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Inclusive vs. Assistive Technology

The work to do the past couple of days forced me to put blogging aside for a moment, but now I shall grab the virtual pen again. 672 more words

We would like to introduce the Planet Hunters Educators Guide

Julie A. Feldt is one of the educators behind Zooniverse.org. She first came to us in Summer 2013 as an intern at the Adler Planetarium to develop and test out Skype in the Classroom lessons and ended up joining the team the following winter. 529 more words

Planet Hunters

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, creationism, science education and religious tolerance

I had to renew my driver’s license this month. I considered heading to the DMV dressed like this:

But I decided to go sans colander, and my driver’s license ended up looking like this: 1,119 more words

Respecting teachers key to reversing Australia's dwindling science interest, Ian Chubb says

ABC News Stephanie Anderson 3 July 2015

Year 12 participation rates in science subjects as well as top level mathematics are at a 20-year low, according to Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb.  29 more words

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Newts of Fire and Ice

Newts 101:

Red-Spotted Newts (Notophthalmus viridescens) are the coolest animals on the planet. I should know – I worked with over 10,000 of them for two years. 277 more words


Magazine Call for Science Submissions

Rethinking School Magazine is looking for submissions on science. These submissions are focused on engaging students in science while promoting justice and equity. These submissions can be for any science curriculum ranging from grades PK-12. 76 more words


Jemison takes Chautauqua on journey across space and time

While public interest in space travel has dwindled in the decades since Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon, former astronaut Mae Jemison believes humanity’s elemental desire for understanding will take us back to the stars. 825 more words

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