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Star Trek Beyond: "Is that classical music?"

Rating: “Go see it. Now!”

Hey, Everybody! Welcome to another review from Flickmuncher. Today we’re going to be reviewing the newest entry to a franchise that has shaped American culture in a myriad of ways since it was first aired on television 50 long years ago. 1,874 more words

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Wrap Up: Booktube-A-Thon 2016

I’m so proud of how much I read this week. I think it is a new record for me. I read a total of 4 books and 1052 pages, and finished 4 challenges. 475 more words


Secrets Within - 28

Following closely behind the half dozen Enclave members, Anula passed from the patrolled portion of the manor to that held closely by the Enclave.  Their small party was eyed suspiciously by a number of guards and, by her best estimation, there are roughly four dozen – insurmountable odds. 2,060 more words


What's next for Joshua Pantalleresco?

Joshua Pantalleresco and his series, The Watcher, is our feature for this month! Which means you can pick up either The Watcher or Stormdancer for just $0.99 with the promo code: DRAGON.

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Special Interest: #AlternateHistory via #TimeTravel #TimeParadoxes Participate in Comments under posting via this link

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Special Interest: #AlternateHistory via #TimeTravel #TimeParadoxes – Twitter Hashtags.

This may include the science of the subject as well as how it is presented as science fiction in movies and novels, as well as TV shows – for example… 193 more words

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The Claiming of Shamasai

I’ve mentioned a few of these on the ‘Published’ section but it’s worth mentioning them again. The Claiming of Shamasai is an episodic novelette (ie a short novella) that’s been published by Warlord  over the last six months. 101 more words


2016 Hugo Awards: Novelettes

Novelette Reviews

Finally finished reading those in-between length stories, the novelettes. The Rabid Puppies almost got a clean sweep of this category. Two of their nominees ( 927 more words

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