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Wolves of Winter's Edge Series (Gentry, Roman, Asher), T.S. Joyce: Review

Gentry, Roman and Asher are rogue wolves of mixed heritage and a history of brotherly hate. Their father favored Gentry as the future alpha of the pack and expelled Roman and Asher when their affairs with humans became too obvious. 212 more words


Carrie's Hair (from my Patreon page)

I actually have been as intimidated about trying to do Carrie Fisher’s “Leia Organa” hair as much as trying to capture the smooth skin tone transitions on her face.   249 more words


Proud Infinity pt 32

Trego is in jail wondering if everything was just a dream.

“You would forsake me so fast?”  It was her voice.  I wondered how long before I would start hallucinating about her. 628 more words

Painting a Princess Update (from my Patreon page)

Well, we are now in the home stretch if I can keep my moral up.  I am doing my taxes now so that remains to be seen.   94 more words


Review: The Moment by Lawrence M. Schoen

The Moment by Lawrence M. Schoen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a very densely and complexly written short story, so much so that I had a little trouble following it at times. 34 more words

Lawrence M. Schoen

New $5 Reward added to my Patreon Page

This week’s $5 reward is a copy of the digital painting I did after finishing “Leviathan Wakes” by James S. A. Correy. The painting depicts the climatic scene of the asteroid Eros breaking apart and falling into the planet Venus where it will be a source of dread for stories to come. 49 more words


Proud Infinity pt 31

Getting close to the end, what is going to happen!?

I woke back up, eventually, and was still in chains.  Okay, so this was definitely ‘reality’ as much as I had flirted with different states of that word.  612 more words