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What weighs a gram but can cover a football pitch and is 7 times stronger than steel?

Graphene.  The science fiction of the future has arrived.  This 2nd material made from carbon atoms is the thinnest material known to mankind but also one of the strongest.  169 more words

Print your own Terminator 2 | Science fiction is science fact

That’s right science fact has caught up with science fiction.  You can use a 3D printer to run of a thin skin of an alloy of metals, strong enough to hold the liquid in shape. 106 more words

Dystoipan Fiction

No Fluke Here

I love nautical themed entertainment. Though I’m not the most sea worthy, I have taken scuba diving lessons, my Great Grandfather was a merchant seaman, and I even have a sperm whale and colossal squid in the midst of battle tattooed on my arm. 434 more words