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'Lots of people don't know lots of things'

You might have seen news channels on the television (if you do at all, in fact) flash a piece of information repeatedly on their screens. News presenters also tend to repeat things they’ve said 10 or 15 minutes before and on-screen visuals join in this marquee exercise. 435 more words

Psych Of Science


The past couple of months have been very interesting for me, and it’s daunting to know that the year is almost over! For me this means I am getting closer to obtaining my degree, but also that I have made it through home-sickness! 461 more words


Staving Off the Apocalypse with Jose Martinez

Calvin Harris’ Summer beat is playing in the background, a goofy guy with a gigantic pair of headphones, a half entertained, half confused look spotted around the campus of Northwestern University. 375 more words

Science Communication

New freelance writings: Planet Nine or Planet Nein, climate deniers spreading influence, and the first giant black hole

In case you missed them, here’s a few new stories I’ve published recently. Thanks as usual to all my excellent editors. For the Atlantic piece, I included a paragraph (in parentheses) that didn’t make the final cut. 970 more words

Science Communication

The 7th National Science Film Festival, India.

The country’s Science Film Festival is back. Entries are being sought, and there is still time untill the 15th of December to send in your creation(s).

Details attached.

Research in Translation

Do you enjoy the challenge of communicating complex scientific ideas and conservation issues to the general public? Current Conservation is looking for submissions of reader-friendly summaries of recently published research papers in conservation science! 169 more words


11th December 2017 - Joanna Berger, University of Edinburgh

Joanna Berger obtained a Master of Science in Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare from the University of Edinburgh, graduating with Distinction in 2016. Her dissertation research was an independent study of the effect of a novel enrichment device on the territories, social structure, and behavior of African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) at the ground-level of an aviary. 196 more words