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First Day in Residence at the RZSS!

So here’s my exciting news: Today was my first day as Storyteller in Residence for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.  I was absolutely thrilled to be appointed to this role and I look forward to giving a day a week of my time to the RZSS and its more-than-human communities over the next twelve months. 246 more words

(re)storying Nature

Research update: June 2015

Summer, summer. The busiest and probably the most fun time of the year in terms of research. There’s lots to do out on the green roofs now that all the plants are growing and the pollinators are flying, but this is what I look forward to all winter long when I’m in the lab or working on my computer. 658 more words

'Lateral' Magazine needs your help

I enjoy talking about science, and the more science-talking we all do the better. That’s why I recently became Life Science editor for Lateral, a free online magazine produced by young scientists. 351 more words

A wound in the scientific body: a hypothesis

The social and professional media have had a field day with Sir Tim Hunt’s comments concerning women in the lab. Juxtaposed with that in New Zealand has been a very earnest discussion about the gagging of scientists. 390 more words


Last Soapbox Science of 2015- Hello Newcastle

Last weekend I attended my second Soapbox Science event of the summer in Newcastle.

The aim of Soapbox Science is to engage people with scientific research and promote the visibility of female scientists. 416 more words

Science Communication

Y is for You!

It’s been 25 weeks since we started this epic journey through the alphabet together, and sadly we are nearing the end.  At this critical juncture, just one letter away from the finality of zed, I thought I would bestow my Pharaoh powers on to you, dear readers. 124 more words

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Framing Fossil Exhibits: Habitat Immersion

It’s time to revisit my sporadic series on organizational and interpretive approaches  in large-scale paleontology exhibits. Check out the posts below if you’d like to catch up. 1,577 more words