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Deepnet: is the “dark web” good or evil?

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Mike Gillespie is Director of cyber research and strategy at The Security Institute, Managing Director of Advent IM Consultancy and a member of the… 1,291 more words


Science is hard, comedy is harder

Maybe there’s a reason why scientists don’t do standup comedy after hours.

They keep trying, bless their hearts. Each April Fool’s Day brings another hoax scientific discovery.  639 more words

Science And Technology

Many Albertans think global warming is a hoax but UFOs are real: poll

One in five Albertans believe Bigfoot is real, and even more think global warming is a hoax.

A new Insights West poll also reveals more than one in three Albertans think the 1997 death of Princess Diana in a car crash was actually an assassination, and 40 per cent of residents think scientists have found a cure for cancer but the government or pharmaceutical companies are withholding it. 513 more words

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1000 Year Old Cure For Sties Rediscovered, And It Cures Superbugs, As Well

Fascinating. I don’t think most people are going to be able to make it themselves though, given the cow’s bile and brass cooking vessels and such…

Science And Technology

China And Oak Ridge Collaborating To Build Molten Salt Reactor

Excellent. I’d prefer it was us that built a LFTR, but I’d rather see the technology than not see it.

Science And Technology

Yakety-Yak, How We Do Talk Back: The Hydraulic Telegraph of Aeneas – Long-distance Communication of Antiquity

Through the ages humans have sought to communicate with each other. On a primal level, language developed out of necessity:  “Sabre-toothed tiger…run!” or “Fire…ow!” served obvious purposes and were intended to preserve the species. 1,935 more words


New Cards Against Humanity to fund scholarship for women

Cards Against Humanity, the wildly popular “party game for horrible people,” has released an expansion “Science Pack” of 30 cards, of which all sales proceeds will go to a scholarship offering full tuition coverage to female undergraduate students in the science, tech, engineering, and mathematics fields. 158 more words

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