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Good partnerships take time

The Royal Society’s Partnership Scheme is a funding opportunity for UK schools to work in partnership with a practicing STEM professional. Intended to fund projects with an investigative bent and a clear goal to benefit pupils it sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it? 449 more words

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A Blog 400 Million Years in the Making

A guest blog from geologist and science communicator Haydon Mort. Find out more about Haydon’s work, and contribute to his Kickstarter campaign here.

There is an old pine table in Liskeard, Cornwall, to which I owe my personality. 1,827 more words


Science Communication: Just Do Everything

Practice makes perfect, with science communication as with most other things. The more you hone your skills, especially in front of an audience, the more you learn what works and what doesn’t. 247 more words

Science Communication

The Rippling Pond Universe

You probably learned about atoms in school.

Your teacher would have explained that these aren’t the same atoms the ancient Greeks imagined. Democritus thought of atoms as indivisible, unchanging spheres, the fundamental constituents of matter. 579 more words

Quantum Field Theory

Beneath the Surface of Chiang Mai, Thailand: A Travel Guide

If you get the chance, come visit Chiang Mai.

It is an enthralling place for nature lovers, adventure seekers, culture explorers and (naturally) researchers. For decades, geologists and archaeologists have been exploring and excavating the region to reconstruct its past, discovering a plethora of interesting and important information. 1,377 more words

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The Campus Tour - Let's Spread the Science

Are you a scientist? Are you interested in science communication?
Then keep reading!

Imagine a scene that might have taken place last week…

You were sitting at the table with your relatives, stuffing your face with delicious home-cooked food and chatting about the latest nonsense in the news. 500 more words

The Far Northland

Over the summer I spent some time on a ship at the end of the world, as part of a science/art residency in the Arctic Circle. 131 more words

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