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New school year, new contributor!

This blog started as a collaborative effort. As we all advanced in our careers and grown families some regular contributors have become irregular contributors, and I have been the primary curator for sometime. 66 more words

Science Communication

Health tips for research groups

Nature asked scientists to recommend one thing that institutional and laboratory leaders could do to make science more productive, rigorous and happy.

And it might be someone’s full time job.

Read about it here!

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Figures of Merit: Time and Money

This essay kicks off a series called Figures of Merit, in which we  apply analytical methods in non-scientific environments. We’ll start by exploring the relationship between time and money for early-career scientists. 1,003 more words

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Moving into industry: You have most of the skills you need, and you can learn the few you are missing

Continuing on in my series about academia to industry, here’s how I gained the skills I needed to get a job outside of academia. 

I mentioned last week that I decided I wanted to leave academia, but then spent a full year preparing and learning what that meant. 1,126 more words

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Women in science

Came across this interesting site highlighting women in Science.



How to become a Marine Biologist: my top 5 tips!

Since I was 6 I wanted to become a marine biologist. From computer coding to field-work and policy-making, there are so many aspects to this career and every step of the way I have absolutely loved it. 726 more words

New to Your Lab? Tips for Making a Good First Impression

If you are new to the NIH, then welcome!

No matter whether you are a summer intern, a postbac, or even a postdoc, starting a new position can feel stressful. 454 more words

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