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I am a Scientist AND a ___________.

Embrace the AND: Work-Life Balance for Women in STEM to Promote Equality in the Work Place

Today is National Women’s Equality Day (apparently it is also National Dog Day, which makes this female scientist with 2 dogs very happy). 1,148 more words

Science And The Public

Illuminating biology with biological glowers

Utilizing Biological Phenoma to study Biology: Bioluminescence

Quick: Is the glowing water in this picture photoshopped or real?

Phil Hart

The correct answer is real… 1,093 more words

Science And The Public

Public Policy and the Graduate Student Part 2: How to Make a Positive Impact on Science Through Public Policy

By Tamara Escajadillo

Greetings again from America’s Finest City (not that we see that much of it as graduate students, but I digress). It is time again to delve into the realm of public policy, but this time on a lighter note. 882 more words

Science And The Public

Add science then stir

A ubiquitous, overly-simplistic idea about science should be put to death. It is that of the public as an empty vessel that awaits filling with scientific facts. 1,529 more words


Microbiome Madness!

By Nina Gao

Podcasts are now a popular medium to spread information, and there are many cool podcasts made for the science-curious mind. Here at the BMS Times, we are kicking off a new series featuring biomedical research. 381 more words

Science And The Public

Public Policy and the Graduate Student Part 1: It Always Comes Down to Budgets

By Tamara Escajadillo

As graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences program at UCSD, we are privileged to live in “America’s Finest City.” Sure, this title does come at the expense of higher living costs (budget, budget, budget!), but we generally don’t have to worry about how our time in graduate school will be funded. 890 more words

Science And The Public

Pint of Science Festival: Bringing Scientists to a Pub Near You

By Kanaga Arul Nambi Rajan

Recently, at the La Jolla Brewhouse, UCSD professor Dr. Pascal Gagneux described the sperm lifecycle and the glycoprotein modifications necessary for sperm survival in the female environment WHILE dressed as a sperm; head, tail, glycoprotein coat and all. 586 more words

Science And The Public