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26th of September 2016 - Scott J. Davidson, University of Sheffield

Hi, I’m Scott, a final year PhD student at the University of Sheffield with collaborative links with San Diego State University and Utrecht University.

I am researching linkages between vegetation communities and methane (CH4) emissions at multiple scales in arctic tundra landscapes along a latitudinal gradient in Northern Alaska. 70 more words


Vincent Racaniello: Earth's Virology Professor

How a podcasting virologist is bringing The Small Questions to a wider audience

Kevin Lyons

Most students studying science at university will inevitably become familiar with the names and works of a wide range of popular science communicators, such as Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker (to name but a few). 1,113 more words


My life post-science

Hey everyone.

Long time no blog.

So yeah, basically, my mind has now shifted to a post-science state. I’ve finally come to terms with my new reality. 551 more words


Issue #6 Why we suck at talking about Climate Change

Original Post

What is Climate Change??

Climate scientists have spent the past decade finding ways to better communicate and engage the public with climate science. Public awareness of climate change is rising, but we still don’t see the kinds of behaviour change required. 1,034 more words

Worldly Issues Series

What Brangelexit Can Tell Us About Antibiotic Resistance...

It was quite the week Two historic events happened over the last seven days. They were captured and shared by millions. However,  only one seemingly gained the attention they both deserved. 458 more words

Connecting the shifting currents of aquatic science and policy

Dialogues between environmental scientists and policy makers form key cogs in modern conservation and restoration practices. Scientific research can inform and support ‘evidence-based’ policy making… 868 more words


ABC system for dietary oligosaccharides: a weapon of Bifidobacterium sp. in the ‘metabolic’ war of the gut

By: Constantinos Drousiotis

Twitter: @Ecolinnit

The human gut microbiota (HGM) is the community of microbes that thrive in the gastrointestinal tract. Lately, it has become evident that HGM has a profound impact on human health which has now attracted a great interest from the scientific community. 739 more words

ABC Transporter