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Primary Science Assessment - not Even Close, Yet.

Assessment of primary science is something of a bugbear of mine. While I consider the so-called ‘formative assessment’ (it should never have been called ‘assessment’) to be no more or less of a challenge than the other core subjects, summative assessment of science is different. 648 more words

Primary Education

The Fellow in the Cupboard

There are many reasons for which I get frustrated at the slow pace of funding for this book compared to other books I have seen pass by on their way to a successful 100% completion, but none more than the death of a contributor. 1,949 more words


how do we assess teaching quality?

Way back when I was a secondary teacher, & there were signs that the government of the day was looking at a possible move to performance pay, there were fairly frequent staffroom discussions discussions around how to assess the quality of one’s teaching. 693 more words


Science Fair at Westpark

Zach Blowers

For this semester’s community project, other members and I took a trip to WestPark Elementary school during their science fair. While there, we showed students, parents, and teachers a couple of science demonstrations. 189 more words

Community Outreach

Advising the White House on Science Education

Some of you may have seen on the HSI Facebook page that we were recently invited to speak at the White House about science education. It’s been nearly a month since then, and we’re just now finding time to share some more details of the event with you—not because we’re not excited about the occasion, but because things have been really busy here. 505 more words

Science Education

Fossil sandboxes are terrible

Today, I need to take a moment to rail against one of the most reliably entertaining and beloved of museum attractions – fossil sandboxes. These activities are nearly ubiquitous at paleontology-related parks and museums, and some of them can be quite large and elaborate. 647 more words



The image above is that of Julius Axelrod who, with Bernard Brodie, is seen as establishing paracetamol as a leading painkiller.

So, why Axelrod, why paracetamol? 1,543 more words

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