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Snowpiecer-Not Just Another Cliched Sci-fi Film

I may be late to the party, but I have to admit that Snowpiercer is one of the most striking I have ever seen recently. It also has many intense and challenging characters acted well by the likes of Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Song Kang-Ho, John Hurt, and my favorite actor Jamie Bell. 1,624 more words


'Man's Feet are the Measure for Distance'

A preliminary note on EM Forster’s quote from The Machine Stops before I start: it shouldn’t be taken as a man’s feet in particular that are the measure for distance. 576 more words


Sécheresse - J. G. Ballard

L’eau disparaît. Sous l’effet de la pollution, les océans ne s’évaporent plus et aucune goutte de pluie n’est tombée depuis des années. Les rivières s’assèchent et les nappes phréatiques sont épuisées. 513 more words


Edition 26: Selfie by Lee Murray

Eve has come on this trip at the behest of her sister. No one could have predicted what would happen, or how it would change Eve’s very real plan to end it all.  5,031 more words


Edition 26: Outbreak by Adam Kotlarczyk

What happens after the apocalypse is done? A group of survivors live in a former college, come to rely on one another. Kris is dying but what does that mean for the rest of them? 5,129 more words


Edition 26: Astralgaloi by A. L. Lorentz

Virralat and Ira are the only mission members that made it to Venus. As they work together to continue the mission, in the absence of any communication from home, their relationship seems fraught. 4,309 more words


Carbon Dated Shangri-La Anime Review

Anime: Shangri-La
Published: 2009
Genre: Sci-Fiction/Fantasy 
Producer: Gonzo
Episodes: 24

“Will call it Shangri-La”

At first not liking a series you started off watching then end up liking it after all, love hate thing. 825 more words