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Add science then stir

A ubiquitous, overly-simplistic idea about science should be put to death. It is that of the public as an empty vessel that awaits filling with scientific facts. 1,529 more words


Microbiome Madness!

By Nina Gao

Podcasts are now a popular medium to spread information, and there are many cool podcasts made for the science-curious mind. Here at the BMS Times, we are kicking off a new series featuring biomedical research. 381 more words

Science And The Public

Public Policy and the Graduate Student Part1: It Always Comes Down to Budgets

By Tamara Escajadillo

As graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences program at UCSD, we are privileged to live in “America’s Finest City.” Sure, this title does come at the expense of higher living costs (budget, budget, budget!), but we generally don’t have to worry about how our time in graduate school will be funded. 890 more words

Science And The Public

Pint of Science Festival: Bringing Scientists to a Pub Near You

By Kanaga Arul Nambi Rajan

Recently, at the La Jolla Brewhouse, UCSD professor Dr. Pascal Gagneux described the sperm lifecycle and the glycoprotein modifications necessary for sperm survival in the female environment WHILE dressed as a sperm; head, tail, glycoprotein coat and all. 586 more words

Science And The Public

Divorcing Science

We have all heard that poor communication is one of the top reasons for divorce. And although the specific results of studies making these claims may differ, I am sure that we have all experienced frustration from miscommunication in professional or personal relationships. 1,082 more words

I doubt there are alien spacecraft in the outer Solar system

You might have seen a fairly overblown article in the Daily Express about some things I said at the British Science Festival in Bradford (Thanks to @BritishSciFest for tweeting the above pic).   402 more words

Science And The Public