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My Top 25 Science Fiction Movies

In my last post I listed my picks for the best 25 fantasy films of all time… but in the process of whittling it down to those favourites, I kept remembering wonderful science fiction films that I wanted to add to the list. 2,183 more words

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TBT: Sexy. Kinetic. Thriller.

Our TBT is dedicated to “Strange Days” (1995), the “sexy kinetic thriller” and feminist gem which was directed by Kathryn Bigelow and co-written by two dudes, James Cameron and Jay Cocks (insert joke here). 304 more words


Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

Jupiter Ascending is the latest from the brother sister duo that brought us the Matrix movies. This again surprised me greatly. When I was much younger I loved the Matrix (well the first one at least) nowadays the film is not bad but not one of my top go to choices either. 116 more words

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First Ever Ethiopian Post-Apocalyptic Scifi Flick?

Keep an eye out for this one.

Crumbs is described by director Miguel Llansó as  “the first ever Ethiopian post-apocalyptic, surreal, sci-fi feature length film.”  It looks to have the sort of creepy element I really appreciate in post-apocalyptic stories. 25 more words

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Total Recall (1990)- ending the dream.

(This blog will reveal key plot lines and story elements from the movie. It might be difficult to digest what I have written without first seeing the movie. 746 more words


Under the Skin- the alien inside.

(Disclaimer- this written piece will reveal key aspects of the plot and characters. It may be difficult to absorb without viewing the film first. I suggest you do. 741 more words