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daaTu varises

ದಾಟು ವರಿಸೆಗಳು

ರಾಗ:ಮಾಯಾಮಾಳವಗೌಳ ತಾಳ: ಆದಿ

1.  ಸರಿ ಸಗ | ಸಮ ಗರಿ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸನಿ ಸದ | ̇ಸಪ ದನಿ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||

2.  ಸಗ ರಿಮ | ಗಪ ಮದ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸದ ನಿಪ | ದಮ ಪಗ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||

3.  ಸಮ ಗಮ | ರಿಗ ಸರಿ || ಸರಿ ಗಮ | ಪದ ನಿ ̇ಸ ||

    ̇ಸಪ ದಪ | ನಿದ ̇ಸನಿ || ̇ಸನಿ ದಪ | ಮಗ ರಿಸ ||


Agitating the dust: music, text and geometry

Try doing this. Try describing a musical symphony that is surreal in orchestration. Imagine a composition based on 4 geometric concepts: the line, square, cube and tesseract (a four dimensional hyper-cube). 881 more words


Mp3 ghost music kind of sounds better than the original

“Beyond just creating a great new genre of ambient ghost music, the piece makes a few interesting points. First, these are real, actual sounds that your ear can easily hear. 80 more words

Exploring the Science Behind Music

Much of the research that has been published on music and music education has centered around various scientific benefits of music. Specific areas relating to music cognition, music literacy, or music appreciation have been vigorously studied. 39 more words

Music: General


One of the most mesmerizing things I’ve seen in a long time.


Wednesday Videos: What Pi Sounds Like

Welp, the holidays are over.  I made a lot of pie.  Then I ate a lot of pie.  Then I listened to pi – the number.  And you can too!

Wednesday Videos

ROBOTIC DANCES for Computer-controlled Synthesizers Sets 1-6, Nos. 1-16  (1990)

Set 1 Nos. 1-2 


1. Mechanical Dog
2. The Temple Doorman at Alexandria… 258 more words

Computer Music