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A new Field Museum video on non-alternative fact

This new short video, including several of my colleagues at Chicago’s Field Museum, shows scientists at the Museum standing up for the facts about ecology and evolution. 215 more words


Don't let the war on science stop valuable yet silly-seeming research, like shrimps on treadmills

At a time when politicians are attacking science, its practitioners are coming out in hordes to defend their profession. A common attack is to claim that a lot of money is… 1,230 more words

Review of Nathan M. Farrugia's Helix Series

Recently, I have been neglecting my blog mainly because I have been absolutely captivated by the news. The actions of our newest administration has the workings of a first rate thriller; collusion with the Russians, ‘alternative facts’, North Korean missile launches, denigration of our judicial system, and the list goes on. Read More

Book Review

Schools For All Citizens

On this President’s Day, 2017, I am reminded that there are those who believe people are now judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. 926 more words


Specialist science and maths teachers in primary schools are not the solution

This post was originally published 13 February 2017 on the AARE EduResearch Matters blog.

The idea to put specialist science and maths teachers into Australian primary schools gained a lot of support after the latest results of international tests were announced. 1,341 more words


When School Girls Got to Interact with Scientists

Reported by Nandita Jayaraj; Edited by Aashima Dogra

“Can you name three Indian scientists for me?”

“Abdul Kalam… CV Raman… JC Bose… Kalpana Chawla… Chandrasekharan…” … 994 more words


Conducting fieldwork: a guide for the budding geoscientist

Fieldwork can be interpreted differently across different disciplines. Per Wikipedia, “field research, or fieldwork, is the collection of information outside a laboratory, library, or workplace setting.” 1,165 more words