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Psychology Disorders

Mental health workers view psychological disorders as persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions. People are fascinated by the exceptional, the unusual, and the abnormal. This fascination may be caused by two reasons: first, during various moments we feel, think, and act like an abnormal individual. 158 more words

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Finding Possible Treatment for the Breast Cancer

According to a research, about one in eight women suffer from the breast cancer in their lifetime.  Furthermore, the death rate of the breast cancer is higher than any other types of cancer. 273 more words

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What is a vaccine?

The immune system of our body works as a bastion from innumerable kinds of germs. Briefly summarizing, when a germ invades into the body, the immune system sends special cells to fight it off. 563 more words

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Experimenting with the Science Club

If you are interested in leading science club members or simply performing experiments, then this is the club for you. Leaders will help students learn new things about science through hands-on activities. 33 more words


Tongues ‘taste’ water by sensing sour

All we know about water is that water is an odorless, tasteless, slightly compressible liquid when it’s pure. However, when we drink water, we can know that it’s water. 643 more words

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What is "Phantom Pain?"

Phantom pain sensation refers to a person’s feeling related to limbs or organs that are physically not a part of their body. For example, let’s say that a part of a person’s body, such as an arm, was amputated because of an accident. 327 more words

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What is CRISPR Cas9?

Have you ever heard about hemophilia? It is a rare genetic disease that disables people from clotting blood. There is not yet therapy for hemophilia. However, a new technology to change the genes related to hemophilia was developed recently. 483 more words

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