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Sakura: Intellectual Property

Sakura: Intellectual Property is the final work of Zachary Hill. He had just mentioned finishing the first draft to his friend Paul Genesse, who had promised to help him edit it, when he suddenly and tragically died from a pulmonary embolism mere days before his first wedding anniversary. 842 more words

Science Fiction

Chapter 44 of Kor’Thank is UP!

Chapter 44 of Kor’Thank is UP!  Peter, Eun, and Kora confront Blake after they beat his demonically enhanced ass!  Holly flees from a legion of spider-monsters!  272 more words


Larry Niven's Massively Illustrated book, The Magic Goes Away.

Cover Art by: Boris

Back Cover Description:

“Once there was magic in the world…But hordes of selfish, short-sighted magicians have used up the mana that moved the world, and the magic goes away. 577 more words


Meet the Other Players of The God Queen

Over the last few months – I have introduced you to the big players of my novel, The God Queen. To begin release week – I thought I would introduce you to a few other important characters you will meet! 529 more words

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Crackling Harlean?

But no, before anyone thinks this is going to be about my health matters, you’re wrong!

One of the things I’m now in a position to catch up on, and get inspired by, is the Blackpool film festival next year, which is a bit later next year, not in March, but in May, weekend starting on the 22nd to be exact, and seemingly going on to the 25th, given its a Bank Holiday weekend, so that will be fun. 521 more words


A Movie Ranking: Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is one of my favorite people in Hollywood for his outstanding works in cinema. From his Oscar-worthy performances as an actor, his incredible skill at storytelling, and his attention to detail in directing, Sylvester “Sly” Stallone is an amazing person and clearly someone who inspires me to believe that one day my own work may be recognized in a similar fashion. 664 more words