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“Hello, how are you?”

“Not too bad. And yourself?”

“Oh, mustn’t grumble”

This, and countless variations like it, is a common exchange between two people. The enquiries about health and welfare are not really requests to get access to medical information, nor are the responses attempts to give proper answers. 162 more words


Should You Ditch the Diet Soda? Artificial Sweeteners and Stroke Risk - In the News

In high school, my AP Chemistry teacher was renowned for his daily consumption of Diet Dr. Pepper. There were bottles hidden in every nook and cranny of our classroom, and it was rumored that he hadn’t sipped a glass of water in years. 749 more words

Artificial Sweetener

Conservation of Giant Clams - Part 4

Today’s the DAY! And by the time you read this post, I should be getting ready to give my TED talk at the conference! :D In my 5-minute comprehensive TED talk, my idea worth sharing is that giant clams are ecologically important to coral reefs, and we need to save them! 1,067 more words

Giant Clams

Highlights: Entomologists Join the Crowds to March for Science

On Saturday, entomologists stood up for science. In cities around the world, they gathered with scientists of myriad disciplines and non-scientists as well to remind the world about the critical role of science in human progress. 919 more words

Entomology News

Fight back against junk food marketing

Most people realize that our food is loaded with sugar and that our eating habits are unhealthy, but it’s very hard to change them. Rather than simply accepting the situtation or complaining about it, my sister-in-law and her mother decided to change it. 179 more words


Science Bucket at Singapore Science Center

The Science Bucket was the last assignment for the Semester. Each of us were tasked to perform a science demonstration in front of a live public audience at the Mendel Auditorium at the Singapore Science Center last Saturday. 541 more words

Self Updates

Thanks for Marching

I am not sure how to measure the success of protests, but the March for Science was unquestionably heard around the world. People Marched in… 129 more words

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