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Popularization as News, Popularization as Signpost

Lubos Motl has responded to my post from last week about the recent Caltech short, Quantum is Calling. His response is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, including the cameos by Salma Hayek and Kaley Cuoco. 871 more words

Theoretical Physics

What's in a Conjecture? An ER=EPR Example

A few weeks back, Caltech’s Institute of Quantum Information and Matter released a short film titled Quantum is Calling. It’s the second in what looks like will become a series of pieces featuring Hollywood actors popularizing ideas in physics. 1,062 more words

Theoretical Physics

Perceptions of wetlands: why so negative?

I’ve been working on the animals and plants that live in urban ponds for a few years (you can find some of my work on my Kudos page… 563 more words


Words, Words, Words

If there’s one thing the Center for Communicating Science drummed into me at Stony Brook, it’s to be careful with words. You can teach your audience new words, but only a few: effectively, you have a vocabulary budget. 358 more words


In between the (beta)-sheets

At the end of May, we announced the winners of our Science Communication Competition. This month the 3rd prize written piece ‘Cancer: a disease of bad luck, or bad lifestyle? 310 more words

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Why Teaching In Animals Is Rare

Written in 2014 as part of undergraduate degree in Wildlife & Practical Conservation

Teaching is a behaviour rarely observed in nonhuman animals. In most cases animals learn through social learning, not teaching on the part of a knowledgeable individual. 2,817 more words