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Maths on school holidays

Maths books for parents to keep the maths skills going over the school holidays.

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Summer Reading Suggestions from Scientists

Now that we are in the “dog days” of summer, it’s time again to consider which books to pack (or load onto your e-reader) for your well-deserved getaway to the beach and beyond. 172 more words

Hamlyn Paperbacks

Not exactly children’s books , but I started collecting these a few years back and they cover every subject you can imagine. Not worth an awful lot at the moment but you never know!

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Junior Reference Library

The MacDonald Junior reference library series was wonderful, every topic you can imagine covered perfectly for the 10 – 12 year old. From Fuel to Fishes!

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Homeschool: Go Big AND Go Home

When homeschool goes well it can go unbelievably well.  When it goes badly it can be a complete disaster.  I’m thrilled to report that today was a fantastic day for learning.   556 more words

General Science Windridge

Another science book that uses a pictorial breakdown of the info on the facing page. Excellent idea


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