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Have Book, Will Read #12

August is at an end, bringing a promise of cooler days and autumn colors. I got through a surprising amount of books this month, considering I was working almost full-time on edits for my own novel. 783 more words


Martian invasion of 1938

Way back on the Sunday of October 30th 1938 the legendary director, producer and writer (To name a few of his talents) Orson Welles told H.G Wells original War of the Worlds story on the CBS radio seriesĀ  767 more words

Science Fiction

Russia's "Guardians": Now With 100% More Man-Bear!

I heard about Guardians some time back: in a nutshell, it’s a Russian version of The Avengers…which means that in some ways, it’s actually quite different. 603 more words


History Rising by: Jason Mallory

Book: History Rising

Author: Jason Mallory

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date Published: September 9, 2009

Pages: 292

Rating: 5 out of 10

Recently I was lucky enough to get a chance to read a book written by a coworker and friend. 573 more words


AudioBook Review - Errant Contact

Still so far behind in getting some of my reviews in and on here. I’m trying. I’m catching up on my pile, but then things like this come across my facebook news feed and I just HAVE to have it, and then as soon as one books finished, this was on my playlist! 376 more words

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New Book Releases (September 2016)

How is summer over already? September means back to school or back to work for most of us. But September should also be fun and to make this month less stressful and more carefree we can always turn to books. 5,598 more words


Mereka Berdua Jadian Gak Sih? (Thomas & Fender)

Dari atas rooftop ini aku memandangi atap-atap rumah itu. Atap dengan gaya khas Bali dan penduduknya yang memang sangat ramah. Di pusat kota ini aku memperhatikan kesibukan orang-orang berlalu lalang, mengejar waktu, tapi sepertinya itu tidak berlaku bagi abang tukang cilok yang sangat terlihat santai duduk di atas pagar sekolah sambil menunggu cilok-ciloknya dibeli oleh murid-murid. 448 more words

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