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Group of teen-age superheroes who change (“morph”) into animals on the Scholastic Productions science fiction series ANIMORPHS/SYN/1998-1999.

Based on the popular kids books Animorphs written by K.A. 121 more words

Science Fiction

When your vice principal is a little too much like HAL…

Middle school is no fun in a world where standardized testing determines everything.   (This is supposed to be the future, a time when tweens and teens reference slang from fifty years ago like “awesome, bro.”)  Vice Principal Barbara is an automated administrator, charged with monitoring everyone and everything:  students, teachers, hallway behavior, the all-important test scores.  152 more words

Book Review

Demetrius Witherspoon Interview Pt 1

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs where we dig in and learn more about Demetrius Witherspoon, Indie filmmaker, founder of DV Entertainment Pictures… 377 more words

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See Submerge on the Big Screen

We’re pleased to announce that Submerge: Ni’Re Reborn has been accepted into this year’s Indiana Short Film Festival. What that means to you is that you can experience Submerge on the big screen, … 229 more words

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Submerge on Gaming with Scott Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Submerge: Echo 51 blog, your resource for the latest news about the Submerge Films. Submerge: Echo 51 is the latest in an epic series of science fiction short films conceived and helmed by Noblesville, Indiana filmmaker Demetrius Witherspoon, founder of DV Entertainment Pictures. 326 more words

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Working in the Mines with "Star Trek Beyond"

Don’t you hate it when you’re sentenced to manual labor in the mines?
It’s not the fact that mines are dark, desolate, and filled with things that crawl on an odd number of legs. 618 more words