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SC2: Nanobiomaterials

Written by: Nathan Holwell (Chair), Rosa Comas (Clerk), and Laura McKiel (Editor)

Nano is derived from the Greek word “nanos” meaning dwarf. This scale deals with “stuff” at the 10-9 level. 424 more words

The Eighth continent: Zealandia

Under the waves of pacific ocean lies a giant land that  once was called a continent: Zealandia, geologists say.

Zealandia is 5 million square kilometers big, including  New Zealand and New Caledonia. 285 more words

Science Club

SC1: Biomaterials and Biocompatibility

Written by Rosa Comas (Chair) and Laura McKiel (Clerk)

Our first Science Club session, Biomaterials and Biocompatibility, was held last Thursday. Have a look at the summary and come out this week to learn about Nanobiomaterials! 618 more words

3 Things YOU Don't Know about YOURSELF

“People live without knowing”, a famous quote mentioned by an ancient philosopher, may seem to be a little absurd. However, through the years of development of psychology, researchers realized that this quote is far from false, but is correct. 640 more words

Science Club

Science Club starts tomorrow!

CBS-KSC is hosting our first Science Club. Science Club consists of an organized, small group of graduate students and postdocs from different departments attending sessions on a regular basis to critically evaluate a particular scientific topic and discuss potential solutions. 260 more words

Science Club - Plants


Arrival Craft: Make leaf mobiles. leafmobile

Introduction: Plants are the beginning of all food chains, because they are able to make their own food using the energy from sunlight. 91 more words

Frogotter Herself

Science Club - Pneumatics 2


Arrival Craft: Air colouring sheet. air

Introduction: Gasses can be compressed more than liquids or solids, but there are still limits. If we try to squash air too much, it will rush away. 161 more words

Frogotter Herself