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Joe Biden and the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

By Daniel Garcia

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has become one of science’s greatest allies. His leadership in the Cancer Moonshot Initiative led to increased funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) that was… 1,469 more words

Science And The Public

Looking Beyond the March: How Do We Continue to Advocate for Science?

By Samantha Jones

So, you’re heading to the March for Science this Saturday.

Scientists and their supporters will unify to bring awareness to the importance that science holds in our community, but then what? 1,057 more words

Science And The Public

Career Exploration: Science Policy

By Nina Gao

You’re halfway through your PhD graduate studies and want to put your training to good use on a career that has a broad impact on society. 923 more words

Science And The Public

Out and About in San Diego: Events for the Science Enthusiast

By Samantha Jones

I feel lucky to live in such an amazing spot. No, I’m not talking sand and surf—I’m talking science. There are few places in the country (or the world, actually) that can compete with what San Diego has to offer. 655 more words

Science And The Public

Is science interesting? (for the public)

Working on the following question: why science is interesting? Found relevant material on the web, among which this page: http://bit.ly/2msgll5.

For RRI, Responsible Research and Innovation and Public Engagement – PE – think this is key point

Public Engagement

A Wee Announcement

You’ve no doubt noticed that things have been very quiet on the blog this year, and my activity even on other blogs like Research the Headlines has also been a bit less than usual. 169 more words

Science And The Public

From Nobel to Ignoble

by Daniel Garcia

We’re all familiar with the Nobel Prize, awarded to scientists, scholars, and thinkers who have made a major breakthrough or discovery. They are considered some of the most prestigious awards in the world and the pinnacle of scientific success. 998 more words

Science And The Public