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Absolutely Free Collection Short Science Fiction/ Fantasy limited time so this is your chance #shortstory #free #flashfiction #bookworm

From a ship mining helium-3 in Jupiter’s atmosphere, Kelly launches a probe to search for life in the ocean of a Jovian moon. In the title story, … 261 more words

Science Fiction

10,000 Years Later

It took just one man to destroy the world. Now only one woman can save it.


The end of human civilization was mostly a giant misunderstanding. 6,585 more words


It appears to be guestimated that Zack Snyder will not be returning to tackle the second installment in the Superman solo franchise, THANK HIGHFATHER (Bonus points for anyone who gets that refernce). 1,004 more words

Future Family Planning


After two years of testing, interviewing, genetic profiling, and legal hurdling, the official letter of governmental approval finally appeared by drone at Lucy and Ethan’s doorstep. 3,282 more words


When your vice principal is a little too much like HAL…

Middle school is no fun in a world where standardized testing determines everything.   (This is supposed to be the future, a time when tweens and teens reference slang from fifty years ago like “awesome, bro.”)  Vice Principal Barbara is an automated administrator, charged with monitoring everyone and everything:  students, teachers, hallway behavior, the all-important test scores.  152 more words

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