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Learning about being a scientist, from a non scientist!

Leah Samuel at STAT writes a bit about biomedical research. So, to better understand the world of the lab, she spent 10 days at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole Mass. 36 more words

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Losing a major grant funding PhD scientists

As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, the NSF is cutting the Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (also known as the DDIG). This is a huge loss for scientific research in the United States. 86 more words


I got a new job!

About this time last year, I took a position as a postdoctoral researcher, working on an ultrasensitive MEMS gravimeter. It has been an absolutely fascinating year, I learned a lot, developed a bunch of skills and had a brilliant time. 1,274 more words


The deficit model of STEM recruitment

Over at Small Pond Science, there is a thought provoking post about how to truly ‘diversify STEM fields.

If you want to truly diversify, then we need to stop trying to fill in the holes based on perceived deficiencies. 71 more words

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Are you Ready for Video Interviews?

One of the current trends in the application process for industry positions is to use video interviewing. Currently, business, science, and technology companies are using video interviews as the first step in the interviewing process after a candidate applies for a position because it saves money and staff time for the firms to screen candidates prior to inviting them for face-to face interviews. 981 more words

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Seismic Disruption in Medical and Science Research

What is the role of government? Above all, I think this question has been driving the political divide that has occurred since the election last November. 212 more words

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9 Tips For Communicating Science To People Who Are Not Scientists

The clickbait title is not my own. But it is the title of an article in Forbes about how to better communicate science with the public. 88 more words

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