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Science Club week 3 - Bird beaks

Emma has chosen an experiment, for next week, about bird beaks (inspired by a CSIRO Double Helix magazine story).

Here are some pictures of birds with different types of beaks, which will help with the experiment: … 24 more words

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Shop Update 08.05.15

There are lots of good things for this week’s update.

First some gorgeous colours of 4ply British wool and nylon



Mosaic Floor

Octarine… 125 more words

Shop Update

May 2015 Clubs

The March 2015 club parcels were sent on the 30th of April for UK customers and a little earlier for those with further to travel. So I hope I won’t be spoiling any surprises by showing you what May club members received. 239 more words

Science Club week 2 - lava lamps

We had an excellent day at Science Club today, doing the lava lamp experiment with over 20 kids joining in!  We met in Miss H’s classroom at lunchtime again.   34 more words

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Science Club, week 1 - hooray!

Science Club has finally started, and it went very well. We met in Miss H’s classroom at lunchtime and did the “cornflour goo” experiment. Here is a link to the experiment: … 18 more words

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Science club 2015–a milk investigation and a surface tension medley.

This year I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to run a lunchtime science club for the senior students. This is great for me because it gives me a break from teaching new entrants, and great for them because they get to come and just do science. 960 more words


Teeth Whitening Wonders - Part 2!

Revolutionary Science in the Palm of our Hands

Based on the results of the previous experiment conducted on seashells, the High School Science Club has decided to proceed and conduct its newest experiment. 198 more words

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