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Shin Godzilla Review: Bureaucracy and the King of the Monsters

Every now and then, Toho Pictures astounds with a Godzilla movie that is more than the standard giant monster mash. The studio can, at times, infuse realism, cultural commentary, and political consequence into something as “silly” as kaiju. 743 more words


Film Review: Mockingjay Part II - Hunger Games

First Thoughts:

 Though I do not particularly like how directors lately have been breaking a final movie into two parts, extending it and making it dull, I thought the last adaptation film of The Hunger Games pretty good. 180 more words

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Soylent Green is Cheese! Review: Soylent Green (1973) - 6.0/10

This is one that I’ve had on my list to watch for a long time. I think I first saw it referenced on Vh1’s “I Love the 70s” many years ago and, unfortunately, the ending was spoiled for me. 786 more words

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In Your Eyes (2014)

“You’re smart, and ain’t nothing in this world dumber than a smart guy.”

It’s like You’ve Got Mail with psychics!

In Your Eyes is a movie with a title that references a Peter Gabriel song, but does not feature said song in the movie.   371 more words


Movies: Star Wars VII

So,… I finally saw the most recent Star Wars movie the other night (it has already made its way to cable; meanwhile, I’m still waiting for… 1,000 more words


I, Origins (2014)

Well, I’m back!  Reincarnated, you might say.  The robot is still hunting pretty things, and it has found one – a movie called I, Origins. 229 more words


Star Trek Beyond and the Déjà Vu of Summer Blockbusters

why Star Trek Beyond should be less Transformers and more Friends

Uhura can save herself, thank you very much. (Forbes) I watched Star Trek Beyond… 555 more words