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iOS 11- A threat? Let’s wait and see.

So Apple rolled out IOS 11 on Tuesday, it’s possible you’ve avoided it so far. However, it’s been avoided by way too many people this time because of the problems faced last year during the iOS 10 launch. 167 more words

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More Than a Single Holocaust.


BY DANIEL JONAH GOLDHAGEN (2009, PUBLIC AFFAIRS BOOKS), Worse Than War : Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity. 989 more words

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Not a veggie-saurus: Dinosaur dung reveals giant plant-eaters ate crustacean meat

Giant herbivore dinosaurs, despite a reputation as strict plant-eaters, did not always stick to their greens. Some of them ate crustaceans, according to new research published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. 826 more words


Next-gen Audi RS7 could pack more than 700 horsepower

With a little over 600 horsepower on tap, nobody’s ever accused the current Audi RS7 of being slow. But apparently, that’s hardly enough for the next-generation model, due out soon. 172 more words

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NASA's asteroid chaser Osiris-Rex swings by Earth to slingshot onto space rock

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s asteroid-chasing spacecraft is swinging by Earth on Friday on its way to a space rock.

Launched a year ago, Osiris-Rex was on track to pass within about 11,000 miles (17,700 kilometres) of the home planet Friday afternoon — above Antarctica. 318 more words


Lawrence Solomon: Paris is dead. The global warming deniers have won

Paris came to New York this week, with leaders of countries signing the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement coming to the United Nations to chide, nudge or beseech Donald Trump in hopes he would reverse his decision to scrap the agreement. 784 more words

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The ultimate symbol of privilege

The idea of white privilege made its way into common culture over the last few years. I’ve gotten into several FaceBook spats about whether or not there’s a certain privilege associated with being white. 747 more words

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