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The "Unworthy" Children

Long gone are the days when children were born into their families and actually lived with them. That process of raising children was dropped in the year 2068, when the government officials finally realized the oppression faced by the kids in orphanages and foster care. 831 more words


Imaginative exercise and practice.

There’s a tendency in American culture to leave the imagination to kids — they’ll grow out of it and grow up to be good businessmen or politicians.

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‘In the back seat’ IV

I pulled out of the fleet lot with the full weight of the previous night’s dalliance (and it’s related guilt), on my mind. My first few fares went without a hitch and I picked up some nice tips. 557 more words

Different Perspectives

Book-oriented Writers and TV-oriented Writers #amwriting

There are two kinds of aspiring writers in our age— book-oriented ones who get much of their fiction through books, and TV-oriented writers who get much, most or all of their fiction through television and movies. 697 more words


Magazine: Perihelion SF, Sep 2016

I pull over onto the shoulder of the desert highway.  The county Sheriff is waiting for me.

He rolls down his window and points into the desert as I walk over.  850 more words

Science Fiction

The Rules of Ragatanga

On the outskirts of The Rag, in a part of town colloquially known as Glitchville or Bugberg or The Overflow, Ricky Carrillo and a group of his friends stood on the south bank of Arroyo Blanco and threw rocks into the milky water. 2,123 more words


A Chance Encounter With Author Eric Michael Craig

Note: Eric Michael Craig is a successful sci-fi author and publisher. The following is about the man, as a writer.

+++“That’s the science fiction author, Eric Michael Craig,” wait-bot Sally answered me. 1,313 more words

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