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New 3D Printers with New Materials

As time goes, development of the technology in this world coincides. One of the examples of world’s development is 3D printing skill. 3D printers make us to print out not only papers, which are 2 dimensional, but also print out some 3 dimensional objects using computer. 354 more words

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'Science, Religion, Creation: Finding the Centre of Gravity,' an Adventures in Faith event in Edinburgh, Nov. 10th, at Old St. Paul's

Here’s another one of those religion-and-science discussions, that a lot of us really like, and that I think desperately need doing.  It’s at Old St. Paul’s, Edinburgh, on November 10, from 7:30 to 9:00.  173 more words

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Beyond the Cell - Centre for Proteome Research Science Club @VictoriaGallery

Guest post by Victoria Harman, Centre for Proteome Research

Five members of the Centre for Proteome Research ran the first of six science club sessions hosted at the… 200 more words


Genes Linked to High Blood Pressure risk

These days, many scientists have been working on research to find more effective treatment for high blood pressure.

Especially, a team from the University of Leicester, working with colleges from the Queen Mary University of London and the University of Cambridge, have found ‘31 gene areas’ which seems to related to blood pressure. 289 more words

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Fun with Skittles!

This week I started an after school Science club with my colleague (and fantastic friend!) Last year we ran it in a lunch time, but there just wasn’t enough time. 209 more words


Mimicking the Activies of Our barin

A mathematical model that successfully imitate the brain sequence related to memory consolidation during sleeping was built according to the study published in PLOS Computational Biology. 221 more words

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Drink-Seeking Rats Provide Sobering Look Into Genetics of Alcoholism

Purdue and Indiana University scientists have utilized alcohol craving rats to further enhance comprehension of the complicated genetic support structures for alcoholism. The project led to the discovery of 930 alcoholism related genes, displaying a highly complex trait that is influenced by many genes, together with the surrounding environs. 112 more words

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