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A Wee Announcement

You’ve no doubt noticed that things have been very quiet on the blog this year, and my activity even on other blogs like Research the Headlines has also been a bit less than usual. 169 more words

Science And The Public

From Nobel to Ignoble

by Daniel Garcia

We’re all familiar with the Nobel Prize, awarded to scientists, scholars, and thinkers who have made a major breakthrough or discovery. They are considered some of the most prestigious awards in the world and the pinnacle of scientific success. 998 more words

Science And The Public

On the Importance of Being a Scientist

As a Graduate Student Researcher we can identify as a student, teacher, or even an employee. But do we ever identify as a scientist? And if not, why not? 732 more words

Science And The Public

ComSciCon comes to San Diego: Great Science, Terrific Writing, and Zombies!

By Samantha Jones

San Diego is a well-known hub for science enthusiasts. From industry and drug discovery to geosciences and environmental conservation, there’s something for everyone. 823 more words

Science And The Public

Star Wars, Frodo, and Scientific Presentations

You may not know it, but a scientific presentation can be as thrilling to watch as Star Wars Episode VI! *gasp* Did she just say that?! 559 more words

Science And The Public

Join the #SciComm Movement

By Daniel Garcia

As grad students, we talk about our research all the time and we’ve (hopefully) become experts at giving lab meetings and poster presentations. 1,038 more words

Science And The Public

“Sharing Science with Anyone” Workshop

By Nina Gao

Science communication is a skill I believe all scientists should have. After all the hard work in lab, what’s the point of doing cool science if you can’t tell others about it? 521 more words

Science And The Public