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Terminator: Genisys is All About Family

 This past week I went to see Terminator: Genisys, a movie I swore I wouldn’t waste my time and money going to see.

Why? 719 more words

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Video of the Month: July 2015...

I first saw this when it first came out, around the time I finished uni (2011-2012).

It’s a stunning Sci-Fi action scene set in an apocalyptic future where nature has reclaimed our urban heritage. 58 more words

Nanite Solution

Episode 7. Jurassic Park (1993) and Jurassic World (2015): Blockbuster Spectacle and Reconstituting the Family

Blockbuster Spectable and Reconstituting the Family!

We take our first stab at a blockbuster hit — the incredibly influential Jurassic Park (1993).  We discuss the film’s visual effects and influence, its treatment of corporations and family, and the film’s legacy.   131 more words


Jurassic World: An Opinion

This movie honestly surprised me quite a bit.  Not only did it seem like everyone went to go see the movie with me in the exact same theater (there were hardly any seats left!) but I enjoyed this movie so much more that I thought I would.  1,080 more words

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Jurassic World Review

Raging Crow and Twitch saw Jurassic World and loads of fun was had. Between the hilarious antics of Chris Pratt and the prehistoric beat down kaiju style there wasn’t anything we could do besides love this movie. 23 more words


The Akira movie adaptation gets some talent behind it.

I truly thought this project was dead but no, it continues to rise again every couple of years.  It was just announced that the Akira… 226 more words

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Tomorrowland: An Opinion

I finally had the chance to see Tomorrowland earlier today and I had a few thoughts about the movie.  First of all, I should say that the movie really is enjoyable.  1,095 more words

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