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How Genes are Related to “Baldness”

According to the new study published in United Kingdom, 200 new genetic markers linked with male pattern baldness, which is a great number comparing to the previous study that revealed only eight of the genes. 258 more words

Science Club

Science Club - Insects


Arrival Craft: Make insect models with jointed legs. insects

Introduction: There are lots of different types of insects.

People discover new ones all the time, and new species are often discovered by amateurs. 193 more words

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Science Club - Food


Arrival Craft: Make origami Protein Channels. I found this fantastic craft online here. There are videos to help you!

Introduction: We need to eat a balanced diet, which means we need to eat different types of food. 224 more words

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Why do we SLEEP?

We feel the urge to sleep when waves of tiredness fall upon us that has been accumulated along the day. After a good rest, we can feel the burden of physical and mental fatigue removed from our  body. 593 more words

Science Club

Introducing the CBS-KSC Science Club

CBS-KSC will be starting a Science Club, with sessions beginning March 12.

Science Club is a platform to discuss and attempt to solve scientific issues. Science Club is organized as a journal club, but is not a journal club since we do not review and criticize academic literature. 264 more words

Science Club - Wind Up Toys

Arrival Craft: Jumping frogs, an origami craft. I found lots of fun templates online like this one!

Introduction: There are different types of energy. Potential energy is stored energy that can be used later. 237 more words

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Science Club - Diffusion

Arrival Craft: Colour mixing sheet colourmixing

Introduction: One of the big rules of science is that things move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. 320 more words

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