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First Day, Shmirst Day 1.2

Fresh faced, despite the craziness of the day before, Julep arrived early for her new job.  She wanted to make a good impression and knew that there was a lot riding on this opportunity. 860 more words

Generation: Mint

Reframing research: Cognition and context for scientific motivation

As scientists, it can be hard to find motivation and spirit in the quotidian work we perform. There are days when it is certainly difficult to execute qPCR or stereology studies without wondering what it will amount to. 1,027 more words

Lab loneliness: Coping with science research isolation

Long nights at the microscope, alone in a dark corner. First one in lab to run early morning behavior experiments. Skipping the group lunch to prep for afternoon lab work. 639 more words

Startup science: Tips and expectations for joining a biotech lab

So you’re thinking of joining a startup? The past decade’s explosion of biotech startups has excited new grads and others from large corporations to join the scene. 847 more words

First lab jobs: Humbling research roots

As with all experiments, even perfectly planned science careers and educations must begin somewhere. And anyone who’s ever worked in a lab knows that starting point is seldom glamorous. 1,007 more words

Biomedical engineering: Spotlight on biomaterials

Biomedical engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field that integrates knowledge from physics and chemistry to solve biological problems. Although it is becoming an extremely popular field and… 705 more words

Mr. Pipette Man (song)

Adam Regelmann (MD-PhD) bypassed a career in gastroenterology to co-found Quartzy. He also eschewed a highly lucrative songwriting career, as evidenced by this pipette-tapping ditty Adam (aka Dr. 358 more words