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Slept On Classics: Dark City

Science Fiction has always been, in my experience, the most polarizing genre in movies, and for good reason. Because of the outlandish nature of the material, Sci-Fi requires you to suspend your disbelief much more than any other piece of fiction. 765 more words

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My Own Private IDAHO TRANSFER. I'm sorry.

Peter Fonda followed up his fine revisionist western THE HIRED HAND with IDAHO TRANSFER. It’s as unusual a time-travel movie as HIRED HAND is an offbeat western. 383 more words

Tanka: Journey into Night

forgiveness from truth
the seed of anguish bare fruit
Sin in Delos name
uprising to cull the herd
none stop till Glory is found

Late To The Game 4/29/18

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The Circle of Tom Hardy

This just crossed my mind and I couldn’t sleep until I shared it.

This is Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Played Bane

Bane Uses Venom to get Stronger. 32 more words

Science Fiction Movies

When Great Scenes Happen to Bad Movies: FIRE IN THE SKY

This didn’t get much play or acclaim when it came out in 1993. Written by a writer of Star Trek the Next Rest Stop and Saturday Night Live episodes, directed by a future genre TV director, it stars Robert Patrick aka the Cop Terminator/guy who actually did a good job replacing Duchovney on X-Files, and D.B. 115 more words