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"brainwashing in schools" ...

In some cases, traditional classes like biology and chemistry may disappear entirely from high schools, replaced by courses that use a case-study method to teach science in a more holistic way”.

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Happy Birthday, Hubble!

The Hubble space telescope has revolutionized mankind’s notions of the cosmos.  A few of its achievements:

  • Determining the age of the universe (1.38 billion years)
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Science And Technology

continuing dinosaur hunting using drone technology ...

Drone technology is now a tool that helps to identify and follow dinosaur footprints from the James Price Point area and all along the coast north of Broome at low tide. 115 more words


Podcast: In the House with Michael Smyth with guest MLA Harry Bains on death of his 22-year-old nephew

In this week’s podcast, Province political columnist Michael Smyth talks to NDP MLA Harry Bains about the April 19 shooting death of his nephew, 22-year-old Arun Bains. 17 more words


Tavi Gevinson writes her future as she lives it

In the past year, Tavi Gevinson has graduated from high school, moved to New York, found her first apartment, and made her Broadway debut in the critically lauded play… 915 more words

Women's Rights

Body Surface Computing

“Wearable” doesn’t just mean clothing and accessories: from Brazil, “Body Surface Computing”.  The same idea, but more intimate than “smart clothing”, this is clearly one of the waves of the future. 249 more words

Science And Technology