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Review: What is Chemistry?

What is Chemistry? is a simple science book for the beginning chemist.  The author, Peter Atkins, is a former professor of chemistry at Oxford, and the writer of many textbooks and popular science books. 265 more words

Book review: Human Body Theater: A Nonfiction Revue, by Maris Wicks

Wicks, Maris. Human Body Theater: A Nonfiction Revue. First Second, 2016. 233p. $19.99. ISBN 978-1-62672-277-4. Ages 10-14. P9Q8

Eleven acts emceed by a skeleton reveal the body’s parts and functions in funny, informative details complete with a full supporting cast. 165 more words

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(ناميارا سائنسدان (قاضي منظر حيات

هي ڪتاب محترم قاضي منظر حيات صاحب جن انگريزي مان ترجمو ڪري سنڌي ۾ خصوصي طور ٻاراڻي ادب جي لاء ترتيب ڏنو جنهن ۾ مختلف معروف سائنسدانن جو سوانح حيات بيان ٿيل آهن بڪ ڏنل لنڪ تان ڊائون لوڊ ڪريو

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Nonlinear Programming: 3rd Edition by Dimitri P. Bertsekas

Non-linear programming book

This book has 7 chapters which brings the book in closer harmony with the companion works Convex Optimization Theory (Athena Scientific, 2009), … 26 more words

Nonlinear Programming

Book of the Week: Grunt

Welcome to the first BotW post of the New Year, which is also the last Book of the Week from 2016.  You know what I mean – I read it last week before the end of the old year, but the post gets to you in the New Year.   451 more words

Book Of The Week

The Quantum Universe

I was sat on a train once and the man next to me was very obviously reading over my shoulder. I was reading The Quantum Universe (And Why Anything That Can Happen Does) 375 more words

Jaime Pond

From Eternity to Here

To extinguish your total bank of knowledge on the subject of a book by page 11 can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your self esteem, your habits of curiosity or your attitude about learning.   446 more words

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