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EFC 2.09: Blade Runner 2049

Feat. The music of Vitaliy Zavadskyy

“We all wish it was us. That’s why we believe.”

I have developed a bad habit recently of talking about myself, rather than the movies I purport to write about on this blog.

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ROGUE ONE: The New Dark

The screenplay for ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY was given a unique, modern visual rough cut before one frame was shot for the film. Editor Colin Goudie says he used a story outline to put together clips from other movies to create a kind of moving storyboard (sort of like how George Lucas once prepped the special effects for the original STAR WARS, but this time for the whole movie). 745 more words

Science Fiction Movies

Colossal Mistake: Failing to Fully Explore Abuse

I really love giant monster movies. I especially love the ones that are more than just giant monster movies. Yeah, Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla features a giant radioactive dinosaur but that film also nails a commentary on post-war Japan and the horrors of nuclear war. 1,264 more words


BLADE RUNNER 2049: The Next Day

Or is it the day after the next day? I’m having trouble keeping the days in order. Note to young people: Don’t get old. Note to healthy people: Stay healthy. 750 more words

Initial Reaction to BLADE RUNNER 2049

I saw Blade Runner on opening night in 1982. I remember that the house lights were still up as the movie was starting, which was annoying as hell. 858 more words

New Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049. The perfect Sequel, flaws and all.

Having grown up in the 80’s and 90’s I was exposed to many amazing films.   Films that set the stage for the cinema we now know.  1,624 more words