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High School Biology: The Nervous System

This series of lessons is for my SAT level biology class.  As you can see from the bibliography, I have drawn from a wide variety of resources to create a well-balanced unit that includes guided exploration, inquiry, model-building, and learning from original research done by others. 1,345 more words

Science Education

Changing My Lesson for PBS

“Contextualizing instruction in project-based science involves utilizing students’ prior knowledge and everyday experiences as a catalyst for understanding challenging science concepts. (Rivet, A.)

PBS Unit Changes Based on Evidence… 692 more words

Too Legit... Too Legit to... Be True?

You may be perusing Facebook or Tumblr and stumble upon a pretty nice looking infographic explaining the dire consequences of drinking a soda… “Wow”, you say to yourself… That looks very well done! 335 more words

Climate Science for Marshallese High School Teachers


Contributed by Michelle Tigchelaar

As a climate modeler, I mostly experience climate change through graphs and figures, scientific papers and the long-term projections of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. 1,126 more words


riffing on the national standards

Over on Facebook, a friend of mine shared a post (from a friend of hers) about National Standards in the NZ primary education sector. If you’re on FB I recommend reading it; it certainly gave me a bit of food for thought. 567 more words


Life as an Arctic Oceanographer

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Kaktovik, Alaska—a small Inupiat village located on Barter Island on the coast of the Beaufort Sea! After being delayed by weather in Prudhoe Bay for three days, I was ecstatic to finally fly into Barter! 626 more words

Arctic Summer

How to run a successful STEM club

Running a club is a great thing to do in school. You will develop a stronger relationship with the students, gain really useful experience in organising something within a school and can also raise your profile. 919 more words