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It's Trivia Night at Lodi “Science Night Live” on June 3rd

Quick! Name one human body part that contains a septum…

If you or someone you know can answer that question without Google’s help, then put together a team for the next Science Night Live! 208 more words


Genius Hour is Back!

Good morning! It’s been a long time since I contributed anything to this blog apart from some tweet links, but I have good reason to return: My grade 10 students have finished the latest iteration of their Genius Hour projects. 64 more words

MYP Science


Some comment replies require more than just a few brief lines. 515 more words

Global Warming

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Denialist tripe, swatted by Tamino. Now, I know I am learning via the Denial101x course by John Cook (and many others) that the reason why Deniers are Deniers is because the notion of global warming itself challenges their values or the solutions they imagine are needed to curtail warming are unacceptable. Nevertheless, it is amazing to me that people will repeatedly trot out the same old crap and somehow believe if they do they are advancing understanding. Either they don't really understand, or they are just parrots of a few key spigots of climate denial. I don't know the degree to which this is true, but I have read, but have not (yet) investigated that some comments at online news sites are not posted by people but by bots. Now, in Tamino's case, it's improbable Mallett is a bot, but this might go some of the way explaining my dismay on why the same old-same old gets trotted out, including the "warming stopped in 1998" thing.

An erstwhile creationist becomes a biologist, due in part to us!

Over the past five years, one of our readers—Dan Metz—has been undergoing an odyssey. This involved leaving a strict religious background, abandoning belief in creationism and accepting evolution, and then, ultimately, becoming a biologist. 666 more words

Science Education

Turmoil In Education: No One Right Way To Learn

“I sure wish you could be my social studies teacher! You make what’s in our books real and exciting. I now care about the wars I have to learn about.” ~ Unnamed student to Korean War Veteran, Jerry McCandless at the… 726 more words


Exercise has many virtues but, contrary to popular belief, it is not an efficient way to lose weight.

So what is?

“The idea that our obesity epidemic is caused by sedentary lifestyles has spread widely over the past few decades, spurring a multibillion-dollar industry that pitches gadgets and gimmicks promising to walk, run and kickbox you to a slim figure. 221 more words

Science Education

Relevance of Innovation – Standardized Tests and Learning Frameworks

This information is part of hte support for a S4U grant request solicited by the Dept of Education

All states are required to include a science assessment in each of the three-year elementary grade bands (NCLB, 2001). 356 more words

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