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Pilot Ground School Montreal: Offering Effective Learning Courses

It can be disappointing to take flight tests again and again, however not pass in any of them. All things considered, it’s not a little thing to get ready for a while or weeks for the test and afterward doing everything over again in light of the fact that you didn’t expert it on the primary attempt. 304 more words


Raising Monarchs

I wrote in an earlier post that I was volunteering at Beaver Creek Reserve’s Butterfly House Lab. This is a followup on that experience. Prepare to learn about raising monarch caterpillars! 737 more words


Olympic National Park: Bird Watching

Ah, so many birds and so little time to sketch them poorly in my nature journal!

While we did not see too many big animals on our trip to Olympic — not like going to Yellowstone where you’re practically tripping on elk and bison the whole time — we did get to see a lot of cool birds, including meeting some species that were new to us. 275 more words

Olympic National Park: Wildflowers

In the literature I was reading preparing for our trip to Olympic, one description stated that the park had a “dazzling variety of wildflowers.”  That was no joke!   53 more words

Comments on Adult Education/Training on the Job

One of my job responsibilities is to educate new hires on reactive hazards and the basics of electrostatic discharge safety in the chemical manufacturing environment. The attendees are usually new plant operators with the occasional analytical chemist also in attendance. 735 more words


Interview: Many Women Of Colour Feel Unsafe Working In Science

I was interviewed by Buzzfeed, about a new study by Professor Kate Clancy and colleagues, showing women of colour scientists are more likely to experience race and gender harassment. 675 more words


Olympic National Park Ecosystems: Pacific Coast

We spent our last couple of days in Olympic on the Pacific Coast, staying at Kalaloch Lodge and visiting Ruby Beach. Prior to our trip, we had prepped with several books about wildlife in the Pacific Northwest and Native American legends from the region, but the book that really paid dividends was this little guy on tide pools: 466 more words