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My interview with Imperial College on the rise and fall of ancient dinosaur-eating crocodiles

While back in London recently for my PhD viva, the opportunity came up to speak with the Communications Office at Imperial College about some of my research. 249 more words


Two Cultures, or Many?

One of the most pernicious myths in neuroscience is that of the left brain/right brain divide. You have surely heard it before: the idea that half our brain is logical, scientific, and calculating while the other is creative, artistic, and empathic. 400 more words

Science Communication

Pop Culture Psychology: What Your Favorite Superhero Can Say About You

[En espagñol]

It’s October and the leaves are turning – Halloween is creeping up, and it’s time to start thinking about your costume. Vampires and zombies are always popular, but you’ve probably noticed a trend in the last few years: superheroes are where it’s at. 1,421 more words

I started Katatrepsis in 2011 and this is the 200th post! At the time of writing, the blog has been viewed 138,967 times by 85,866 different visitors (according to the WordPress stats). 370 more words


Wanted: science communication/PES scholar to join our team


Science in Society Group, Faculty of Science  

The Science in Society invites applications for the position of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Science Communication. 358 more words

Science Communication

To bee or not to bee – why some insects pretend to be dangerous

I just had my first article published at the Conversation – an excellent online collaboration between journalists and academics. As part of their publishing model, anybody can share any articles. 978 more words