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A future for public engagement with science in New Zealand

With the benefit of some fun and challenging mentoring from Joanna Goven (see our reflexive scientist post) Rhian and I have been getting all reflexive about our own practice and reflecting (yes, there is a difference) on the science communication ecosystem in New Zealand. 325 more words

Science Communication

Talking about my thesis without talking about my thesis: infectious diseases and posthumanism

So, just last week, I had an exam that frees me (interesting choice of words, I know) to pursue the thesis of my choice in order to complete my master’s program. 364 more words

Science Communication

Tweeting the Freshwater Glossary

It is largely agreed that the results of scientific research should be made available to public audiences in ways that are as clear and accessible as possible.  275 more words


The MARS ‘cookbook’ for assessing freshwater multiple stresses and ecosystem services

Last week we wrote about the new MARS factsheets, which are designed to give brief, accessible and engaging introductions to some of the key freshwater topics covered by the project.  920 more words


Introducing the MARS factsheets

The MARS project has announced the publication of a set of factsheets designed to give brief, accessible introductions to some of the project’s key research areas and topics.  468 more words


Multiple Paths to the Same Result: Parallel evolution in Lake Whitefish

For Lake Whitefish, history has repeated itself. Within the many individual lakes in the St. John River region, Lake Whitefish have diverged into two groups differentiated by size and body shape. 42 more words

Genes To Genomes

Going straight to the source for science communication

Going straight to the source
(from undergraduate dissertation)

Polonius: Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief: your noble son is mad. 2,811 more words