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A strange love feast

Strange Magic

Year: 2015, Genre: Family (Animation by Industrial Light and Magic, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, distributed by the Walt Disney Company, presented by Touchstone Pictures), Story by George Lucas. 286 more words


Talking like they mean it--in elevated tones

Jupiter Ascending

Year: 2015, Genre: Sci-Fi, Warnings—violence

Just about as confusing as the Wachowskis earlier success The Matrix, but nowhere near as inventive or interesting. Jupiter Ascending is not easy to follow and requires concentrating on the seemingly unnecessary details. 294 more words


Barbarella’s intergalactic lounge music

The soundtrack of Barbarella (1968) combines the popular lounge style of music from the 1960s with futuristic exotica to create a fun, sometimes psychedelic, experience that acts as a tool to propel the story forward from one sexual encounter to another. 121 more words


Two Screenplays Placed in the 2015 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest

Very proud to have two of my short science fiction screenplays, “The Date” and “The Birthday Greeting” announced as quarter-finalists in the 2015 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest… 10 more words


Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014)

Fun: 3/5
Fame: 4/5
Critical Acclaim: 5/5

Even though my more scientifically-minded friends left the theater with a physics-shaped chip on their shoulder bigger than… 1,164 more words


New Attack on Titan Trailer

A new trailer for the live-action Attack on Titan film is out. It looks freakin’ amazing. The design team has nailed the look of the anime and manga. 30 more words

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10 Word Review - Time Lapse

Concept. Noir. Thriller. Time. Tension. Close. Desires. Mood. Style. yes.

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