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Why 88% of people think they are above aveRage.

A Ted Ed video everyone probably needs to watch at least once, possibly more than once and perhaps on a regular basis.

Thanks Marilyn. :-) 10 more words


Full Circle or One Turn of a Continuing Spiral?

For most of thinking man’s history Religion/Belief in God(s) has been a major factor in guiding our social and cultural progress. Perhaps progress is not quite the right word – maybe it is more like continuity? 439 more words


A 100-Year Old Word Repetition Technique is Effective in Reducing the Impact of (Negative) Words – Reflectd

I found this valuable post over at Reflectd.co

If there is a word that you find has a negative effect on you either in your own mind or when someone says it – try this! 80 more words


Why We're All Better Than Average?

Because of the Superiority Illusion.

If you would like to know more about the Superiority Illusion  you can follow the link: Source: Why We’re All Better Than Average… 32 more words


Point to Ponder #7 - A Discrepancy

From my personal observation of our world throughout it’s history the average human being* has been about as good at understanding and applying successfully to their life, all the principles of mathematics as they have been to those of Religion. 177 more words


Cosmological Breakthrough.

Researchers at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) the European Nuclear Research Council, where the world’s largest particle accelerator is housed, have discovered that there are just 26 fundamental particles that can account for and perfectly describe everything that we currently know of in our Universe AND ALSO every possible future thing we can ever possibly discover in it! 105 more words


A Bigger Perspective.

Two items that caught my interest last week and got me thinking a little deeper were:

  1. The news item that said astronomers had discovered the furthest known object in space from our planet, a galaxy named GN-z11 at 13.4 billion light years distance.
  2. 1,142 more words