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The 5 minute bird count and the citizen.

Last week I went to give a talk on conservation biology at a local high school; who better than a current student to talk to young high school kids about the coolness that is conservation biology. 726 more words


I Think (Like A Real Scientist), Therefore I Am

Image: Jenny, Flickr Creative Commons

As you’ve probably noticed, my blog posts are somewhat few and far between. There are two main reasons behind this. One: I’m believer in quality over quantity. 980 more words


Science Sunday: Why scientists should directly communicate?

Hello there bloggies! Welcome to Science Sunday!

Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to me: science communication. As someone who has two blog posts a week either directly or indirectly related to research, science communication is something that I clearly think is important. 554 more words


Threatened Species Summit: rewilding

This month I attended the inaugural Threatened Species Summit held at Melbourne Zoo. I used my five minutes to be deliberately provocative; I spoke about rewilding. 8 more words


Teleco-what now?

This post contains a lot of links to scientific articles that may be paywalled, or just as bad, really technical. Just let me know if you need a copy of any of them, or if they don’t make sense. 1,560 more words


Neither the Bang nor the Butt

Before I get started, I would like to define, “science” for the purposes of this post. Please note that science does not equal academia. Academia has its own problems and I am not going anywhere near those (right now)… 876 more words