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New $5 Patreon Reward

I just uploaded another progression file to my Patreon page.  This one shows the steps I took in creating the cover for “Denouncer” for a friend of mine.   10 more words


Color of Emotions (from my Patreon page)

As I have said before, as a writer, I try to be very descriptive because of my artistic background.  By descriptive, I mean I use a lot of words and sentences to strongly suggest or lead the reader to visualize the scene I wrote in their head.   360 more words


Proud Infinity pt 5

Hey guys thanks for reading and liking, please leave any comments about your thoughts on the story!  Trego now is at the bar, and is going to meet the playful by myterious Proud.   1,277 more words

Proud Infinity pt 4

Hey guys, here is the 4th path of Proud Infinity.

We last ended with Trego getting shot and stumbling back to his room where he sees a black wave come out of his old work place that destroys everything and in the next moment thinks he is killed. 1,697 more words

Simple Things (from my Patreon Page)

Sorry for not posting the other day but I caught the bug going around and my drive is about at zero.  Heads up to anyone who gets regular allergy shots, when they say don’t get your shot when you are sick, don’t get you shot.   231 more words

Science Fiction

When do you know? (from my Patreon page)

There are so many times when I am working on a drawing that I know just isn’t going to work.  I am putting a lot into it but it isn’t giving me a lot back.   82 more words