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अगर आपके wifi की speed slow हो गई है तो ये tips अपनाये

How to increase WiFi speed WiFi Ki Speed ko tez karne ke tricks

Kai baar apke sath bhi aisa hua hoga ki WiFi ki speed kam hoti ja rahi.

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Mobile Jaadu

I am AI.

If you are sanguine about the opportunities and challenges of AI (artificial intelligence) in an evolving market (or, already sick to the back teeth on how ubiquitous AI is in today’s workplace) this statistic of Harvard Business Review can make you pause awhile and wonder what the world is coming to… 556 more words

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Learning General Relativity

Math blogger Joseph Nebus does another A – Z series of posts, explaining technical terms in mathematics. He asked readers for their favorite pick of things to be covered in this series, and I came up with… 1,164 more words

Science And Technology

Four New elements in the periodic table

Who declares these elements?

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry(IUPAC)

How are names of the elements decided?:

They are decided generally on the basis of the following: 112 more words

Science And Technology

Artificial intelligence could one day make us feel awkward

Source: BBC

Most of us feel at least a pang of guilt after snacking on a decadent treat between meals, but what if every time you opened your fridge it judged you? 115 more words


Secret documents: Monsanto knew about glyphosate-cancer link 35 years ago

The almighty Monsanto has recently come under fire, after the World Health Organization labeled the main ingredient in the company’s popular Roundup weed killer product to be a human carcinogen. 52 more words


Psychiatrist claims most mental disorders are pseudo illnesses invented by the health industry

(NEWSTARGET) It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between a pseudo illness and a legitimate illness in psychiatry. Every week, mental health “experts” claim to have unearthed a new malady by attaching a label to an arbitrary list of symptoms, from ADHD to obesity. 835 more words