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From the Pulitzer Prize–winning, bestselling author of The Emperor of All Maladies—THE GENE is a magnificent history of the gene and a response to the defining question of the future: What becomes of being human when we learn to “read” and “write” our own genetic information? 279 more words


Tale of the Bullfrog

The Tale of the Bullfrog by Henry B Kane was one of the first books to show high speed photography as illustrations. Published by Collins in 1946.

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Junior Science - Electricity

Junior Science – Electricity, part of a series published by Frederick Muller Ltd in 1974. I love the illustrations in this book which have a lovely blue colour.

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The Magic of Rubber

The Magic of Rubber was published by Putnam in 1960 another lovely science topic book with wonderful pencil type illustrations. My copy has been through a few Airforce Schools judging by the stamping on the inside covers.

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Through The Magnifying Glass

Through The Magnifying Glass published by Wheaton in 1954 has lovely pencil like illustrations. At 128 pages it is quite a large ( in length) children’s science book, but really charming.

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Book review: Chemistry: Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World, by Carla Mooney and Samuel Carbaugh

Mooney, Carla and Samuel Carbaugh. Chemistry: Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World. (Series: Inquire and Investigate). Nomad Press, 2016. $17.95. 128p. 978-1-61930-365-2. Ages 12-15.  121 more words

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