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The Limits of Believability in Science Fiction

There are two kinds of believability in science fiction. The first is internal, does the story make sense in its own fictional reality? The second kind asks if the concepts in the story are believable in our reality? 808 more words

Science Fiction

Terra Formars (2016)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know much about anime or manga, beyond Akira, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell and the other “standards” so I can’t really tell you how accurate or faithful this live action adaptation is to the original source material. 1,096 more words

Scotty Floronic

Star Force Origin Series: That's it. I'm done!

Star Force Origin Series (Box Set 20-25) by Aer-ki Jyr
My rating: ⭐ ⭐

Follow a core group of characters known as the Trailblazers as they use alien technology and knowledge discovered in Antarctic ruins to obtain limited immortality and lead Humanity out into the galaxy, encountering, befriending, and fighting hundreds of alien races all the while desperately trying to prepare Earth for the unbeatable threat at the core of the Milky Way that is destined to return and reclaim their lost colony…and their former Human slaves.

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Fiction Friday: The Flowering

My first novella, City of Kaiju, is finally out! Available through Amazon and Books2Read. You can see a preview of the very first chapter… 838 more words

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor

“Wake up, buddy. You okay?” “Auntie Em! Auntie Em!” Homer’s VR came online, smiling. “I guess we got’em.” I snorted with relief. “And their little dog, too.” Homer steepled his fingers in a properly evil mastermindish pose.

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