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Just how much difference does a zoom lens make?

Ever wonder what the differences are between camera zoom lenses in terms of how much more (or less) you can photograph with one? Or what the difference is between a 5 times (5X) zoom and a 50 times zoom? 291 more words


The Numbers Don't Lie!

Numbers don’t have to lie – not when so many people don’t understand how they work.

Even when they tell the truth some are just too hopeless at simple mathematics to be able to see it. 313 more words


Vale Stephen Hawking

A truly unique human being has departed from us today.

British Academic, Physicist, Cosmologist and Author Dr Stephen Hawking died 14/3/2018 at his home with his family present. 130 more words


Why it can be not what you eat but what you think that determines how well your diet works.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Dean Burnett, Doctor of Neuroscience at Cardiff University in the UK. The full interview text can be found here:  772 more words


Got The Time Mate?

“Back in MY day” this question generally meant the questioner was not wearing their watch and needed to know the current time which they hoped the questionee knew or could easily check for them. 351 more words


It Ain't Easy Being Green...

Life ain’t no bed of roses either – in this guy’s case it’s a bed of dahlias, or rather the leaves of a Dahlia Tree! ;-) 31 more words


How Long Is A Piece Of String?

I really, really wish i’d written this.

It is the best explanation of subjects that have fascinated me since before i was a teenager – basically how we think Reality actually works – that i have seen in a single concise explanation. 15 more words