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The Ugly Bridge Over Uncanny Valley

Several months ago a grocery store opened up a few blocks from where I live. It is one of three in a new franchise that sells overstock health foods at a discount price. 1,478 more words


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Science Fiction

House of Suns

By Alastair Reynolds.

It’s more than six million years in the future and humanity has spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy. There are myriad human and post-human civilisations, although no major civilisation seems to last for long, as the lack of faster than light travel makes it hard to maintain any empire spanning multiple star systems. 619 more words

Book Reviews

Obscura by Yoon Ha Lee, Strange Horizons, Issue 29, Jan 2018

Obscura by Yoon Ha Lee is a short piece of speculative fiction in which a young person (it is not specified if this person is male or female) meets an older man who owns a mysterious camera. 195 more words


The Twelve-Fingered Boy

The Twelve-Fingered Boy by John Hornor Jacobs


Shreve Cannon is a big-wig in juvie. He’s the connection if you want candy, and he knows how to use people’s sweet teeth to get what he wants. 297 more words


Review: The Divinity Bureau

Title:The Divinity Bureau

Author:Tessa Clare

Series:Book 1

Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★

*Note:I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an… 854 more words

General Updates

An End, and working on one

Hello again friends.

This last week has been a challenging one. The place I had been working announced to me in the middle of the week that this would be the last one I would be working for them. 633 more words