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A week in #geology #hashtags

#ThinSectionThursday is a thing. So is #FridayFold and #MineralMonday.  Today I discovered a whole new genre of science communication: geology-themed hashtags on Twitter.

If you are a geologist, or just a fan of earth science, there is literally a hashtag for you every day of the (working) week. 617 more words

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A Photo of Light's Wave-Particle Duality

In order to capture pictures, we need light in order to see the object that we want to photograph. What happens if someone wants to take a photograph of the wave-particle duality of light? 243 more words


Thinking about science videos

The video workshops for 2015 will be held tomorrow. Those of you participating will get a chance to try your hand at making a very short film. 144 more words

Science Communication

Good reads: 'The Invisible History of the Human Race' by Christine Kenneally.

I recently finished reading Christine Kenneally’s The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Future.

Given as a birthday gift by a friend last year I had put off reading this book until after I finished my PhD. 734 more words

Book Review

Geoengineering and Climate Interventions: Too Risky or Needs More Research?

At the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in San Jose in February, scientists from the US National Research Council released two high-profile reports on climate interventions and geoengineering techniques. 1,226 more words

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Researcher and Communicator

Writing a first blog post is pretty intimidating. What should I focus on? Should I be serious or more casual? Should I be thought provoking? Should I make jokes? 301 more words

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I'm a Tetrachromat - And Other Tales of Bad Science

I have some wonderful news, readers – my amazing skill at being able to see both colours in the dress is down to the fact I’m a tetrachromat – a… 1,027 more words

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