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Elementary Experiments

Zach Rawlings

In October other SNHS members and myself, went to Buckeye Elementary to perform experiments for the 8th grade science students. As a group we demonstrated on experiment and then helped the students conduct on of their own, and then recorded their data. 105 more words

Community Outreach

A Christian Voice to the question, 'What is Science For?'

BBC Radio 4 once nearly caused me a nasty road accident. I had foolishly believed that a drive along the A1M might be safely accompanied by the last of a series of panel discussions on ‘Culture in our Times’ ( 2,409 more words

Theology Of Science

From Stars to Stalagmites

I am a terribly slow reader.  Maybe it’s because I try to understand, remember, and absorb as much as possible from every word. Every single word. 1,050 more words


Attendance is Mandatory

I have taught this class. It was called “Introduction to Biology for Non-Majors”.

Incidentally, I got pretty good student evaluations and none of my South Carolinian students argued with me about evolution.

Follies Of The Human Condition

Old News

According to an article in today’s Chron, a Stanford study found the portrayal of climate change in California middle school science textbooks “dishonest”.

I’m not going to link the Chron story; it’s a bit short for my taste. 452 more words


Sorry to have not posted in so long – I have been very busy this year! Now that I have some experience doing research and coming up with findings, the question of how your work is perceived by the wider public is much more apparent. 1,004 more words


Inventors of Tomorrow: Hearing

We did all five senses in one session of Family Inventor’s Lab. It would have been easy to come up with a full day’s worth of activities for most of the senses, but especially for hearing, there was so much more we could think of to do. 783 more words

Inventors Of Tomorrow Series