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Link: 10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask (Forbes)

I’m so glad I found these just before my first phone interview, they really helped me prepare and think about what I wanted out of a position at the company. 297 more words


The "Relocation" Problem in Academia

Margret Kosmala over at Ecology Bits has written one of the best work-life balance posts I have read in awhile.

The post titled “I am unwilling to relocate again (and it will probably cost me my academic “career”” presents the problems of the constant moving around that is expected in academia, and how we are expected to foot the bill. 113 more words

Interested in studying planetary science at university level (and beyond...)?

Have you always had a fascination with space and wondered how the Earth fits into our understanding of how planets form and evolve through time? Have you ever wondered what the conditions were for life to start and how geological processes such as volcanism and impacts may have enabled and hindered life to start and stop on Earth and other places in the Solar System? 949 more words


A Life In Science

Wonderful. You’ve made the right step – you’re in science. ┬áThat means you know how to pose a question, collect data, and propose an answer to the question. 797 more words

Science Careers

Opening up open access

At a conference a few years ago I spoke with a friend who said “when I talk to people who say “I’m going to publish 5 papers this year, even though I haven’t submitted any” and it’s July I smile inside. 109 more words

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The Postdoc

When we started this blog, the majority of the contributors were graduate students. Now, everyone has moved onto other stages in their careers (good job! go team!). 96 more words

Science Careers

Superwoman: Achieving Work-Life Balance

First I want to say I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter and Happy Women’s History Month! I can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2016 because I took a blogging hiatus. 493 more words

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