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Screaming Jellybaby!

No Jellybabies were harmed in the making of this video.

Since demonstrating the screaming jellybaby on the first day of term, I get asked on a near daily basis to do it again. 105 more words

S1 Science Club - Halloween Edition!

To celebrate the spookiest time of year, we combined science and Halloween for a freaky, fun-filled science club.

We performed an elephant’s toothpaste reaction using hydrogen peroxide, fairy liquid and yeast inside a carved pumpkin. 9 more words

Have you ever seen a slumberous jellyfish?

Have you ever heard a story that an invertebrate without a brain sleeps? I know it is unbelievable for you. However, it was reported September 21, 2017, in the journal Current Biology that sleeping of invertebrates without a brain might be possible. 187 more words

Science Club

Clone Editing by using CRISPR

Fascinating, marvelous, and astonishing would be the appropriate words to describe people’s reactions when they see this provocative topic. Nowadays, scientists can edit the clone by using the method called CRISPR, and Chinese scientists have proved that it is plausible. 329 more words

Science Club

An animation from 1666?


Pretty much.  This is from Andrew Rader (@marsrader) on Twitter, and it derives from Johannes Hevelius’ descriptive frames during an eclipse.  If this doesn’t animate correctly on your browser, … 73 more words

Ancient Civilization

Is olfactory sense crucial to bird's navigation?

Researchers from universities of Oxford, Barcelona, and Pisa have done an experiment about bird’s navigation; they embark an experiment to find out whether the sense of smell is important to the birds for navigating.  200 more words

Science Club