious about it. In Genesis 1:26, God commissions Adam and Eve, in His image, to rule over all He has created. 877 more words

Understanding Echolocation

Nature and the world around us are filled with all kinds of amazing phenomena. In fact, scientific study provides parents, researchers, and educators with a means by which your kids can learn to understand it. 200 more words

Science Facts

Understanding the Origin of Stars

Stars light up the night sky on a daily basis and are for both kids and adults tiny twinkling specimens that are full of mystery. After all how much do you little ones really know about where stars come from and how they illuminate the skies? 144 more words

Math Blaster

The Fly on the Wall

It is easy to dismiss their presence and want to overlook the pesky circling of fruit flies, but these little organisms are actually more complex than they might look. 231 more words

Math Blaster

Avoiding a Sticky Situation

The tentacles of an octopus will stick to just about anything—well, almost anything. These suckers usually don’t suction onto to the octopus itself, allowing this brilliant and flexible creature to avoid getting tangled up in its own arms. 143 more words

Parents And Kids

Science Fair Projects

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of conducting your own scientific experiment. Science fair projects can give students the opportunity to practice their scientific thinking, on top of building onto their problem-solving skills. 171 more words