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Second Impressions - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I saw ST:TFA a second time today. Most of the impressions from my original review (here) remain the same. I still think it is an entertaining film with a good cast, nice visuals, as well as plot and character issues due to lazy writing. 381 more words

New Godzilla Looks Freaky

Toho is getting back in the Godzilla game with Godzilla: Resurgence. The film will be released in July, but some images have been leaked and the new design looks pretty cool and really creepy. 42 more words

Pacific Rim 2 "Off The Table"

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Pacific Rim 2 is probably dead. Although Pacific Rim made $411 million on a $180 million budget, this was worldwide; it failed to make back its budget domestically. 113 more words

Film Review - Tarantula (1955) - Spoilers

Tarantula is a great example of a fifties sci-fi film that works on all levels: it has good acting and production values, an engaging story and thematic complexity. 476 more words

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Film Review: "Star Wars Episodes VII: The Force Awakens" (2015)

I debated about writing a review of this film. After all, the internet is literally full to bursting with thoughts, speculation, reviews, and box office analysis. 756 more words

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Film Review - Stung (2015) - Spoilers

Stung has the elements of a good movie. However, it also has serious flaws, most prominently a thin story that fails to justify even its short runtime. 284 more words

The Galactic Civil War

The good people at the Washington Post put together a little tribute to Star Wars, The Galactic Civil War. This is a four minute mockumnetary about the original trilogy, done in the style of a Ken Burns documentary. 88 more words