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Is Social Media Making You Depressed?

Based on all the hype over social media, most people may think logging on is the equivalent of saying…

(A world of opportunities…)

But last month, a study came out that suggests hopping on to the information highway may have a very different result. 685 more words

Geoscience Communication: A Smart Investment

by Terri Cook, Science and travel writer – Down to Earth Science, LLC
The dissemination of new knowledge is an integral part of the scientific enterprise; regular publication of high-impact, peer-reviewed articles is one of the… 860 more words


The Bird That Packs A Punch

Across the African Savannahs many different birds can be seen strutting around on long legs, a perfect adaptation, often coupled with long necks, to give them a higher vantage point to see over the long grasses. 461 more words


Postmortem Brain Samples: the Key to Mental Health?

Reblog from: UOW The Stand

By Emilie Wells

How postmortem brain samples could hold the key mental health.

Major psychiatric disorders affect more than 350 million people worldwide. 1,686 more words


Conversations about Science Writing: Nick Wigginton

MiSciWriters member Kristina Lenn chatted with Nick Wigginton, the assistant vice president of research at the University of Michigan, about the importance of communication among researchers and the big responsibility science writers carry in the current political climate. 886 more words


The 10 commandments of conference presentations: do's and don'ts.

I’m thinking about stopping attending academic conferences.

When I first started my PhD I would pass time by looking for conferences to go to, and I would dream about the places I’d see and the people I’d meet. 1,091 more words


From Ideas to Evidence, an Interview: My Organic Crisis and the Birth of This Blog

In four short years, since I started looking at the science of farming more closely, the topic of organic vs conventional has felt very worn out to me, several times. 2,921 more words