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Take a survey about science blogging!

Dear readers,

I’ve teamed up with Science Borealis, Dr. Paige Jarreau from Louisiana State University and 20 other Canadian science bloggers, to conduct a broad survey of Canadian science blog readers. 113 more words


Why do public engagement? Diamond Nine activity

This week I had the pleasure of attending the BIG ‘How to train researchers’ event at Newcastle University. It was an excellent and thought-provoking day and I took away a lot of useful tidbits and ideas. 137 more words

Science Communication

COP21: Understanding Emissions and Targets

The 196 parties of the UNFCCC are coming together next week with the aim of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that will likely keep global warming below 2˚C.  530 more words

Humanities vs Science. 4. Semantics and Semiotics

See here for the story behind this series.

Signs and symbols are the oldest mode of communication. We were using pictures to show our clan which way the berries were long before the golden arches were invented. 890 more words


Vanquishing the evil mad scientist image

There is a palpable mistrust of science in the wider public and we scientists are largely to blame. Almost everyone uses the products of research everyday and yet trust issues against scientists have spawned and nurtured anti-science movements. 509 more words


‘Magnified’ – 12 Years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Delighted to be invited to ‘Magnified’ – 12 Years of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize at the National Archives of Australia.

Natural Science and Art – wonderful. 16 more words

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